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From the remote wilderness of Alaska to the vibrant New York, an American vacation is what you make it. Discover the volcanic wonders of Hawaii, take a trip your inner child will thank you for in Florida, be lost for words with the iconic views of the Grand Canyon or the Golden Gate Bridge, or enjoy a laid back cruise along the Mississippi River. Fun for the whole family and ideal all year round, a tour through the United States is full of adventure whether you're hopping from city to city on the West Coast, or embarking on your very own road trip along Route 66. Read our guide to the best USA vacations and the best times to visit.

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  • New York: Discover world class museums, opulent shopping opportunities and lively entertainment and nightlife in USA's most popular city.
  • Los Angeles: Take a walk in Hollywod or on Santa Monica Pier.
  • San Francisco: Admire the world-famous Golden Gate Bridge and take a cable car trip through the hills of the city.
  • Grand Canyon: Hop into a helicopter to get a bird’s eye view of the stunning depth and eternal beauty of the canyon.
  • Yellowstone National Park: Hike across the sprawling wilderness of the park and spy on grizzly bears, wolves and bison.
  • Yosemite National Park: Explore the stunning landscapes incluing waterfalls, granite cliffs and sequoia trees.
  • New Orleans: Get your feet tapping to the sounds of jazzy blues in the French Quarter.
  • Hawaii: Dance the hula, dig into a traditional Luau feast or cool off in the waters of the Pacific Ocean that surrounds the tropical island.


  • Road trip: Take a coast-to-coast trip on the iconic Route 66.
  • Coast: Discover East Coast or the West Coast, the two American souls.
  • Canada: While in North America, visit also the charming Canada and discover its wildlife.
  • West Coast of United States: Cleanse chakras with pristine national park hiking.
  • California: Visit the Golden State, its parks and San Francisco and Los Angeles.
  • National Parks: USA have many incredible national parks, from Yellowstone to Yosemite.
  • Las Vegas: Ride a limousine down Las Vegas Boulevard.
  • East Coast of United States: Visit New York and the oldest States of US.

USA Trip Reviews

  • "California Calling was a great introduction of the West Coast. Yosemite and Grand Canyon was breath-taking. I also loved partying in Las Vegas but San Francisco was my favourite city though.
    You spend quite a time on the road but there is so much to see while you're on the road, after all it was no problem at all.
    Our tour guide did a great job. She was good fun, always partying with us but at the same time very helpful in any way. I had a great time and recommend everyone to visit California once in a lifetime."
    California Calling 2015-16
  • "I had a breathtaking tour in Yosemite and Grand Canyon which was a great introduction of the West Coast. My favorite city was San Francisco but I also loved partying in Las Vegas. It was no problem even if you spend quite a time on the road because there is so much to see. Our tour guide did a fantastic job. She was good fun, always partying with us but at the same time very helpful in any way. I had a great time in California and would recommend this once in a lifetime experience."
    Canyons And Navajo Lands
  • "I would recommend this tour if you want to explore Texas. During my trip, we had a smaller group of 8 and the group was between 21 to 60 years old from across Europe / UK & Australia. There was a mix of cities, national park and cowboy country. The trip was perfect and I loved all the little stops along the way. I'd definitely recommend Grand America/Intrepid tour for the mix of ages, flexibility for meals, stops, and other activities."
    Texas Ranger