Egypt Tours and Trips 2019/2020

Egypt Tours and Trips 2019/2020

There’s a lot more to Egypt than the Great Pyramids in Giza. There's the exciting capital Cairo, the clear sea of Sharm el Sheikh, the history of Alexandria and so much more. Choose your next tour in Egypt, as a solo traveller or with your family!

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250+ trips through Egypt with 2,557 reviews
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250+ trips through Egypt with 2,557 reviews

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Egypt tours

  • Cairo: Learn about history with a guided tour of Cairo, the Egypt capital city.
  • Luxor: Visit the impressive Karnak temple, the biggest temple on Earth.
  • Hurghada: Relax in this city, home to some incredible diving spots.
  • Nile: Indulge on a luxurious 5-star Nile river cruise to Luxor and delve into Egypt’s ancient past with an Egyptologist.
  • Alexandria: Enjoy a guided exploration of the new Alexandria Museum.
  • Aswan: Visit the majestic Philae Temple, that is an island in Lake Nasser.
  • Cruise ship: Get your camera ready for the iconic Pyramids of Giza and sail on a Nile cruise.


  • The official language of Egypt is Arabic. English is widely spoken in Egypt
  • The currency of Egypt is called the Egyptian pound. Credit cards are widely accepted and ATM’s are fairly easy to find.
  • Service charges that have been included on your bill go to the restaurant, not the waiter. Be sure to tip the servers 10% in addition by handing it to them directly.
  • Don’t leave Egypt without a water pipe, Papyrus scrolls and a Bedouin head scarf.
  • Pack loose layers of natural fibres. Dress conservatively while in Egypt. Avoid short tops, skirts, shorts and tight clothing when outside of tourist areas.
  • Try the national dish of Kushari! Don’t drink the tap water. It’s safer to stick with bottled water.
  • On average, only an inch of rain falls in Egypt per year!
  • Cairo is home to Africa’s only subway.

Egypt Tours and Trips Reviews

  • "We had an incredible tour in Egypt. Our tour guide (Sameh) was awesome as he was very knowledgeable and passionate about his country. The tour offered the most amazing sights, people, food and guide. This was a very memorable experience."
    Essential Egypt
  • "It was my first time to travel with Topdeck and I had an amazing experience. I was impressed by all aspects of the tour especially our tour guide (Waleed) who did a great job in making the trip memorable. I recommend this tour to anyone who wants to experience the Egyptian culture and explore the country and don't miss the hot air ballooning over The Valley of the Kings and Felucca cruise down the Nile river."
    Egypt Express 2018/19
  • "It was a once in a lifetime experience joining the Egypt tour. We saw some incredible sights, met wonderful people and enjoyed what the country had to offer. The people in Egypt were so welcoming and friendly. Sameh our tour guide was just awesome, he made us feel safe and was very knowledgeable and we learned so much about the Egyptian history."
    Jewels of the Nile