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Headquarters in Kingston upon Thames, England

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  • Philippines West reviewer 1

    Philippines West

    Written on July 18th, 2021
    10 days spent with the best group of people! Very social and group activities and time together encouraged well by our group leader, Delaney. Perfectly ticks of…
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  • AA
    Written on July 11th, 2021
    What an absolutely surreal, incredible ten days, thanks to Prasad! I will never forget the countless stunning moments, nor the life long friends I made on the t…
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  • A
    Written on July 11th, 2021
    Amazing 16 days, we started off the tour with Steve and Darrin who instantly made the group feel welcome and brought such a great vibe that everyone knew it was…
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  • A

    India Uncovered

    Written on July 9th, 2021
    First of all, I want to say thank you to Shivendra for showing me a different India. I have to admit I was a little bit prejudiced about this country. And yes a…
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  • CR
    Written on July 8th, 2021
    It was my first time on a tour longer than a day. We had Boom as our tour guide for the 14 days. He was just AMAZING! You can feel that he loves his job. He too…
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  • L

    Bali Experience

    Written on January 12th, 2021
    THANK YOU SO MUCH TRUTRAVELS! Incredible tour, incredible people, would deffo do it again. Thanks for the unforgettable memories. Loved how much was included in…
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  • N

    Bali Experience

    Written on January 12th, 2021
    Bali was out of this world.This tour had everything, the culture, dreamy sunsets, partying if we wanted to, family vibes. My leader Rianna was such a legend, an…
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  • Thailand Island Hopper reviewer 8
    Written on January 12th, 2021
    I travelled to Thailand with Trutravels back in March and unfortunately my trip was cut short due to coronavirus. This is a difficult review to write. I have t…
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    TruTravels commented on this review
    Hi Lewis, We are extremely glad that you were having a good time whilst on the trip and appreciate the kind words about the organisation of the tour and your guide. However, you seem to have got a few things confused after this. We would much rather have solved this issue with you offline but unfortunately you declined our requests to speak with our customer service team we have no choice but to put things straight here, in this public domain so that others who might read this review will know the truth of the matter. You say that we "decided" to cancel the trip, which is the first mistruth, obviously we wouldn't have cancelled the trip if we didn't have to, but we were unfortunately forced to cut the trip short due to the Corona Virus pandemic sweeping through the world. This is the last thing we ever want to do but unfortunately we had to take the correct decision for everyone's safety. As you say next, we then got you back to the hotel where we started the trip in Bangkok. You were perfectly able to get a flight there if you wanted to, however the guide was doing what they felt was best at the time by advising what they did. Again, you were free to take this advice or not, but we are glad you all got back safely to the hotel. We also dispute the fact it took 36 hours. A standard journey time from Koh Tao to Bangkok is around 12 hours. What happened to the tour guide is not disputed by us, the guide did go home and unfortunately as we have been unable to run tours since yours was cut short, none of our tour guides have had any work. Again, this is due to the pandemic rather than us being mean or uncaring as your review implies. We would really have preferred to have been running tours as usual all year and have our staff all in full employment. But like every other travel company in the world, that was not possible. This is certainly wasn't a conscious decision by us though. Once we are able to run trips again we hope to bring back all our Tour Guides as quickly as possible. For the record, we did as much as we could for our staff who have been unable to work this year, we even started a community fund to raise as much money as we could in order to try and help our overseas staff as much as possible. Perhaps you would like to donate to this if you are concerned about the welfare of your guide? The rest of your review is unfortunately even less accurate. You see, we never had your money. You booked through an agent (who we won't name here) as you well know. That means that you paid the agent for the trip, not us. As the trip never finished, we never received any money from the agent, so we were never in a position to be able to refund you. The major mistake from our side, which we do apologise for, is not realising this earlier and sending you straight back to the agent to get your refund. Unfortunately our small customer service team was dealing with a large volume of customers in your position most of whom had booked directly with us so they didn't realise you were an agency booking until after your first communications. When our finance team looked into it they realised that you were an agency booking and so it is physically impossible that you got a charge back from us because you never paid us in the first place. This charge back must have come from your agent. Not us. That's why we didn't contest the chargeback, because no transaction was ever made to us. It has been a stressful time for everyone in the travel industry and everyone who had tours and flights and holidays cancelled because of the virus and we are deeply regretful that you could not complete your tour and now you have a bad impression of us as a company. We have been working hard and doing our best to ensure that EVERYONE who booked a tour with us and has not been able to do or complete it due to the pandemic either gets their tour date moved, receives travel credits or full refunds. We are not in the business of stealing money or cheating people out of money. I hope our 1000's of 5* reviews are proof of this. Again, we apologise profusely for any confusion or distress caused by us but we must point out that we never had your money and so could not have given you a refund in a straight forward manner. We think that the communication break down happened because you must have been communicating with us, ABTA, you credit card provider, AND your agency about this refund so we are not surprised that things got a bit confusing for you. Anyway, we are glad that you finally managed to get your money back and we wish you all the best with your future travels!
  • G
    Written on January 12th, 2021
    My first time to Greece and I'm already itching to go back. The whole TruCrew were amazing and I loved every minute! The itinerary works really well and I saw s…
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  • Thailand Experience reviewer 10
    Written on August 25th, 2020
    Just DO IT!! I went on this tour with big expectations, so much so that I was scared it would not live up to the hype- BUT IT DID. AND SO MUCH MORE!

