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Okavango Delta view from above

Okavango Delta Guide

If you're looking for the type of adventure you'll be talking about for years to come, a visit to the Okavango Delta is a must. This UNESCO World Heritage Site in northern Botswana is home to an incredibly diverse population of animals, from mammals such as elephants and lions, to over 500 species of birds. Find all you need to know about this incredible area here!

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Facts About the Okavango Delta

If you're embarking on a safari for the first time or it's your first time to this wildlife-rich reserve, you might want to brush up on your Okavango Delta facts to help you plan for an exciting adventure ahead!

  • What is the Okavango Delta?

    The Okavango Delta is a large, flat wetland in northern Botswana which covers thousands of square kilometres of the Kalahari Desert. The Okavango River discharges 11 cubic kilometres of water into the Okavango Delta annually, making it one of the best places in Africa to view large populations of animals. 
  • When does the Okavango Delta flood?

    Generally, the Okavango Delta floods between July and September. When this occurs, wildlife flocks to the area in droves, tempted by the new watering hole in the middle of the Kalahari Desert. A visit to the flooded Okavango Delta generally includes game drives on the water, or exploration of the outer dry areas on land. 
  • How was the Okavango Delta formed?

    The Okavango Delta is unique: it is extremely uncommon to find a wetland of this size and scope in the middle of a desert! The Okavango Delta was formed about 50,000 years ago, when a massive earthquake in Southern Africa cased the Okavango River to spill 11 trillion litres of water into the desert. Since then, animals have settled in the region, making it the haven it is today. 
  • When to visit Okavango Delta?

    The Okavango Delta is a year-round destination - no matter the season, wildlife will be abundant and conditions will generally be good. However, travellers should keep in mind that the high season is in June and August, when the delta is flooded, and wildlife sightings are particularly numerous in September and October
  • How big is the Okavango Delta?

    The Okavango Delta is 6,000 square kilometres (2,316 square miles). However, when the floodwaters arrive in the winter months from March to September, the delta triples in size, to about 15,000 square kilometres (5,791 square miles). 
  • Is the Okavango Delta safe to visit?

    Not only is the Okavango Delta an incredible safari destination, it is also a beautiful and safe place to visit. As long as travellers practise reasonable precautions, such as listening to their guides and not taking unnecessary risks, the experience in the Okavango Delta should be safe and enjoyable. 
  • Why is the Okavango Delta unique?

    The Okavango Delta is unique in a number of ways. Not only is it the world's largest inland delta, the Okavango exists in a desert! You'll find the flowing waters and lush greenery of the Okavango Delta in the middle of the Kalahari Desert due to a geological event that occurred over 50,000 years ago. 
  • How much to tip on safari in Botswana?

    While tipping is not mandatory, it is always greatly appreciated and can have a major impact on the lives of local service workers. Generally speaking, the average tip for good service should be about $10 USD per guest per day for a group guide, $20 USD per guest per day for a private guide, $5 USD per guest per day for trackers, and $5 per guest per day for general staff.
Okavango Delta map

How to Get to the Okavango

If you're ready to make your way to this magical part of the world, you'll first have to determine how you'll be getting here! There are several options for flights and overland transportation, depending on where you are travelling from, but no matter what you do, know that the journey will be well worth it when you arrive and see the incredible wildlife and ecological diversity in the Okavango Delta. Click here to find out more.

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Lions in the wild

Wildlife You Can Spot

Over 400 species of birds. 155 species of reptiles. 160 species of mammals. 

These are just a few examples of the incredible biodiversity found in the Okavango Delta, the largest inland wetland in the world. Any trip to this amazing region is sure to inspire and thrill with the endless opportunities to see animals such as the famous Okavango Delta lions, or the hippos - some say the happiest in the world!

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