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Phi Phi Islands, Thailand

Best Two-Week Thailand Itineraries

Are you looking to book a two-week holiday in Thailand? You should! Whisk yourself away to the rice fields of Chiang Mai, the food markets of Bangkok and the historic city of Ayutthaya. Here are the best travel itineraries covering everything from the most popular destinations and attractions to experiences off-the-beaten-path. 

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Itinerary ideas for a two-week trip to Thailand

Below, we've picked two of the best fourteen-day itineraries to take you to some of Thailand's most popular destinations. They are perfect for travellers visiting the country for the first time and have everything from cultural experiences in Chiang Mai and history in Ayutthaya to a spot of relaxation on Thailand's famous beaches. 


  • Bangkok - Relax, explore the city and adjust to the pace and humid heat of this energetic and lively city. 
  • Kanchanaburi - Sleep on a floating raft house along the River Kwai! You can spend the evening swimming and relaxing onboard one of these two-storey raft houses.
  • Ban Mae Ma - After a hearty breakfast in this village, go trekking along a trail that passes through rice fields and fruit plantations.
  • Ao Nang - Step on onboard a traditional long-tail boat and set off for the islands of Koh Hong and Koh La Ding.
  • Ban Laem Sak - Enjoy a full day of kayaking in protected waters, visiting ancient caves and local farmers. After a picnic lunch on a floating platform, head into the mangroves for some bird watching. 

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  • Bangkok - Experience the spiritual and religious heart of the city by visiting the Grand Palace. Topped by golden stupas and home to the Emerald Buddha, this complex has been the site of royal coronations. After lunch, board a long-tail boat and explore the labyrinth of klongs (canals) that criss-cross the city.
  • Chiang Rai - Visit the fabulous White Temple of Wat Rong Khun where famous movies like the Matrix, Star Wars and Superman have been filmed. 
  • Chiang Mai - Make your way to the temple of Wat Phra That Doi Suthep which stands over the city of Chiang Mai like a sentinel. This temple is said to have been founded in 1383 and the beautiful golden stupa sitting in the centre of the temple complex is one of its main attractions. In the evening, head to the sprawling night market. 
  • Ayutthaya - Explore Ayutthaya’s famous ruins, visit the magnificent stupas at Wat Phra Si Sanphet and the famous Wat Mahatat where the head of a damaged Buddha statue has slowly been embraced and lifted by a nearby tree. 
  • Phuket - Kayak around the rocky caves of nearby Phang Nga Bay, which is home to the iconic James Bond island. You could also try scuba diving, there's no shortage of dive schools offering courses in this region. In the evenings enjoy Kamala's mellow bars and restaurants or take a short drive to lively Patong. 

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Two-week itineraries in Thailand for budget travellers

Thailand is the perfect destination to explore on a backpacker's budget. You'll find delicious food for next to nothing, plenty of free attractions and cheap accommodation with the locals. Here are some itinerary options that will cover all the interesting sites without breaking the bank. 


  • Koh Tao - Hike up to one of the coastal viewpoints for some breathtaking views, but if you're feeling adventurous go scuba diving, and follow either of these up with an epic pub crawl. 
  • Cheow Lan Lak - Escape the heat by visiting some underground caves and spend the night drifting along on a floating bungalow.
  • Railay Beach - Railay is famous for its beautiful beaches, so the best way to spend time in this spot is a few hours on the beach. Make sure you stay for the stunning sunset.
  • Koh Phi Phi- Set off on a booze cruise through famous sites like Monkey Island, Bamboo Island and many more. 
  • Bangkok Thailand’s capital is known for its ornate shrines and vibrant street culture. The Grand Palace and sacred Wat Phra Kaew Temple are a must-see, even if just from the outside! 

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  • Nong Khai - Arrive early in Nong Khai to enjoy a scenic journey along the Mekong, keep an eye out for Laos which lies on the other side of the river bank.
  • Chiang Khan - Take in this lovely town by strolling along the promenade that runs alongside the Mekong,
 and wander streets lined with traditional Thai teak homes
. Once the night market opens for the evening, you can shop for street food and clothing. 
  • Phitsanulok - Enjoy an orientation walk in one of Thailand's oldest historic cities. For dinner, devour flying morning glory. This local speciality comes with a delicious side of entertainment: vegetables soaring through the air. 
  • Lampang - Experience a homestay in a traditional village. Participate in craft demonstrations or help prepare your dinner that night by cooking up a meal with the locals. 
  • Chiang Mai - Explore the city Chiang Mai on foot or opt for a bicycle tour. You could also visit the Mae Sai waterfall, explore the goods on display at the night market, and then relax with a traditional Thai massage. 

