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France Tours & Trips

Take a tour of the fascinating and romantic France, one of Europe's best-loved travel destinations. With our tours you'll enjoy the magic atmosphere of Paris, climb up the Eiffel tower, or experience a Loire river cruise, the amazing French Riviera and Provence, or even Mont Blanc.

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  • Take an art class in Giverny, where the chance to compare your skills to that of Monet is definitely too good to pass up.
  • Watch from the top of the Eiffel Tower, as the world passes by beneath you.
  • Admire the works of some of the world’s greatest artists, as you take a tour of the Louvre.
  • Meander along the coastal roads of the Riviera, taking in the view as you head to the home of fomula one drivers, film stars and other celebrities.
  • Awaken your inner historian, as you discover the rich history of Brittany and Normandy, and become awestruck at the reality of former war zones and cemeteries.
  • Feelthe fresh mountain air as you ski through the slopes of the French Alps.
  • Shop ‘til you drop as you discover the latest in French fashion and style.
  • Enjoy the unique tastes of French cuisine, whilst sipping champagne and looking into your lover’s eyes.


  • Always compliment the French people as you interact with them. They are more open towards and willing to help tourists who appreciate them and the things they do and have.
  • Never travel with valuable goods in your rental car. As with many other places, petty theft is a concern in France, and valuables should not be left where they can be taken.
  • Be wary of scams! As a tourist, you are a target for those who may see fit to trick you into handing over money for something that is worthless. Never purchase goods from a passer-by, but rather, go into a stall or shop to make a purchase.
  • Learn some basic French before travelling. The French dislike English as a language, and a little French will go a long way.
  • The trains are relatively safe in France – they are run by security guards! Don’t be afraid to travel home at any hour of the night by train – except the RER train line! Any other line is safe.
  • Eating out can be tricky if you don’t speak great French. Break the language barrier by using your fingers to point at the menu item you want, whilst maintaining eye contact with the waiter and stating the price out loud. You’ll also make sure you don’t end up with something that has been made exactly to your (incorrect) order!
  • Avoid using your credit card as a tab for a bar, especially without checking out drinks prices beforehand. Many tourists have been caught out by being overcharged without recourse.

France Holiday and Vacation Packages Reviews

  • "It was a wonderful experience to be part of this tour in France. Being in the company of like-minded travellers is very refreshing. The instructors, equipments, hotel and the staff were all great. The experience on the mountains and the ski adventure on the most difficult pists of France were marvelous."
    Ski La Plagne Xmas Tour
  • "I had an incredible ski holiday in France. I really enjoyed all the activities, instructors, equipments, hostel and the staff were all great and helpfull. I picked Val Thorens since it was the shortest one but ended up having to stay a bit longer. I recommend this tour to anyone who wants to have an amazing ski holiday experience."
    Ski Val Thorens (Ski/Board-F.Time-All Levels)
  • "The DIY tour in Chamonix was awesome. The staff were great as well as the accommodation and food. This tour is recommended to those who wants to have a splendid ski holiday experience."
    Ski & Board Chamonix