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Wildlife Tours and Holidays

Do you live for shows like Planet Earth and would like to experience a nature documentary for real? If so, wildlife holidays were made for you. Whether you want to track snow leopards in India, see a polar bear in the wild in Alaska, or explore the biodiversity of the Galápagos Islands for yourself, discover more about wildlife tours below.

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Choose your next destination for a wildlife tour

With so many wildlife destinations to choose from, it can be hard to know where to begin! When it comes to wildlife tours, being spoilt for choice isn't a bad thing, discover some of our favourite places to see animals all over the world from South America to Australia.

Wildlife holiday types

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    Popular countries for wildlife tours

    Whether you want to see tigers in India or spot birds in Ecuador, there's a laundry list of countries that can deliver you incredible wildlife experiences. In our humble opinion, the following countries are some of the places for holidays and wildlife tours.

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    Your wildlife adventure bucket list

    • Go gorilla trekking

      Uganda or Rwanda are among the last places on the planet to see gorillas. Get up close and personal with these wonderful beasts in their natural habitat on a gorilla trek.
    • See polar bears in the Arctic

      To see this animal in the wild, you should head to Svalbard or Baffin Island, but what better place to see them than in Churchill? The polar bear capital of the world!
    • Explore the unique Galápagos ecosystem

      The Galápagos Islands are home to an exciting ecosystem. The wildlife on land can keep you occupied for days, but go diving around these volcanic islands to be mesmerised further. 
    • Observe tropical birds in the Amazon

      The Amazon's lush greenery in Brazil and Peru attracts ample birds, providing aspiring and keen bird watchers plenty of opportunities to catch sight of colourful species in the thousands.
    • Visit penguins in Antarctica

      Seeing a penguin in the wild is one of the most sought after experiences in the world! Set off on a cruise towards Antarctica and you'll see more of these cute animals than you can count!
    • Discover the wildlife of Madagascar

      Seeing animals in one of the most wildlife-rich destinations in the world is a magical experience. The lemur might be the most famous creature here, but there's plenty more to see in Madagascar!

    Wildlife watching guidelines

    Most of the time you'll be watching wildlife in a fragile ecosystem, so it's important to be mindful of the following. 

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