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Headquarters in Rostock, Germany

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  • RB
    Written on June 28th, 2022
    A pity that air conditioner was not working the last night. It would also have been great to have more spa staff. Apart from that it was enjoyable.
  • LUNA PREMIUM Rhône Route Classique 2022 reviewer 2
    Written on June 12th, 2022
    I had been looking forward to experiencing the French countryside and the French cuisine on board this river cruise. The embarkation was uneventful. From the mo…
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    A-ROSA commented on this review
    Dear Maggie Hollins, Thank you for your review. we are sorry to hear you had a frustrating experience, but we appreciate you bringing this issue to our attention. Unfortunately, in 2022 the A-ROSA LUNA is non of A-ROSA's international ships. The official languages on board our national ships is only German and the ship announcements and all written information is not provided in English. However, it should be possible for our English-speaking guests to communicate in English with our staff at any time. We will take this point of criticism as an opportunity to continue to train our staff on board in the English language even more intensively. It might be interesting to know that in 2023 we will welcome our international guest on all of A-ROSA's 13 vessels in the fleet. As all documents, announcements, signage and entertainment as well as our crew will be international in 2023. We understand from your comments that the selection and preparation of the meals did not meet your expectations in part. In fact, the food on our ships is expressly praised. An important part of the A-ROSA concept is to offer freshly prepared and high-quality food. If we have not met your taste with our choice of food and its preparation, we are extremely sorry. Our culinary offer is freshly prepared every day from the best ingredients, which is one of the maxims of the A-ROSA concept. Of course, every chef prepares his dishes with an individual touch and will be happy to fulfil an individual request on request. Our chefs, the respective Maître and the responsible hotel manager are happy to listen to such concerns. Please continue to feel welcome at A-ROSA and rest assured that we do everything in our power to ensure relaxing and smooth river cruises. The entire A-ROSA team wishes you and your husband all the very best. Please stay healthy and well.
  • LC
    Written on May 16th, 2022
    I have really wanted to bring a review to A R0SA however I cannot open anything they have sent me. I would like to bring some constructive opinions to both Tou…
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    A-ROSA commented on this review
    Thank you very much for sharing your feedback, to which we would like to reply. We were very pleased to welcome you on board our A-ROSA FLORA and we’re sorry your experience didn’t match your expectations. Generally, our international ships are accompanied by an "International Host" who is the contact person for international guests and responsible for making sure all the international guests enjoy their cruise to the fullest. It was an uncommon instance and we’ll do better in the future. We would like to mention that excursions that is is possible to book your favorite excursions non-binding online (up to 4 days before departure) on our website. The excursions will then be bindingly booked, confirmed and invoiced on board during your trip. This procedure gives more planning security for you as our customer as well as for A-ROSA and our excursion partner. Please feel free to reach out to with any further comments, concerns, or suggestions you wish to share. We would love to make things right if you give us another chance and therefore, would like to grant you an on-board credit in the amount of € 50.00, which you can use on a future A-ROSA river cruise. Please continue to feel welcome at A-ROSA and be assured that we will do everything in our power to ensure relaxing and smooth river cruises. The entire A-ROSA team wishes you and Mrs. Janice McGinn all the very best. Please stay healthy and well.
  • JM
    The only disappointing thing was nothing in English only German even though they advertised English. Very poor customer satisfaction for a Canadian traveler. We…
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  • LS
    Written on December 29th, 2021
    The crew went above and beyond to make my cruise enjoyable. Especially Stephanie, who made sure I was kept informed of all pertinent information as I was the on…
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  • S
    Written on December 27th, 2021
    (It was the 2021 trip not 2022 but it wont let me select) We chose the cruise to visit the Xmas markets. On boarding the boat we were informed of a complete …
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  • TK
    Written on December 25th, 2021
    Two weeks before our trip started, Austria was locked down. We requeated to cancal our river cruise. They said we will get 50% refund. We decided to go on ou…
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  • WY
    Written on November 28th, 2021
    Excellent cruise. We enjoyed the cruise so much we stayed for a second cruise immediately following the first cruise. The staff was phenomenal and we plan to cr…
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  • P
    Written on November 2nd, 2021
    We were the only two International passengers on the A-Rosa Flora that departed Cologne, Germany on October 27, 2021 for a six day cruise on the Rhine River. Th…
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  • PREMIUM Danube Classics 2023 (including Wachau) reviewer 10
    Written on September 25th, 2021
    The ship was beautiful as was my stateroom. The food was excellent. The staff spoke English, some well, some broken. We were a group of six among eight America…
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About A-ROSA

