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Whether your middle name is adrenaline or you're just going on an adventure vacation for the first time, TourRadar has adrenaline-inducing fun tours for everyone. From adventure holidays for couples, families to singles and friends across many different places in the world, you'll be off on a thrilling experience in no time! Learn more about TourRadar's best adventure trips below.

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Let us inspire you with the top eight adventure tours (based on price-quality ratio and 50,000 reviews). Sort by "Lowest Price" or "Highest Savings" to see the cheapest tours or best deals. 

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    Go kite-surfing, hike a volcano, take a hot-air balloon ride and more on these adventure-filled tours.

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    If you’re looking for the best places for adventure travel, visit one of the following countries on an adrenaline-pumping trip of a lifetime! 

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    What is adventure travel all about?

    Adventure travel is a way to explore the world which usually requires a daring spirit and physical exertion. It may involve taking the road less travelled, using a focused activity such as diving, kayaking, climbing or hiking as a means to discover, or push beyond your comfort zone.  

    There are so many ways to embark upon an adventure, and while some people choose to summit the highest peaks or cycle the passes in alpine regions, others long for the world below the sea or the wilderness of the African bush. At the root of all these experiences is a desire to journey further. But even the faint of heart can go on an adventure holiday; it's just about finding the right adventure vacation package for you. 

    Essentially, this kind of travel is for anyone who has a sense of adventure, and we all have that!

    Adventure tour packages for every type of traveller

    Whether you're a seasoned adventurer, looking for active family vacations or in the market for a spot of solo adventure travel, there's something for everyone!

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