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Hiking & Trekking Tours & Trips in Colombia

If you're heading on a hiking or trekking adventure in Colombia (one of the jewels of Latin and South America), look no further than these tours. Be sure to save time to check out Ciudad Perdida, or the "lost city" and Andes Mountains. Discover here our Colombia tours!

22 Hiking & Trekking tour packages in Colombia with 34 positive reviews

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Colombia Hiking & Trekking Trip Reviews

  • "I just came back from Colombia and this bike/coffee tour was the highlight of my..."
    Colombia: Coffe Tour Bucaramanga and Chicamocha Canyon (Santander) Hiking and Bicycle
  • "Just awesome, but it is hard work to make it to Lost City and Back"
    Colombia - Lost City Trekking
  • "This was an amazing trip! Our guide was superb! We had a few mishaps with lost luggage,..."
    Hidden Colombia
  • "We loved the entire Trek to the Lost City in Colombia, the range of sites, climates,..."
    Lost City Trek & Cartagena 8 Days
  • "Everything was great except on the last night on Lost city trek, I think i was bitten..."
    Colombia's Caribbean Coast & Lost City