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Peregrine Treks and Expedition Pvt Ltd

Peregrine Treks and Expedition Pvt Ltd

Headquarters in Kathmandu, Nepal

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  • HD

    Mardi Himal Trek

    Written on July 28th, 2022
    An excellent trek for the family. We enjoyed a lot with Peregrine Treks and Tours. Thank you, team.
  • MM

    Luxury Nepal Tour

    Written on July 27th, 2022
    Our friends recommended this company then we booked this trip from Kathmandu. Management was well. Accommodation, vehicle service, and guide were also perfect, …
    Read more
  • LN
    We searched on google, and we found this tour company. Then finally we booked then we start from Kathmandu they pick up on time, the guide also profession he de…
    Read more
  • AL
    Written on July 27th, 2022
    We used Peregrine's guide and car drive service for Kathmandu Pokhara Tour, and we are delighted with their service. They have a knowledgable local guide in Kat…
    Read more
  • GP
    Written on July 15th, 2022
    We have booked hotel accommodation, a private car, a tour guide, and meals in Kathmandu and Pokhara. Peregrine Treks provide us with an excellent service. Thank…
    Read more
    Peregrine Treks and Expedition Pvt Ltd commented on this review
    Hi Germaine, Thank you for your kind words about our tours. Pradip
  • EH
    We traveled with a family and a kid. For comfort, we decided to take a private drive from Kathmandu to Pokhara and Pokhara to Chitwan, then back to Kathmandu. T…
    Read more
    Peregrine Treks and Expedition Pvt Ltd commented on this review
    Hi Eliza, Thank you for your five-star ratings. We are trying our best to provide the best vehicle and hotel accommodation. -- Pradip
  • BM
    They provided a perfect car to travel from Kathmandu to Pokhara and Chitwan. The driver was excellent, and his communication skill was also accident thank you s…
    Read more
    Peregrine Treks and Expedition Pvt Ltd commented on this review
    Hello Brooke, Thank you for your positive review on this 8 Days Nepal Tour. Regards, Pradip
  • IG
    Comfortable scenic tour from Kathmandu to Pokhara to Chitwan, and after the Langtang trek, we drive back using the same service. We enjoyed a lot the safe drive…
    Read more
    Peregrine Treks and Expedition Pvt Ltd commented on this review
    Dear Isabella, Thank you for your 5-star ratings. We are also happy with your kindness. Best, Pradip
  • KL
    Written on July 15th, 2022
    It was a lovely trip from Kathmandu to Chitwan Car was comfortable and cleaned. The drive is excellent and very historical, always smiling face. Thank you all o…
    Read more
    Peregrine Treks and Expedition Pvt Ltd commented on this review
    Hi Kiara, Thank you for your time in writing an excellent review. Best, Pradip
  • DB
    Written on July 15th, 2022
    It was a lovely trip to Pokhara. The view was very nice. and the road is hills side but we enjoy with greenery view, and riverside view the drive is very friend…
    Read more
    Peregrine Treks and Expedition Pvt Ltd commented on this review
    Hi Dylan, Thank you for the beautiful comment. Regards, Pradip

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About Peregrine Treks and Expedition Pvt Ltd

We are pleased to introduce you Peregrine Treks and Expedition Pvt Ltd -- one of
the most professional trekking agencies in Nepal.


Peregrine is promoted by a team of enthusiastic professional who has years-long experience of handling groups in the Nepal Himalayas. We provide services like trekking, peak climbing, jungle safari and many adventurous activities along with specialized tours like cultural tours, bird watching trips, honey hunting trips and parahawking, among
others.  We have a team of trained and experienced human resources like team leaders, guides, Sherpas, porters and cooks to take proper care of you even in the adverse situation. These skilled hands enable us to provide one of the best travel experiences for you in Nepal.


