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Private Hiking & Trekking Tours

Whether you want to trek Canada's snow-capped peaks, hear tales of legends in the Scottish Highlands, or go for gold at Nepal's biggest and best, private hiking and trekking tours offer awe-inspiring experiences like no other.

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Escape to nature, your way.

Did you know that mountains cover 25% of the Earth's surface? It's no wonder we have a burning desire to explore them. We pack up our gear, push ourselves to the absolute limits all to take a deep breath at the top of the world. It seems quite simple when we put it into words, but the journey is so much more than just a simple hiking trip - it's a journey of self-discovery, it's a chance to escape the man-made life we live, and it's time we dedicate to ourselves to experience what it's like to truly live your life.

Maybe hiking up mountains isn't your forte? From center-based hikes in the rolling hills of Oberammergau to following the footsteps of historical icons on a spiritual walk and even trekking around tropical jungles in search of one of the world's largest primates, there are many different adventures to be had on a hiking and trekking tour.

Whether you want to just take your time, or be guided by a local who knows the trail like the back of their hand, private hiking trips provide an exclusive experience tailored to you. Sleep in huts and tents, stretch your trail out over several days, arrange a porter to lighten the load, decide your own descents...the possibilities are endless on your very own private hiking tour.

Unforgettable Private Hiking Trips

man hiking in an ice cave in Vatnajökull National Park

An Adventure Like No Other

Every avid hiker knows that the view awaiting at the top of a mountain makes the entire struggle to the top worth it, but what if the entire journey was just as stunning? The Land of Fire and Ice offers some of the most phenomenal masterpieces in the world, from perfectly carved ice caves to powerful waterfalls that literally take your breath away. 

Essence of Iceland by Active Adventures is a heart-stopping tour that sees you hiking through two of Iceland's most beautiful national parks. From the impressive geysers of Thingvellir to the world-famous waterfalls of Vatnajökull, you'll spend your days gasping with excitement and your nights soothing your muscles in cosy hotels. If you plan your travel just right, you may even be treated to a performance amongst the stars, the Northern Lights.

Aside from fulfilling your sense of adventure, Iceland is commonly ranked as one of the happiest nations in the world, so prepare to have some of this attitude rub off when you’re out and about exploring with the locals. Offered as a small group tour, this trip (and many others) can be requested as private to ensure you savour every moment in this incredible country.
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Gorilla hiding in Bwindi National Park

Trek with a Difference

Words cannot truly express what a gorilla trekking tour is like. You travel to a land filled with luscious tropical jungles, where shafts of sunlight guide your way. Dipping and weaving under vines and branches until all of a sudden your guide halts and points through some leaves where you witness incredible human-like primates living their lives undisturbed.

The Gorilla Trekking Adventure (with Rwanda-Uganda Experience) by New Horizon Tours and Services is the ultimate wildlife adventure with game drives to Akagera National Park just to top it off. From wildebeest and elephants to zebras and gorillas, this safari offers unbeatable wildlife encounters and a trekking experience like no other. Paired with a sundowner cruise on a lake fringed with volcanoes and an insight into one of Rwanda's gruelling past, this private hiking tour offers so much more.

New Horizon Tours and Services give you complete flexibility and freedom when designing your tour. From amazing accommodation upgrades to catering for your specific needs, they're the masters of custom tours in Rwanda and ideal for planning a private gorilla trek.
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What to Expect

  • Will hiking privately cost more?

    It depends on the type of tour that you book. We have plenty of private tours and plenty of tours that can be requested to be private, so be sure to double-check which category your tour falls under. Don't worry, if you're unsure our Travel Experts will let you know. It's important to note that prices also vary greatly depending on the destination you choose, and whether or not you choose to upgrade your accommodation.
  • Will there be a guide?

    Private hiking trips often include a guide who knows the trail like the back of their hand and provide a unique insight into the country or region in which you are hiking. Some private tours are partially-guided meaning you may have some free days to explore on your own. Where a guide is not present, such as on an independent adventure, you are often given a map of your route and a 24-hour emergency contact so that your tour still runs as smoothly as possible.
  • Are there any differences compared to a group trip?

    On a group hiking tour, you travel with like-minded people who you've never met. Group sizes can range widely, have a tour leader, and a set itinerary that cannot be changed. You hike to the pace of the group, and the tours have a difficulty grade that cannot be modified.

    On private tours, you travel on your own, or with your travel companions, and have more freedom and flexibility on where you stay, what you do, and the comfort of your hike.
  • How much of my private hiking tour can I customise?

    Going private generally means you have a lot more say in your tour. You can upgrade your accommodation, control the pace of your hike, embark on the routes that are more suited to you, and sometimes even select your own dates. If you can't find a private trek that suits you, then we have dedicated Travel Experts at your beck and call to liaise with our hiking tour operators and create the perfect tour for you.
Man hiking in the snow in Iceland

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