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Bicycle Tours & Trips

Want to explore the charming countryside of France or Italy, experience culture and meet the locals while having an adventure? There's no better way than on a bicycle tour! Travelling on two wheels will give you the freedom to enjoy sights like the vineyards of Tuscany or Bordeaux, or the stunning mountains of Vermont or the lavender fields of Provence. Discover a new side of the world, on a bike tour.

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What kind of cycling tour are you looking for?

Think there’s just one way to cycle the world? Think again! You can mix up your bike tour with other elements in several ways.

Top destinations for bicycle tours

Not sure where to begin your two-wheeled holiday? From France to Vietnam, discover cycle holidays all over the world! Europe, Asia, South America, the sky's the limit. 

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    Cycling tours for every type of traveller

    Whether you’re setting off on a family holiday, looking for European bike tours for seniors or riding solo, there’s a tour style for you!

    What level of activity are you looking for?

    A cycling tour is only enjoyable if you're physically prepared for the level of activity! Thankfully, you don't need to be a professional cyclist to get the most out of a cycling tour. There are many different kinds of cycling tours, each at different levels of physical exertion, but they can generally be broken down into the following three categories. 

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    • Is the bike included in the price?

      Most operators will provide you with a bike, but you’ll need to check to see if it’s included as part of your package.
    • What kind of bike is included and is there more than one option?

      The type of bike provided is usually dependant on the kind of terrain you will cover during your tour. Some operators offer the use of an electric bike.
    • Do I have to cycle everyday?

      If you’re not up to cycling all the time, are injured or feeling unwell, don’t fret! There are usually shuttle buses that can bring you to the next destination on the tour.
    • What happens if I pop a tire or get injured?

      The tour operator will be able to provide you with assistance in case something like this happens.
    • What do I have to carry?

      You will never need to worry about your luggage as bags will be transported by a separate vehicle to the next destination. Just carry the essential things you need like water, money, snacks, and a camera.
    • Is cycling gear included?

      Some cycling gear may be included but check with your tour operator to see what’s provided. If you don’t feel like hauling all your equipment across the world, you may also be able to rent gear.

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