As a responsible travel company in Nepal, we are very serious about the safety of trekkers as well as the well-being of our guides and support staff. All of our guides are support staffers are thoroughly trained in first aid and equipment handling. We provide
first aid kit bag to all groups. Similarly, oxygen cylinders and PAC bags are also available on request (payable). Our itinerary has been designed in such a way that trekkers get adequate time to acclimatize to the higher altitude. Similarly, we have a special itinerary for children and elders.


You will be secured financially as we are affiliated with different government agencies like Nepal Rastra Bank, the central bank of Nepal, Nepal Tourism Board, Inland Revenue Department of Nepal, and Department of Tourism.


We are ready to provide a tailor-made itinerary. Similarly, our departure dates can be rescheduled if even a single person is unable to join the group because of unforeseen


Working since 2002 in the Mountain and Leisure Tourism
An experienced and well-trained team
Daily departure for all tour and trekking packages
Strictly follow the safety guidelines from the World Travel & Tourism Council
Instant confirmation in all tour packages

Peregrine Treks and Expedition Pvt Ltd Guides

Questions & Answers

  • Are you able to organize accommodation before or after the tour?

    If you require additional accommodation please do not hesitate to contact our team of Travel Experts as this can be arranged for you for an additional cost however it is subject to availability, so please let our team know as soon as possible.
  • Do you arrange airport transfer services?

    Definitely! Once you have a confirmed booking make sure you contact our team of Travel Experts to organize this service for you.
  • What kind of tours does Peregrine offer?

    At Peregrine, our specialty is putting together private tours; we believe this is a more meaningful and rewarding experience. Private trips are tailor-made itineraries built around your travel dates and personal interests. In contrast, group trips (which is what most tour companies offer) are pre-packaged and depart on specific dates. Group trips are also open for others to join, whereas private trips are just for you.
  • How much luggage can I take on domestic flights?

    For mountain flights, you're allowed 5kg for carry-on and 10kg for checked-in luggage. For non-mountain sector flights, the check-in allowance increases to 20-25kg. 
  • Are hotels included in the tour price?

    Our specialists organize complete tours, meaning everything is taken care of from when you arrive in Nepal to when you leave, including all of your accommodation. We recommend letting the specialist organize your accommodation, as this saves you time, and they know the best places to stay based on your style, budget, and preferred neighborhood—just let them know your preferences. That being said, you can organize your hotels, as well, and let your specialist know you're organizing them on your own.
  • Are there any extra expenses not included in my tour price?

    Personal expenses (tips, soft drinks, bar bills, laundry, telephone calls, donations, extra snacks, etc.) are not included in your trip price. If you're going trekking, the only things you'll need to pay for out of pocket are wifi and battery charging (when available), extra meals outside of what's included, alcohol, and soft drinks.
  • Do I need to bring my sleeping bag on a Peregrine trek?

    Yes. We recommend bringing your own lightweight sleeping bag from home or renting one in Kathmandu. Most teahouses also have blankets you can use; in the warmer months, you may want a sleeping bag liner to use with the blankets, and in the colder months, you'll want a warmer winter sleeping bag.
  • Are permits included in the tour price for my Peregrine trek?

    Yes. All of the necessary permits for your trek are included in the price and will be arranged for you before your trek. For certain restricted regions (like Manaslu, Upper Mustang, Upper Dolpo, etc.), you'll need a full day in Kathmandu before your trek, as your specialist will need your passport for the permit registration.
  • What date do Peregrine treks start?

    Your trek starts on the date that works best for you, given all of the tours our specialists organize are tailored to your travel dates. Typically, you need at least 1-2 days in Kathmandu before your trek for your specialist to organize the necessary trekking permits.
  • Where can I store my luggage during my Peregrine trek?

    You can leave your additional luggage at your hotel in Kathmandu or the company office of your specialist. Either way, your luggage will be waiting for you at your hotel when you return from your trek.
  • What trekking gear should I purchase before my Peregrine trek?