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Two-week itinerary ideas for Northern Thailand

If you want to explore Northern Thailand's regal cities, famous cuisine, rich heritage and history, then why not take a deep dive into the region with one of these two-week itineraries? 


  • Chiang Mai - Enjoy a sightseeing tour which includes famous temples like Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep and takes you on an exploration of the old town. 
  • Elephant Nature Park - This park has huge pieces of land where elephants can roam, as well as an elephant nursery and hospital which cares for sick and abandoned elephants. 
  • Nathonchan - Visit the small community of Nathonchan, a rural village set amongst lush rice paddies where visitors can enjoy the warm hospitality of a homestay for the night. 
  • Sukhothai - Explore this historic town on a bicycle. Sukothai was the first capital of Siam; which was the pinnacle of Thai civilisation for over 200 years until the end of the 1400s. 
  • Ayutthaya - This town, now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a stunning complex of palaces, shrines, stupas and monasteries. Experience it all on a walking tour and visit the Royal Palace. 

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  • Bangkok - Take your senses on a trip by hopping on a riverboat to Chinatown. Explore the crowded streets, wander down the tourist mecca of Khao San Road, and indulge in a Thai massage.
  • Chiang Mai - Embark on a scenic, winding drive up a mountain to one of the country's most stunning temple complexes: Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep. 
  • H'mong Hilltribe Lodge - Set in picturesque countryside, this lodge offers insight into the traditional lifestyle of the region's hill tribe. The Hmong are an ethnic minority in Thailand who come from the south of China. Today, they are the second-largest hill tribe in Thailand.
  • Sukhothai- Located on a fertile plain, Sukhothai was established in the 13th century as one of the first ancient capitals of Siam. It’s now famous for having a UNESCO World Heritage-listed historic park that celebrates the Golden Age of Thai civilisation. 
  • Kanchanaburi - Located on the threshold of the Khwae Noi and Khwae Yai rivers, Kanchanaburi is home to the infamous Bridge on the River Kwai. 

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Discover archaeological sites like Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya
Discover archaeological sites like Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya

Two-week itineraries for island hopping in Thailand

If you're more inspired by the idea of island hopping around Thailand, check out these sample itineraries and kick start your travel planning. Thailand's islands are known for their gorgeous beaches, relaxing vibes, and watersports like snorkelling or scuba diving. 


  • Bangkok - See Thailand’s capital by tuk-tuk, visit prestigious temples and get your selfie with the impressive gold, giant Buddha statue at Wat Pho. 
  • Khao Sok National Park - Catch a long-tail boat and go see Khao Sok National Park's floating bungalows, stopping for a quick dip along the way at a couple of Instagram-worthy locations. 
  • Koh Phangan - After a relaxed morning, make your way over to Koh Phangan, an island in the east. Go straight to Bottle Beach, this beautiful, quiet place is only accessible by boat.
  • Koh Nang Yuan - Enjoy a boat ride from Koh Tao to the adjoining and amazing island of Koh Nang Yuan. You can snorkel in the Japanese Gardens and trek up to the viewpoint.
  • Phi Phi Islands - Take a sunset boat trip around the Phi Phi Islands and stop at Maya Bay, which is where they filmed The Beach. 

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  • Koh Phangan - Go on an amazing snorkelling and ziplining adventure here. Experience spectacular views as you fly across the jungle and see aquatic wildlife below water.
  • Phuket - This popular tourist destination is bustling with travellers from all over the world. Enjoy your day in Phuket by heading to one of the peaceful beaches just outside the main town.
  • Koh Tao - On this charming rustic island, you can just slow down and experience the tranquil pace of island life. 
  • Koh Phi Phi - Snorkel in the waters around Koh Phi Phi and its neighbouring islands, and fall asleep below a warm sun on the soft sands. 
  • Bangkok - Spend at least one day in Thailand's vibrant capital sampling some of the delicious food, buying souvenirs from floating markets, and exploring the city’s nightlife. 

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Explore the natural beauty of Phang Nga Bay
Explore the natural beauty of Phang Nga Bay
The famous terraced rice fields of Chiang Mai
The famous terraced rice fields of Chiang Mai

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