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About TruTravels

TruTravels run short group tours in Asia & Latin America in; Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Borneo, Sri Lanka, and India, Peru, Colombia, Costa Rica & Mexico. These tours are aimed at backpacker style travellers, suiting young people who want to have the best time of their life with minimal hassle. Unlike the traditional tour companies, all tours have been put together and are run by backpackers and travelers like yourself. TruTravels pride themselves on running tours that feel more like traveling around with a group of old friends, than what people perceive as a tour group.

TruTravels is a small company made up of experienced travellers and backpackers, which allows them to keep the costs of their trips down by using local knowledge. By keeping the hefty margin away, unlike other big tour operators, they can offer great value for money travel experiences, all because they love what they do and want to provide their travellers with the best experience of possible experience of Asia and Latin America.


Back in 2012, TruTravels was started on the idea that life was not about being stuck in the rat race and working boring jobs. Joe Fallon and Mark Pope had “lived the dream” previously, working and traveling throughout Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and Europe for several years, and decided that they needed a change. They started TruTravels.

After meeting in a London Pub, they decided that they should change it up a bit, and went to start doing what they really wanted to do; live in paradise. They wanted to show people the time of their lives in paradise, and this became the blueprint for their plan; to provide life changing experiences for backpackers and travelers, by backpackers and travelers. To this day, TruTravels still does this, and continues to provide travelers the opportunity to go on a hassle free holiday, that is still adventurous, and prepares them for any further solo journeys into the future.


Free Airport pick up
All accommodation, activities & transport included
Help & support the whole time
Won Guide of the year Award 2016

Why TruTravels

By Travelers, For Travelers
TruTravels has been set up by travelers, for travelers. They know what backpackers want from traveling, and they understand what isn’t so important. By taking part in a TruTravels tour, you will have all the hassles and common worries taken out of traveling to a new country - they will organise all the important things, so you can focus on enjoying yourself and having a good time.

Youthful And Fun Tours
TruTravels tours are designed to be laid back, youthful and fun, and this means that you will be traveling with others of a similar mindset. Seeing the main sights, as well as some of the backpacker favourites from off the beaten track, will mean you and your group get to experience things the way backpackers would - all with the convenience and safety or an organised group and group leader to show the way.

Specific Itineraries
TruTravels has been set up by travelers and backpackers - for travelers and backpackers. Their been-there, done-that approach means that you are getting the best information and the tours has been organised knowing what really takes place on the ground. By using their experience, TruTravels have managed to fit the best of the best into the time available, without compromising a sense of adventure or having to pay more than necessary.

TruTravels Benefits

Details Organised
By traveling with TruTravels, they organise all the important stuff, so that you can enjoy more of your holiday. With the local support once you get there, such as an airport pickup, taking care of all the small details, and the local advice and knowledge that will be available to you, you can enjoy more of your trip before, during, and after you’ve traveled with TruTravels. Even if you have onward travel arrangements to make, the crew and your group leader will be able to assist with that too.

