Best Trips for Solo Travellers

Solo Travel Tours

Travelling solo is one of the best ways to challenge yourself and get more out of trips! When you travel alone, you get to choose when and how! Taking holidays by yourself doesn’t mean it will be just you and a bag, you’ll meet lots of people along the way and build meaningful connections! Imagine exploring one of the best solo travel tours to Europe, India or hiking Machu Picchu?


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Best solo travel destinations

There are so many incredible countries to discover as a solo traveller. From fjords in New Zealand to island hopping in Thailand, the world just got a whole lot bigger! Find out where to go travelling alone: We list the most popular solo travel destinations.

Adventure holidays for solo travellers

Experience astonishment and wonder by going on one of these incredible adventure holidays for singles.

How to travel alone for the first time

Planning trips with loved ones can be tricky, but why should that stop you from seeing the world? Check out our top tips for travelling alone around the world!

Top solo travel deals in Asia

For decades, Asia has drawn visitors from everywhere on the planet. It is a haven for every traveller, and these Asia group travel tours for singles will show you why.

Where to travel solo by continent

With an unlimited option of tour packages for single travelers from hiking trips to cruises, that dream trip is around the corner.

River cruises for solo travellers

River cruises are one of the most unique ways to explore the world, and perfect for when you are going it alone!

The benefits of travelling alone

The advantage of travelling alone is you build connections! Solo travellers get out of their comfort zone much quicker and find themselves interacting with locals sooner.

Best vacations in Oceania for solo travellers

Best tour companies for solo travellers