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Thailand Tours and Trips 2018/2019

Thailand Tours and Trips 2018/2019

The mesmerizing sceneries of the Phuket Island or the nightlife of Bangkok can only be experienced by taking a trip to Thailand. Go trekking through Thailand, immerse yourself into the culture of the place by visiting Bangkok’s iconic temple, Wat Arun, get the authentic taste of Thai food or bike around the country. While in Thailand, take the chance to visit also Cambodia and Laos!

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  • Imagine the millions of poppies that once bloomed, while learning about the opium trade at the Hall of Opium Museum.
  • Learn to ride an elephant, before climbing aboard and venturing into the Thai jungle.
  • Shop at a floating market, complete with picture perfect wooden boats.
  • Bike your way to the stunning Erawan Waterfalls.
  • Peruse the bustling markets of Bangkok, before hitting the town for some clubbing and gender-defying theatrical shows.
  • Watch as thousands of paper lanterns are lit and launched into the air for good luck.
  • Visit Monkey Beach, where you'll come face-to-face with monkeys everywhere!
  • Try not to let your jaw drop as you visit the country’s most beautiful temple at The Grand Palace.


  • Thai is the official language of Thailand, but one could say English is its unofficial second language.
  • Thai money is called the Baht. Credit cards are accepted at hotels and large shops, but cash is preferred almost everywhere.
  • Tipping isn’t necessary, but it’s normal to tip around 10 percent in restaurants and hotels.
  • Thailand is generally hot and humid most of the year, but you need to cover up. Dress with modesty at all times.
  • Thai street food is cheap and delicious, but often leads to food poisoning. Avoid drinking tap water at all costs.
  • Don’t leave Thailand without paper parasols, Koh Samui rum and coconut oil.
  • The Thai greeting called "the wai", consists of a slight bow with the palms pressed together, in a prayer-like fashion. Thais rarely shake hands.
  • Don't litter! You can be fined up to $2000 Baht in Thailand if you are caught.

Thailand Tours and Trips Reviews

  • "The tour was splendid! It made travelling so easy especially for a first timer like me. The tour guide, Sara was so accommodating and friendly that I felt comfortable the moment I got there. With their attention to detail, inclusion of little bonuses, and their remarkable guides, the whole experience was made amazing."
    Thai Intro - 9 Day
  • "I can’t recommend Trutravels highly enough. Being with them was a great way to start an adventure backpacking around Southeast Asia! At last, all those fears of planning a trip on one's own for the first time were finally over thanks to Trutravels. They really put me into ease even before travelling and hyped during the trip. The sights were overwhelming and the experience was just unforgettable. So, if you’re planning on travelling around Southeast Asia, I recommend you start in THailand and do it with Trutravels. You will never regret it. I do hope you’re lucky enough to get either Luke Macdonald or Harry Bradbury as your group leader because they sure are helpful and friendly. Again, this is one amazing trip and I assure you won’t regret it."
    Tru Thailand Experience
  • "Looking for a life-changer trip? If so, then the “Share the Love” trip in Thailand is for you. This will surely make you more open-minded to the various ways of life and challenge you to be a better you. You will find it as a humbling experience in the end. Our group leader, Andy, was incredible. He is so engaging and simply an expert at what he does. I will always cherish the memories I had with our team, our leader, and all of the locals we met along the way."
    10 days in Thailand - Share the Love - Volunteer in Thailand