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Empty game parks? The best time to embark on a safari tour and collect life-enriching experiences is now! TourRadar lists the best safari travel packages from 250+ different operators.

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    Best safari tours in the world

    Explore our selection of the most amazing safari vacations worldwide. 

    • Africa

      Africa offers the world's most traditional safari experiences. Watch herds of wildebeest dramatically cross rivers during the Great Migration or spot elegant lions, gigantic elephants and other members of the Big Five on a game drive. It's also home to famous reserves like South Africa's Kruger National Park and Tanzania's Serengeti.

      Best time: June - October
      Animals to see: The Big Five (lion, leopard, rhinoceros, elephant and Cape buffalo), wildebeest

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    • Asia

      Many of the world's most unique and remote species of wildlife reside in Asia. Spot the elusive Bengal tiger in India's Ranthambore National Park or Nepal's Chitwan National Park, explore an elephant sanctuary in the jungles of Thailand or see the world’s largest lizard, the Komodo Dragon, in Indonesia. 

      Best time: February - June
      Animals to see: Bengal tiger, Asian elephant, Komodo Dragon


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    • Australia

      Australia is all about embracing nature and wildlife. Stay in remote wilderness lodges, go camping in the rugged Outback and hike around magnificent Uluru (Ayer's Rock) or watch Kangaroos hop around the perfectly-named Kangaroo Island. Or visit an animal sanctuary to see sweet teddy-bear-like Koalas.

      Best time: April, May, September, October
      Animals to see: Kangaroo, koala, wallaby

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    • Latin America

      From exploring the jungle habitat of the Amazon rainforest to marvelling at sloths in the cloud forests of Costa Rica to swimming among sea lions in the Galapagos, Latin America offers a rich tapestry of safaris one of the most biodiverse continents on Earth. 

      Best time: December - April
      Animals to see: Howler monkey, sloth, spider monkey, jaguar

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      Where to go on a safari

      Animal and nature lovers dream of going on safari, and they're always thrilled with the experience! But before you plan your safari trip, think carefully about what you'd like to see and do: this will help you determine where your next adventure will be!

      • South Africa: If you're planning your very first safari, South Africa is a fantastic option with plenty of opportunities to spot wildlife. It's safe and offers everything from self-drive to private guided tours, making it an attractive destination for families. 
      • Kenya and Tanzania is known all over the world for the Great Migration. It‘s especially suitable if you‘re planning to combine your safari with a beach stay or a Kilimanjaro climb.
      • Botswana: Advanced safari adventurers might prefer to visit a more remote national park and go on a fly-in safari; an incredibly exclusive way of spotting African wildlife.

      Map of safari destinations worldwide
      Map of safari destinations worldwide

      There are safari opportunities outside of Africa, too: try India and Nepal for chances to spot Bengal tigers, Uganda or Rwanda to see elusive gorillas in the wild, or Costa Rica for a jungle safari!

      We compiled a list of the best safari destinations to help you make the right decision for your dream trip.

      Best safari trips by country

      Best national parks and game reserves

      Safaris starting from

      Planning a trip to a specific city and want to combine it with an unforgettable safari experience? Browse through safaris starting from Victoria Falls, Nairobi or other cities.

      Unforgettable things to do on a safari

      • balloon safari

        Take a balloon ride

        If you’ve made your way to explore a continent's wilderness, then you simply must experience it from high above on a hot air balloon ride. As you float through the sky, you’ll be treated to panoramic views of grassy plains and pastures. It’s one of the most incredible ways to see animals in their natural habitat! View Balloon Safaris
      • great migration safari

        Observe the Great Migration

        This annual occurrence in Africa will fill you with wonder and awe. Imagine hundreds of wildebeest charging into a gushing river leaving the ground shaking and clouds of billowing dust in their wake. Bearing witness to the Great Migration, animals moving as one as far as the eye can see, is to experience nature in all her glory! Read more on the Great Animal Migration.
      • game drive

        Go on a game drive

        For an up-close encounter with a majestic beast like a lion, this is the ultimate experience. How many times have you watched a documentary in which mere mortals can observe spectacular species in their natural habitat? Experience it for yourself! A game drive will offer you a chance to venture out into the wild among some of the most exquisite creatures.
      • masai mara safari

        Experience local culture

        Wildlife spotting is one reason to go on a Safari, but culture is another. If you want to learn a little about rural life and some of the rituals and customs of Africa, then make sure you visit a Maasai village during your safari. Discover the heritage of these remarkable tribal communities, from their traditional jewellery and dancing to the history of their warriors.
      • camping safari

        Go camping

        After exploring the opens plains and rolling hills, what better way to cement your safari experience than by immersing yourself in the wilderness that surrounds you? After experiencing the extraordinary wildlife, pitch a tent and fall asleep under the stars. The experience of camping while on a safari will be something you remember for many years to come. View Camping Safaris.
      • tanzania safari

        Explore geological wonders

        Combine your love of animal spotting with the chance to visit some of the world's most beautiful and photogenic nature destinations. Olduvai Gorge in Tanzania, for example, is one of the few places in the world where you can discover traces of our earliest ancestors. Rocks in shades of orange sit above grassy plains as dust billows around this geological wonder.


      People ask

      • How much does a safari trip cost?

        The price of your safari depends on your preferences and wishlist: your budget, length of trip, and the type of accommodation and amenities you choose. For example, the cost of a seven-day safari can vary anywhere between $600 USD to $8,000 USD and more.
        Save big with our safari deals or learn more in this article: How much does an African safari cost.
      • How can I book a safari tour?

        You can book a safari with TourRadar! We have the best selection of tours in Africa, South Africa, Asia and Latin America. Our world-class booking platform lets you easily compare things like different tour operators, travel styles and tours with detailed reviews from real travellers, while also ensuring your payments are always protected and that you’ve received the best price, guaranteed. 
      • When is the best time to go on safari?

        The best time to go on a safari is during the dry season and around the time of the Great Migration. However, a safari during the wet season might be an attractive alternative as you encounter fewer people and save a lot of money.
      • How many days should I plan for a safari?

        The more days you can plan to spend on your safari the better! While many parks are home to plenty of animals, some species like leopards are incredibly elusive. The longer you give yourself, the better your chances are of spotting creatures in the wild.
      • What should I pack for a safari?

        When packing for a safari consider luggage allowances on small planes and the size of your vehicle. Going on a safari usually means hopping between national parks. Check our complete Safari Packing List to find out what essentials, clothes, gear and medication to pack. 
      • What to wear on a safari?

        Wear clothing that will keep you cool while also protecting you from the sun, for example, a wide-brimmed hat is a must! In the evenings, try to cover exposed skin as much as possible to avoid mosquito bites and the risk of malaria. Don't forget to pack some warm layers in case it gets cold during the night.
      • Which country has the most animals in Africa?

        Botswana ranks first in terms of wildlife diversity. Besides the Big Five (lions, leopards, rhinos, elephants, and buffalo) you will be able to spot a wide range of African wildlife. In Tanzania, you get to witness the Great African Migration which is a thrilling must-see event.
      • What exactly is a safari tour?

        A safari tour is a multi-day experience where travellers can observe animals in the wild in Africa, Southern Africa, Asia and even Latin America. Tours can explore multiple parks and countries in a single visit or stay in one place. Travellers can expect to experience views of the Big Five and wildebeest migration, while also enjoying immersive cultural activities and excursions that include horse riding, canoeing and even hot air balloon rides.

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