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Germany Tours & Trips

With an old-world charm and modern urban cities, a tour of Germany is contrastingly beautiful. Glide down the Rhine on a river cruise to the Moselle Wine Route where valleys of quaint towns and sparkling wines await, don't miss the Passion Play hidden amongst the lush green landscapes of the Bavarian Alps, or see fairytale landscapes dotted with castles along the Elbe. From the Oktoberfest beer halls of Munich and the maritime and artistic wonders of Hamburg to the culture of Berlin, there's something for everyone in this amazing part of Europe.

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  • Cycle the exhilarating Bavarian Beer Trail, and catch a glimpse of medieval castles.
  • Drink in the sights and sounds of Danube, Europe’s longest river, as it lazily snakes its way to the Black Sea.
  • Wander through the terraced vineyards that line the banks of River Rhine, and stop by the castle ruins at Heidelberg.
  • Experience the rich heritage and culture of Berlin, through its historical landmarks.
  • Surrender to temptation at Berlin’s popular flea markets, where you can buy handicrafts and antiques.
  • Celebrate life at the Oktoberfest, and sip beer at Hirschgarten’s amazing garden which can seat eight thousand people.
  • Learn the German language through free style speech, fun role plays or a guided excursion.
  • Spend some time in silence at the Holocaust Memorial, remembering and honouring the dead.


  • A bike tour along the Danube is the best way to explore romantic river valleys.
  • Find a tour that matches your time frame and fitness level, so you stay energetic and relaxed.
  • South Germany would be a better travel destination in winter as it offers world class skiing.
  • For a budget meal, try an Imbiss, a snack stand found at most busy corners and roads.
  • While on the trail, there will be plenty of sign posts so don’t worry about losing your way.
  • Opt for a guided tour so you don’t miss out on key attractions and sights.
  • Look for tours that give you a daily itinerary, so you’ll know what to expect.
  • Check the business hours at museums and other attractions before you go, as timings vary.

Germany Holiday and Vacation Packages Reviews

  • "Our European trip was amazing because of our tour guide (Elise) who went above and beyond in providing us with utmost service. She had great recommendations about the daily itineraries and gave suggestions on the places to dine and other information about each destinations. The tour is packed with activities so you have to be prepared to have early mornings to make the most of each places you visit."
    Discover Winter 2020-21
  • "The European trip we had was memorable because of our tour guide (Elise). She was optimistic, cheerful and made sure that everyone is up for the next adventure. She became more of a lifelong friend. Our experiences on the trip was better that what we imagined."
    Mega European (25 destinations)
  • "Two girls who were really nervous to travel to Europe, did not have a big budget but were passionate about visiting certain cities. The transport system in Europe is good, the distance from city centre was not an issue as trains came frequently and the hotels were always 5-10 from the stations. We chose the vegetarian option and although we were warned that we may not always get strictly Vegetarian food. Some days we left as early as 6.30 am. Most cities didn't feel as rushed as we expected; though it would be nice to have a whole day in Florence and Venice. The tour driver and leaders are very friendly and knowledgeable and help you out if you ask for tips and directions. Overall, the tour is a great experience and covers all the main landmarks of the Europe."
    Europe Escape - 12 Days