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mont blanc

Costs of the Tour du Mont Blanc

Mont Blanc, Europe's highest peak, is an incredible climbing challenge for travellers looking for their next great adventure. However, for avid hikers, this mountain offers another fantastic option - the Tour du Mont Blanc, a 170-kilometre (105-mile) hiking trail surrounding the mountain. Read on to learn about how much this amazing opportunity costs!

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Tour du Mont Blanc with/without guide cost

While some travellers enjoy the safety and security of hiking Tour du Mont Blanc with a guide, others are confident enough in their abilities to attempt the trek without one -- both are feasible options, and travellers should think carefully about their ability before deciding which option to choose. 

Cost is another factor in determining whether to complete the hike with or without a guide. A self-guided hike will generally cost from $50-$75 USD per day for a total of about $1500 USD, with mountain huts (or gites), which include breakfast, available for around $50 USD per night.

Guided tours will cost travellers upwards of $2000-$3000 USD, but include most meals, accommodation, and even luggage transfers, so travellers don't need to carry all of their equipment.

Tour du Mont Blanc self-guided

Many travellers opt for self-guided hikes along the Tour du Mont Blanc -- the cost is generally significantly less, and travellers will have the freedom to travel at their own pace. However, guided tours are an excellent option even for experienced hikers. Here are just a couple of guided tours to get you started!

Tour du Mont Blanc Week
Duration: 8 days
Highlights: Hike through Orsières, Switzerland; a beautiful alpine village, climb glaciers, take in incredible views.

Mont Blanc TMB Circuit
Duration: 13 days
Highlights: Hike past stunning waterfalls and glaciers, spend a free day in Courmayeur, an Italian ski town, step through history by walking through ancient passes.

Tour du Mont Blanc camping

Travellers looking to save money by opting for a self-guided experience are often surprised at the additional cost of staying in huts along the route, which is why many choose to camp during their hike. There are campsites available at all points during the hike - some for free, and others for a small fee - and include both organized campsites and "rough camping" opportunities. 

Tour du Mont Blanc blog

What is the Tour du Mont Blanc really like? One of the best ways to prepare for a trip is to read first-hand accounts of the experience. Here are some of our favourite blog posts about the Mont Blanc hike!

Jess Wandering
This blogger made TMB a family affair! Jess Dales brought her father, brother, and infant nephew along on the trip, and shares her tips for hiking the Tour du Mont Blanc with travellers of all ages and abilities. 

Pure Adirondacks
This thrill-seeking couple from upstate New York knew what thing would make their hike perfect: preparation! In this blog post, they share their strategies for preparing for the hike, along with a day-by-day account of what made their Tour du Mont Blanc experience so special.

One Foot Abroad
Hiker Silvia Montesdeoca sets off on a solo adventure - and you can come along for the ride through this blog post! Silvia's account of her TMB hike includes daily accounts, tips and tricks, and even some extra fun facts about the hike and the area around it.

Tour du Mont Blanc itinerary 10 days

The length of time your Mont Blanc adventure will take will depend on what you'd like to see, your budget, and the type of trip you're anticipating. Many Mont Blanc itineraries will be around 10 days or less; here are a few examples.

Trekking Mont Blanc
Duration: 10 Days
Highlights: Feast on cheese fondue, stay in traditional mountain huts, see the sunrise in three different countries.

Mont Blanc Highlights
Duration: 8 days
Highlights: Enjoy a dip in a chalet Jacuzzi, take in breathtaking panoramic views, visit picturesque farmhouses.

Mont Blanc Explorer
Duration: 8 days
Highlights: Hike through the Chamonix Valley, experience vies of stunning glaciers, treat yourself to an optional spa day.

Tour du Mont Blanc Week
Duration: 8 days
Highlights: Hike along La Drance river, visit a hamlet only inhabited during the summer, spend time in charming villages.

Tour du Mont Blanc backpack size

The size of your backpack for your Tour du Mont Blanc experience will depend on what you consider to be essentials - are you a photographer set on the perfect shot? You may need to come to terms with bringing your equipment with you. If you're on a guided tour, often your tour operator will arrange for a luggage transfer, so you only need a daypack with the essentials while your heavier items will get to your next stop well before you. Generally, if you'll be carrying all of your equipment with you, bring the smallest, lightest pack you can find and make sure it has enough room for everything you need - a 35-45 litre pack should be plenty!

Aiguille du Midi, Mont Blanc
Aiguille du Midi, Mont Blanc

Mont Blanc facts

France, Italy, Switzerland
4,810 meters
Most popular route
Gouter route
Most popular town
Also known as
Monte Bianco

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