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Small Group Tours & Trips

Travelling with a small group of friends (or friends-to-be!) is always a rewarding and exciting experience. Imagine travelling on a train through the jungles of Sri Lanka? How about taking in the art, culture, and food of Europe with a small group, receiving personalised attention from your guide? Whatever adventure you’re looking for, you can find it while travelling on a small group tour.

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Choose your next destination

Once you’ve decided that a small group tour is the one for you, the next decision is figuring out where it is you’d like to go! You’ll find small group tours that visit nearly every corner of the world, so think about the type of thing you’d like to do and the kind of places you’d like to visit.

Popular destinations for small group travel

When you go on a small group tour, one of the highlights is the individual, personalised attention you can receive from your guide. If you want to explore a certain destination in-depth, a small group tour means you get to learn about exactly what you want to! Whether you’re walking along the Great Wall of China, exploring Japan’s famous fashion and food scene, wandering through a bustling market in Morocco, or floating along the Mekong Delta in Vietnam, your experience can be whatever you want in a small group tour.

Explore Europe on a small group tour

You could spend a lifetime exploring Europe and still not have seen all of its secret passageways, intricate art, and world-famous food, which is why a small group tour of the Old Continent is so perfect! Nature lovers and party animals alike will relish in Ireland’s coastal hiking trails, ancient architecture, and bustling nightlife scene. If whiskey’s your thing, your group will love touring the centuries-old distilleries tucked away throughout Scotland - not to mention the stunning natural beauty and mysteries like Loch Ness. Or, if you are a foodie, Italy must be calling your name! Enjoy fresh pasta the way only the Italians can make it, or hit one of the many gorgeous beaches on which the country prides itself.

People ask

  • What are the benefits of travelling in a small group?

    Travelling in a small group allows you to have a more intimate travelling experience, ensuring you get the most out of your tour. Tours that have a low number of people generally stay in boutique accommodation or provide you with a more hands-on experience with the ability to adapt the itinerary.
  • What is the usual group size?

    The group size can vary between tours, however, small group tours usually have 2-16 people.
  • Do many people travel alone on small group tours?

    Yes, there are many people who travel alone or with their family and friends! Small group tours are often a great way to meet like-minded people who also love to travel.
  • Will the guide be a local?

    Generally, your tour guide will either be a local or a representative from your tour operator. Either way, be sure that your guide has plenty of experience travelling to your destination.
  • Can we personalise the itinerary?

    Some specialised tours do provide you with the opportunity to alter the itinerary, however, this is subject to approval from the rest of the group. Please contact your Travel Expert to find out if your tour can be personalised.
  • Is there a guide and a driver?

    Most of the tours will have both a tour guide and a driver. However, on some tours, you will only have a tour guide, or on an independent tour, no guide at all.
  • Are families allowed?

    Yes! Families are allowed on some small group tours. Small group tours provide more hands-on experiences and have the ability to adapt the itinerary to suit your family’s needs. Check with your Travel Expert is you would like confirmation that the small group tour you're considering is appropriate for families. 

Small group travel - all you need to know

Small group tours are exactly what they sound like - group tours that limit the number of travellers on each departure, so that all travellers can experience their destination in a more personal way. Other benefits of booking a small group tour include increased flexibility, safety (you’ll have the ability to get off the beaten track without worrying about going it alone), and even a reduced environmental impact. 

Personalised attention 
When you travel on a small group tour, you never have to worry about your guide remembering your name, food allergies, or the fact that you can’t walk by a coffee shop without stopping in! Smaller groups allow for your guide to get to know every member of your tour in a way that isn’t always possible with larger group tours, and everyone benefits from it. The personalised attention you’ll receive on a small group tour means your experience will always be exactly what you want it to be. 

No waiting in lines 
When you’re on the road, you don’t want to have to fight someone for a hostel bathroom, breakfast buffet, or access to your guide when you have a question or concern. Travelling on a small group tour means fewer crowds wherever you go, so you can forget worrying about things like if there will be enough hot water to go around! 

Travelling with like-minded people 
While travelling with large groups of people with varying interests certainly has its place, sometimes the best feeling while you’re far from home is travelling with people who share your interests. In small group tours, you’ll be travelling with people who have chosen to travel the same way you have, to the same place, and will likely be doing some of the same activities you’ll want to - whether you’re travelling alone or with a companion, there are always ample opportunities to make friends on a small group tour!

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