A city break sounds good. But a succession of cities sounds even better. And this is exactly what you can look forward to when you get on board an A-ROSA ship. The best crêpes in the city? Shopping streets that will set your heart racing? Or how about that quirky museum you’ve heard so much about? Everything is practically at the doorstep of your hotel room. Our berths in the major cities of Europe are mostly in the very centre of the city. So, arrive in the city, grab your handbag or backpack, and get going! Take photos, make memories, experience the city! Alone or on guided tours. By foot or on an A-ROSA bicycle. Your holiday, your decision. And as your premium hotel moves from city to city, you have everything you would expect from a premium hotel on deck – views of the spectacular landscape, delicious drinks, minigolf, a spa and a whole lot of sunshine. Whether you’re in your spacious cabin, at the pool or in the restaurant. Simply drift along and enjoy your dream holiday, which has just become a reality. The official languages on board our international ships are both English and German and our international host is on hand to give assistance.


State-of-the-art fleet with all the amenities of an excellent hotel
Personalized service for A-ROSA guests (concierge services, taxis, etc..)
Pure relaxation in the onboard SPA-ROSA with massages, fitness facilities and bicycles
Culinary variety with gourmet buffets, specialty evenings and culinary surprises (barbecue buffet on deck, oysters and more)

Hygiene Measures


  • A minimum distance of 1,5 metres will apply to the entire ship, which will be implemented using a guidance system with aisles as ‘one-way-streets’, floor markings, reduced size dining areas and seating groups, ensuring the required distancing.
  • Specific rules of conduct for the ships will be communicated regularly by means of posters, information videos and ship announcements.
  • Existing cleaning and disinfection plans and logs will be further enhanced.
  • Effective disinfectants will be provided, and their use will be checked at all entrances (ship, restaurant, lounge, sun deck, work and crew areas).
  • In the public areas, all crew members and guests must wear a full mouth and nose cover. This does not apply to guests who are seated at a dining table or in the open-air areas.
  • A-ROSA ships are already equipped with an air conditioning system that provides all cabins and public spaces with separate air supplies. Fresh air is drawn into each cabin and public space, it is then filtered before being released back outside.     
  • Access to the ship by external persons will be kept to the necessary minimum.

Prior to Departure

  • Guests will be sent a declaration of fitness to travel and the rules of conducts onboard. These must be signed and handed over on arrival at the ship.
  • In addition, guests must carry out a ‘self-check’ for symptoms and not travel if any of the results are positive.


  • On arrival at the ship, in a specially designed reception area, guests’ body temperature will be checked using an infrared thermometer and the necessary documents will be collected.
  • Guests baggage will be disinfected.


  • All tables will be positioned so that the minimum distance required can be maintained.
  • There will be two set sittings for each meal and guests will be served at their assigned table. Drinks orders will also be taken and served directly at the table.
  • Cutlery racks, table decorations and menus will be removed.


  • The SPA-ROSA offering will be reduced and carried out in accordance with newly established hygiene and distancing rules. The sauna will not be accessible.


  • The group sizes for all excursions will be reduced. 
  • Any audio equipment, bikes etc will be disinfected after every use.


  • Manuals have been created and processes will be practised via e-learning and on-site training.
  • Reinforced hygiene measures and social distancing rules will apply. In areas where this is not possible, mouth and nose coverings or plexiglass protection will be used.
  • There will be staggered work hours, breaks and mealtimes for the crew.
  • Regular cleaning of personal work clothes (uniform, mouth and nose cover, gloves) will be carried out by the on-board laundry.
  • Work equipment will be provided for each individual crew member for their personal use only, where possible. Where not possible, cleaning or disinfection will take place after each use.

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