    In Kathmandu, you can buy virtually everything you need for trekking—from down jackets to water bottles. There are various authentic name-brand stores and a large selection of knock-off products that are reasonably good quality. It's still worth bringing your gear if it doesn't take up too much weight, especially your trekking boots, to avoid any potential issues when purchasing new shoes. Here's a complete list of what to pack for your trek.
  • How much should I tip the Peregrine guide and porters?

    Tipping is not required but is expected and depends on how happy you were with the service. Guides (both for trekking and cultural tours), porters, and drivers are typically given a tip at the end of your service. Here's everything you need to know about tipping and suggested amounts.
  • How challenging are Peregrine treks?

    It purely depends on your fitness and experience hiking mountains. In the Himalayas, a trek's difficulty depends on the steepness of the trail, the general altitude, and the duration of the trek. Generally, the higher you go the more complex the trek becomes. Most treks in the lower foothills (Ghorepani, Ghandruk, and Pikey Peak) are relatively moderate, with few challenging days. For higher-altitude treks (Everest Base Camp, Gokyo, Annapurna Circuit, and Nar Phu), the treks involve longer days.
  • What is 'teahouse' trekking with Peregrine?

    Teahouse trekking refers to staying at a small local lodge or mountain hut each night of your trek. The lodges are basic and consist of 5-10 rooms with a common area for eating and hanging out. Most treks in Nepal are teahouse treks where local community members run the lodges. To see what teahouses are like, check out our article on teahouse trekking.
  • How long do we trek each day on a Peregrine tour?

    Most mountain treks involve 4-6 hours of trekking. When you consider your day starts at 8 am and ends around 4-5 pm, it's not too arduous as you'll be taking several breaks and stopping for lunch along the way. The higher you get in elevation (especially in the Everest region), the shorter your trekking days will get to ensure you don't gain altitude (and thus altitude sickness) too quickly.
  • Do I have to carry my gear on a Peregrine trek?

    You'll carry your daily essentials (sun block, water, heat, light jacket, and camera), but your porter will carry the bulk of your gear, such as extra clothing and overnight essentials. Porters are especially helpful for longer treks where you'll carry more gear. For shorter treks (2-3 days), you may opt to have a guide if you're comfortable carrying your gear, but hiring a porter is a great way to support the local economy and is quite affordable.
  • How much can Peregrine porters carry?

    Porters typically carry up to 30kg max. (to ensure they're not overloaded). For fragile items, such as cameras, it's still best to carry them yourself. If you have more than 15kg, please carry the extra weight in your day pack. 
  • What is the ratio of guides & porters to group size?

    There usually is one guide for every five people. More significant than five, an assistant guide will likely join the group and stay back with slower walkers if the group splits up during the day. For porters, there is one porter to every two trekkers.
  • Do Peregrine guides speak English and have first aid training?

    All of the guides our specialists work with speak fluent English and have many years of experience guiding foreign travelers. It's a requirement that they all are trained in first aid as well as carry a first aid kit with them during the trek.
  • What is the usual group size for a Peregrine trek?

    For group treks (which start on a specific date and are open for travelers to join), the group size can range from 2-10 people but typically ends up being around 4-6 people.
  • What happens if I fall ill during a Peregrine trek?

    If you fall ill during your trek, the course of action depends on what's wrong. If it's altitude sickness, moving to lower altitudes and taking altitude medication will solve most cases; if it's pretty severe, your guide will arrange for an emergency evacuation by helicopter (be sure that emergency helicopter rescue is covered in your travel insurance). If you have a stomach sickness or other food or water-related illnesses, your guide will have medication on-hand for most common illnesses.
  • When do I meet my Peregrine trekking guide?

    You usually meet your trekking guide once you're in Kathmandu. You'll have a full briefing on the trek at the start of your trip, where you'll meet your guide, be able to ask questions and receive all the information you'll need for the trek. Sometimes due to logistical restraints, your guide may also meet you at the airport for the flight to the beginning of your trek.

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