Like Minded Travelers
Part of the TruTravels group will be other travelers in the same situation as yourself, so you will have friends from the day the tour starts. As well as the other travelers, the group leaders will become like friends also, with the TruTravels staff always happy to assist with any other travel questions you might have.

Shorter, Convenient Tours
By keeping the tours shorter, it means that you don’t need to go on an unnecessarily long backpacker tour, but with all the convenience and safety of a group tour. Traveling to a foreign country where you may not speak the language or understand the local customs can sometimes be daunting, but TruTravels will allow you the space to explore, while traveling with others and giving you the information you need.



We will be providing Hygiene kits for all our travellers upon arrival. Kits will include all the essentials such as face masks, hand sanitiser, antibacterial wipes & gloves. We want to give you all the essentials when you arrive so that your main focus can be on having the time of your life!


Our Travel Ninjas (Guides) will have enhanced training in how to carry out their role using social distancing measures. Their ninja belts will be upgraded with some tools needed to take extra precautions against the spread of COVID-19 and they will go through an enhanced training period prior to running tours again. We are working to maximise our knowledge and make sure that we are ready to show you our amazing destinations safely.


We’re trying our best to keep itineraries the same as we know how amazing they are. Our Travel Ninjas will choose the best time to visit tourist hotspots so we can avoid large crowds and are safely able to social distance. If there are any changes to the itinerary, we will keep you updated and replace it with an activity of equal value - we’ll only do this if we feel it is the safest thing to do.


Our groups have always been a good size but to make sure we can make your trip as safe as possible and adhere to social distancing guidelines we have capped group sizes at 12 instead of the usual 18-20.


We’ve put in revised health and safety procedures that cover you from the moment you arrive to the moment leave. All of our procedures are based on the FCO (Foreign Commonwealth Office) & WHO (World Health Organisation) guidelines. We’re dedicated to keeping you safe during your trip so as public health recommendations change, our policy will also evolve. We have been in close contact with all our hotel partners and are working with only partners who are taking the maximum amount of precautions when it comes to cleanliness and sanitation. All rooms will be deep cleaned before we check in.


Where possible, we are moving as much of our transport away from public buses & trains to private minibuses so we can control the environment as much as possible. There may be occasions where it is safe to use ferries or buses and when we do this we will ensure health & safety standards are being met as well as all government guidelines.


We understand you might want to take the extra precaution of having your own room for the trip so we are opening up the option to book a private room for your whole tour where available. You can talk to our crew to see what the options are for upgrading to this.

TruTravels Guides

Questions & Answers

  • What's the food like in Nepal?

    Food in Nepal is reminiscent of Indian cuisine, full of aromatic herbs and spices, there are an endless amount of dishes which are bound to make your taste buds tingle. Again be aware that some of the dishes available will be quite spicy so be sure to confirm with your waiter how you want your meal prepared.
  • What's the food like in Cambodia?

    The food in Cambodia is a rich blend of sweet and spice, even in their curries. Though for those not so keen on the local delicacies, don’t worry, there is a large expat community across many of the towns and cities which provide traditional dishes from around the globe.
  • What's the food like in Thailand?

    Food in Thailand has an intense range and is very full of flavours. Thai cooking places emphasis on lightly prepared dishes with strong aromatic components and lots of spice.
  • What is the accommodation on the tour?

    Trutravels accommodation is comfortable and safe with most nights being based on twin share accommodation.
  • What is the current weather conditions in the tour destinations?

    Thailand Thailand can be generally described as hot and humid. The weather all over the country is different in different months. During the months of September to November it’s a little rainier down in the South, but don’t worry, it’s not cold rain! Cambodia Cambodia is blessed with one of Asia’s simpler weather systems and despite having two distinct seasons, it’s great to travel in all-year-round. The dry season is from October to late April, and the wet season is May to late September. Nepal The weather in Nepal varies more than it does in Thailand and Cambodia. Nepal has four seasons: Winter (December-January), Pre-Monsoon (March-June) Monsoon (June-September) and Post-Monsoon (September-December). Both pre and post-monsoon soon season are clear and you’ll usually experience sunny days and cool nights.
  • How do I obtain a visa?

