USA Tours and Trips 2019/2020

USA Tours and Trips 2019/2020

Dreaming of an evening promenade on the Golden Gate Bridge or just roaming through the streets of New York in the East Coast? Enjoy a USA vacation and choose from our tours. Discover Florida and Hawaii beaches with one of our tours or enjoy the sceneries along the historic Route 66, during a Mississippi river cruise, in the cold Alaska, in the breathtaking Grand Canyon or in the amazing southern part of the country.

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USA Tours

  • New York: Discover world class museums, opulent shopping opportunities and lively entertainment and nightlife in USA's most popular city.
  • Los Angeles: Take a walk in Hollywod or on Santa Monica Pier.
  • San Francisco: Admire the world-famous Golden Gate Bridge and take a cable car trip through the hills of the city.
  • Grand Canyon: Hop into a helicopter to get a bird’s eye view of the stunning depth and eternal beauty of the canyon.
  • Yellowstone National Park: Hike across the sprawling wilderness of the park and spy on grizzly bears, wolves and bison.
  • Yosemite National Park: Explore the stunning landscapes incluing waterfalls, granite cliffs and sequoia trees.
  • New Orleans: Get your feet tapping to the sounds of jazzy blues in the French Quarter.
  • Hawaii: Dance the hula, dig into a traditional Luau feast or cool off in the waters of the Pacific Ocean that surrounds the tropical island.

USA Trip

  • Road trip: Take a coast-to-coast trip on the iconic Route 66.
  • Coast: Discover East Coast or the West Coast, the two American souls.
  • Canada: While in North America, visit also the charming Canada and discover its wildlife.
  • West Coast of United States: Cleanse chakras with pristine national park hiking.
  • California: Visit the Golden State, its parks and San Francisco and Los Angeles.
  • National Parks: USA have many incredible national parks, from Yellowstone to Yosemite.
  • Las Vegas: Ride a limousine down Las Vegas Boulevard.
  • East Coast of United States: Visit New York and the oldest States of US.

USA Holiday and Vacation Packages Reviews

  • "California Calling was a great introduction of the West Coast. Yosemite and Grand Canyon was breath-taking. I also loved partying in Las Vegas but San Francisco was my favourite city though.
    You spend quite a time on the road but there is so much to see while you're on the road, after all it was no problem at all.
    Our tour guide did a great job. She was good fun, always partying with us but at the same time very helpful in any way. I had a great time and recommend everyone to visit California once in a lifetime."
    California Calling 2015-16
  • "I had a breathtaking tour in Yosemite and Grand Canyon which was a great introduction of the West Coast. My favorite city was San Francisco but I also loved partying in Las Vegas. It was no problem even if you spend quite a time on the road because there is so much to see. Our tour guide did a fantastic job. She was good fun, always partying with us but at the same time very helpful in any way. I had a great time in California and would recommend this once in a lifetime experience."
    Canyons And Indian Lands
  • "I would recommend this tour if you want to explore Texas. During my trip, we had a smaller group of 8 and the group was between 21 to 60 years old from across Europe / UK & Australia. There was a mix of cities, national park and cowboy country. The trip was perfect and I loved all the little stops along the way. I'd definitely recommend Grand America/Intrepid tour for the mix of ages, flexibility for meals, stops, and other activities."
    Texas Ranger