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Whether your travel goals include partying in ruin bars or hitting up every beach in Asia, a group tour can make your wildest dreams come true! Join a group of like-minded travellers and indulge in unique, life-enriching experiences with experienced guides at your side. Eat your way through Vietnam, hike in Iceland, bike in China and discover places and experiences you never knew existed!


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Popular tours for young adults


  • What is the average age of passengers travelling on these tours?

    The average age can vary depending on the tour, however, most passengers are between 18-39. The majority of passengers are backpackers and university students who are going on vacation looking for a focus on nightlife and are happy to use budget multi-share hostels as accommodation.
  • Do many people travel alone?

    Small group tours are often very popular with people who travel alone or with their family and friends! If you are travelling alone do not worry as it is a great way to meet like-minded people who also love to travel.
  • I am travelling with friends, can we share a room?

    When staying in hotels, you will be able to share a room with your friends or partner. However if your tour includes stays in hostels, you will generally only be able to share a room with those of the same gender due to the rooms being multi-share. For more information please do not hesitate to contact our team of Travel Experts.
  • Can you meet people before joining the tour?

    Some tour operators provide a Facebook group or a platform where you can meet your fellow travellers. If your tour operator does not provide this service, then you can meet each other over a drink at your welcome meeting on Day 1 of your tour.
  • Do we get any free time on tours to do our own thing?

    The majority of tours have a scheduled itinerary that includes activities, excursions and allocated free time. This allows plenty of time to see the sights as well as time to explore at your own pace.
  • Are the tours party focused?

    Some tours are heavily party focused such as Oktoberfest. However, the majority of young adult tours allow you to see the sights by day, and relax or party by night.
  • Are there early morning starts?

    Your days are usually planned out to allow more time at your tour destinations and less time actually travelling. Generally, most tours will depart your destination at around 9:00 am allowing plenty of time for you to have breakfast and hit the road!

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