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Bicycle Tours & Trips in Germany

As part of the German culture, there's no better way to explore the fairytale landscapes and vibrant cities than on two-wheels. Ride along rivers dotted with world-famous vineyards, take a break with the locals in romantic medieval towns, or cycle along the route where you can still enjoy a stein (or two!) on the Bavarian Beer Trail. From cycling routes soaked in history to trails that will get you lost in the most scenic of places, there's so much to discover on a bicycle adventure of Germany!

185 Bicycle tour packages in Germany with 45 positive reviews

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Germany Bicycle Trip Reviews

  • "This is one of the best holidays I have had! I loved everything about this Bike Planet..."
    Easy Guided Bike Tour ROMANTIC ROAD TO THE ALPS (from Wurzburg to Schwangau)
  • "Iris is the 3rd bike barge trip we have done and believe me it is the best we travelled..."
    Easy Bike and Barge Tour Amsterdam to Cochem