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Private Bicycle Tours

Whether you prefer to zoom through bustling cities, bike up rocky paths on a mountain adventure or just take it easy through quaint historic towns, cycle at your own pace on a private cycling trip.

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Just you and your two wheels...

Do you dream of weaving through the succulent vineyards in Italy, or perhaps the hallowed trails of Torres del Paine National Park are calling your name?

Whatever style you choose, a private cycling tour offers the perfect getaway. Spend your days in the fresh air with nothing but a bike between you and the open road, admire towering evergreen trees on your route, or discover back alleys that only the locals know. 

No more keeping up with a group or racing ahead, bunking down for the night in the accommodation you wish you upgraded, or cycling on terrains that don't fulfill the inner-child within you. Whether you're cycling with a group of you or you want to go it alone, a private cycling trip puts you in control.

  • Design your own adventure

  • Ride at your own pace

  • Customise your itinerary

Best Private Cycling Adventures

family cycling holiday

Spotlight: Best Family Cycling Tour

Choosing a bicycle tour that the whole family will enjoy can be tough. It's got to be challenging enough for the adults to play around, and exciting enough to encourage the kids to zoom around the next bend. The Blue Danube Cycle by Utracks offers a leisurely route suitable for all ages and sights that will dazzle the whole family.

Follow the Danube past Benedictine monasteries and ancestral vineyards en route to one of the safest cities in the world, Vienna. Bring your child's storybook fantasies to life as you trail past hillsides dotted with fairytale castles, whilst the adults enjoy a cheeky sundowner from some of the world's finest vineyards. 

Aside from the ability to cycle at your own pace, Utracks offers specialised children’s bikes as well as trailer bicycles, so even your littlest ones can join in on the adventure. For the parents, there are also electric bike options as well to make those descents that little bit easier.
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How to Prepare

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What to Expect

  • How much can I change about my private cycling tour?

    Going private generally means you have a lot more say in your tour. You can upgrade your accommodation, control the pace of your bike trip, embark on the routes that are more suited to you, and sometimes even select your own dates. If you can't find a private cycling trip that suits you, then we have dedicated Travel Experts at your beck and call to liaise with our cycling tour operators and create the perfect tour for you.
  • Does it cost more to cycle privately?

    It depends on the type of tour that you book. We have plenty of private tours and plenty of tours that can be requested to be private, so be sure to double-check which category your tour falls under. Don't worry, if you're unsure our Travel Experts will let you know. It's important to note that prices also vary greatly depending on the destination you choose, and whether or not you choose to upgrade your accommodation.
  • Will there be a guide?

    Private cycling trips often include a guide who knows the trail like the back of their hand and provide a unique insight into the country or region in which you are cycling. Some private tours are partially-guided meaning you may have some free days to cycle on your own. Where a guide is not present, such as on an independent adventure, you are often given a map of your route and a 24-hour emergency contact so that your tour still runs as smoothly as possible.
  • Are there any differences compared to a group trip?

    On a group cycling tour, you travel with like-minded people who you've never met. Group sizes can range widely, have a tour leader, and a set itinerary that cannot be changed. You cycle to the pace of the group, and the tours have a difficulty grade that cannot be modified.

    On private tours, you travel on your own, or with your travel companions, and have more freedom and flexibility on where you stay, what you do, and the comfort of your ride.
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  • Book your Private Cycling trip today!
  • Book your Private Cycling trip today!

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