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If you’re an adventurer who loves being out in nature, a hiking and trekking tour should be next on your list. You can expect great wildlife photography opportunities and the chance to travel with a group of like-minded individuals who love the great outdoors. Among the most popular destinations for vacations include Europe (the Alps), Asia (the Himalayas) and Africa (Kilimanjaro).

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Types of hiking trips

There are many ways to go hiking and trekking, from demanding ascents to spiritual journeys. Find the right one for you from the list below. Consider also a guided backpacking trip, best hiking companies or the best walking holiday companies.

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Choose your next climb from our list of the most popular places for hiking and trekking below. Or consider a Europe backpacking tour.

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Use our difficulty grading system to understand which hiking and trekking tour matches your abilities.

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All you need to know before your next hiking adventure.

Hiking & trekking tours

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