    Thailand, Cambodia and Nepal all grant 30 day Visas on arrival to a majority of countries - but it is recommended to check with your local embassy as it varies greatly depending on the countries you will be visiting and your nationality.
  • How can I check where people are at a given point on the tour?

    Have a look at the tour itineraries and you can also get in touch directly with the Tru-Crew at any point while the tour is in progress.
  • Can TruTravels help with onward travel?

    Yes, during the trip they enquire about the onward travel of the group members, so if need be, they can assist and help arrange everything before their tour is over. Please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.
  • Is it safe to travel on the destinations of the tour?

    Everyday life is still much the same in Thailand, Cambodia and Nepal. Trutravels have an office in Koh Phangan, in the area of Thongsala. They also have an office in the UK. This ensures they know exactly what’s happening ‘on the ground’ and our Tru-Crew will keep you informed if there is anything to take note of.
  • How much is the recommended budget for two weeks of travel?

    In depends on your tour. With approximately £200, you can enjoy yourself as the tours are mostly all-inclusive (except for meals).
  • What other things is needed on the tour?

    Travel light! TruTravels recommends travellers to bring some sunscreen, a swimsuit, and flip-flops. Here’s a list of some things you may want to consider: Swimwear, towel etc. Waterproof camera/GoPro and a spare battery (about 50% of the tour takes place in watery areas such as lakes and beaches!) Camera cables and spare memory disks A waterproof bag (due to the humidity, tropical rain, and watery places you may visit on tour) Backup copies of passports and important documents (in case something goes missing) Mobile Phone & Charger – remember to get your phone (SIM) unlocked before you leave! It’s much cheaper to get a local SIM here, and this way you won’t be paying exorbitant data-roaming charges IPod/MP3 Player & Charger Day Pack (smaller bag for short excusions) Padlock for your luggage Small Torch Worldwide travel plug (though can get in Bangkok) First Aid Kit
  • What luggage is required to bring on the tour?

    TruTravels would recommend a backpack as it easier to carry around when going from trains to boats (and easier to lift above your head when standing knee-deep in water).
  • What are the essential things to bring on the tour?

    Pack light! TruTravels recommends travellers to bring the following: Pass​port (Make sure it is valid for at least 6 months)​​ ​Air Tickets Travel Insurance Documents Credit/Debit Cards and Cash ​Driving Licence You will not need any thick or heavy clothing as it is too hot, though some people may need to pack some if you are going on to colder countries and you may want to bring one light, waterproof jacket for Thailand in case of a random downpour.
  • What is the cancellation policy?

    If you cancel your booking more than 30 days prior to the start date of your tour you will receive a full refund less the £100 deposit. No refunds will be available however if you cancel within 30 days of the start date of your tour. TruTravels will allow you to change dates once under the condition above. If you fail to make contact and have not arrived by the agreed start date, we are entitled to treat the tour as having been cancelled. No cancellation fees will be waived as a result of the following: – Injury or sickness. – Delayed, rescheduled or missed flights. – Climatic, social or political problems. – Pandemics, Epidemics, Bird flu, Swine flu, SARS, Leprosy or ingrown toenails. – Or any other form of ‘Force Majeure’ However, you may be able to have any cancellation fees refunded by your Travel Insurance company depending on their terms.​ Cancellations by Us Trutravels may cancel a trip at any time prior to departure if, due to terrorism, natural disasters, political instability or other external events it is not viable for them to operate the planned itinerary. If they cancel your trip, you can transfer amounts paid to an alternative start date or in circumstances where cancellation is due to external events outside our reasonable control, refunds will be given less any unrecoverable expenses.
  • Are there other solo travellers on the tour?

    Yes, majority of people who joins the tour are solo travellers (approx 65%).
  • How many people are joining the tour?

    There is an average of 14 people on each tour, however the tours can range anywhere from 8 to 20 people.
  • What is the age group for travellers joining the tour?

    TruTravellers are between 18-37 years old but there are also travellers up to the age of 42 joining the tour.

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