Moselle River Cruises 2020/2021

Get lost in the wonderful landscapes of Germany’s vineyards located along the Moselle River or relax in the picturesque French countryside. Plenty of river cruise tours provided by the best river cruise companies in the world are now available.

170 Moselle river cruises with 94 reviews

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Mosel river cruises

  • Konz: Often overshadowed by Trier, where the Moselle and Sarre rivers unite, the lush hills and warm locals make this quaint town a hidden gem.
  • Koblenz: Fall in love with the stunning natural beauty, traditional architecture and storybook castles where the Moselle meets the Rhine.
  • Metz: With its golden architecture and grand cathedrals this ageless metropolis is a quintessential French city.
  • Traben-Trarbach: With an enchanting bridge and historic ruins, this cosy town poses a peaceful port on your Moselle adventure.
  • Castle visits: Scattered with fairytale castles, there are endless chances to wander through their historic walls. The enchanting Ehrenbreitstein Fortress in Koblenz is unmissable!
  • Wine tasting: Sip fine wines from historic wineries and soak up the genuine beauty of the timeless riverside landscapes.

Mosel cruises

  • Make the most of the Schengen region. This amazing rule means that you can travel freely throughout Europe without having to worry about applying for multiple visas. The perfect excuse to extend your tour!
  • Get up at least once to watch the sunrise! Remember to wear warm clothes as it can be chilly as the mist rises up from the river and the sun peeks over the hills to wake up all the birds along the banks.
  • Enter complete relaxation as you relive history and discover untouched nature. Flowing from the Vosges Mountains to Koblenz is pure bliss!
  • It would be a crime not to sample the delicious flavours! Indulge in a mouthwatering macaron in France, a barbequed bratwurst in Germany, or a sensational slice of äppelkuch in Luxembourg.
  • European summer is a popular time to cruise the Rhone, however travelling from June to September is ideal when the crowds have gone and it is just you and the boat cruising on tranquil waters.
  • Bring comfortable walking shoes. You’ll want to wander through the cobblestone towns and walk through lush vineyards to fully embrace life on the Moselle.