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patagonia trekking companies

Patagonia Trekking Companies & Trekking Season

Patagonia is a sparsely populated region of the world where travellers flock in impressive numbers to experience Mother Nature at her finest. Located along South America’s southernmost tip, Patagonia touches both Chile and Argentina, each with their own trails and treks worth exploring. Discover essential information including the best trekking operators and companies for your next adventure. 

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Top 10 trekking companies in Patagonia with reviews

  1. Intrepid Travel, 4 tours with 46 reviews
  2. OneSeed Expeditions, 2 tours with 3 reviews 
  3. G Adventures, 3 tours with 33 reviews
  4. Exodus Travels, 2 tours with 47 reviews
  5. Peregrine Adventures, 1 tour
  6. PhotoFly Travel Club, 1 tour
  7. Say Hueque & Chile Journeys, 2 tours with 3 reviews
  8. Destino Montana, 1 tour with 2 reviews
  9. Much Better Adventures, 2 tours
  10. World Expeditions, 4 tours with 8 reviews

Patagonia trekking seasons

Due to the enormous size of Patagonia, it can be a bit difficult to choose one perfect time to visit, after all the area is more than one million square kilometres and two countries large. Essentially, the best time for trekking in Patagonia depends entirely on what you want to do as well as your tolerance for extreme weather conditions. 

If you’re mostly interested in trekking arguably, the most famous natural attraction in the entire region, Torres del Paine National Park, you’ll want to time your visit for the summer season. In Patagonia, summer lasts from November through March and this is when challenging hikes are made easier with warmer temperatures and longer days where every extra hour of daylight is welcomed. During the summer, travellers can expect the temperatures to peak at 22°C (72°F) and fall to about 5°C (41°F) in the evening. 

Important to note is that many of the trails in Patagonia, including their huts and lodges, are closed during the winter months due to the harsh weather conditions. Winter in Patagonia lasts between June through September.  

Patagonia hut to hut hiking

Hut to hut hiking is an excellent way to explore the untamed beauty of Patagonia without sacrificing every last comfort. You can do this type of hike on your own or with a guide, but if you’re at all unsure or inexperienced we strongly recommend booking a tour and taking on the region with an expert at your side. 

Typically spaced kilometres apart, the huts have shared sleeping quarters and are sometimes equipped with kitchens to ensure you can prepare a hearty meal after a long day of trekking. Some may even have restaurants where you can enjoy food and beverages. Hut to hut hiking is an excellent way to enjoy a challenging trek because you’re able to leave behind the tent, sleeping bag and cooking supplies. 

Below you can find a few of our favourite hut-to-hut hiking experiences in Patagonia.

Torres del Paine W Trek - 5 days
This circuit will take travellers to the very heart of the wild Torres del Paine National Park in Chile. You’ll be zigzagging across the Cordillera del Paine where you can expect to see magnificent glaciers, sparkling blue and green lakes and thick forests. Your mountain huts will be in the midst of some truly impressive scenery. 

Patagonia Lodge-Based - 6 days 
Providing another in-depth opportunity to explore Torres del Paine, the Patagonia Lodge-Based tour by Wildland Trekking will also take you past turquoise lakes, mountain rivers, beech tree forests and more. This tour expertly combines activities like kayaking, boat-touring with lakeside treks and more. 

Paine & Fitz Roy Trek - 15 days
This ambitious tour itinerary takes you through grasslands, glaciers, peaceful lakes and other Patagonian highlights. You’ll start your tour with day walks in Los Glaciares National Park, staying in comfortable lodges and trekking to the base of Cerro Fitz Roy and Cerro Torre before exploring the best of Torres del Paine. 

Refugio Frey patagonia
Refugio Frey patagonia

Bariloche hiking tours

San Carlos de Bariloche, or simply Bariloche for short, is the gateway to quite a few of the area’s most famous peaks. Hiking alongside a professional guide is the best way to unlock the mysteries, quirks and hidden highlights of this trekking paradise. 

The following tours travel through Bariloche and can last more than 30 days in duration. 

Patagonia Expedition: Andean Crossing - 9 days 
This tour by Intrepid Travel begins in Bariloche and takes you through destinations like Pampa Linda, Rio Blanco Valley, La Junta, the Esperanza River and Puerto Varas. 

Highlights & Gems of Patagonia - 14 days 
This Intrepid Travel tour begins in Santiago and ends in Argentina’s lively and colourful capital, Buenos Aires. You’ll spend two days exploring in and around Bariloche with other stops that include Pucon, El Calafate, El Chalten and Perito Moreno Glacier. 

Backroads of Patagonia - 23 days 
Travel overland on tour with Dragoman and spend multiple days in Torres del Paine National Park, El Calafate and more. Not only will you enjoy a more rural exploration of Patagonia but you’ll also enjoy two days in Bariloche. 

Buenos Aires to Santiago - 31 days 
Enjoy a month of exploring Patagonia’s corners on an overland tour with Oasis Overland. Beginning in Buenos Aires and ending in Santiago, you can enjoy incredible wildlife viewing opportunities throughout. You’ll also have the chance to complete the W Trek in Torres del Paine National Park and also see the largest glacier in the world in Los Glaciares National Park!

Argentina Patagonian Air-Expedition - 14 days 
Take two weeks to explore unique highlights of Patagonia, with boat tours, internal flights and ample opportunities to spot diverse wildlife as well as flora and fauna you can’t find anywhere else. On this tour, you can enjoy a combination of days spent hiking challenging trails to afternoons relaxing in a beautiful lakeside town. 

Glacier in Patagonia
Glacier in Patagonia

Discover Patagonia

Main city
The main city of Patagonia is Neuquén
Highest peak
The highest peak in Patagonia belongs to Fitzroy
The population of Patagonia is approximately 2 million people
Patagonia covers a total area of 1.043 million km²
Most popular landmark
Travellers to Patagonia most commonly visit the Parque Nacional Los Glaciares

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