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Italy on a Budget Tours

Italy on a Budget Tours

Headquarters in Florence, Italy

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  • KZ
    Written on July 1st, 2022
    Overall it was good for Amalfi coast, but I would not recommend it if you are a group of people it’s better arrange all of it as per your own preferences. This …
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  • BM
    Written on June 28th, 2022
    Emma and Antonio were beyond incredible. They were fun and informative. They really helped the group gel quickly. The Pompeii tour was fantastic. Our guide was …
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  • RC
    Written on June 25th, 2022
    I recently did the Best of Tuscany tour with Italy on a Budget. I had a good time although there were a few parts that could be improved. The description of the…
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  • JD
    Written on June 13th, 2022
    Tour was amazing very easy and chill. People were fantastic tour guides were amazing. Collectively it has been the highlight of our trip so far.
  • JF
    Written on June 10th, 2022
    We had a blast touring the Amalfi coast with Emma. All the travel was well organized, the locations were beautiful, and the suggestions of food and things to do…
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  • Buongiorno Italia - 7 Days/ 6 Nights reviewer 6
    Written on June 9th, 2022
    It's been an experience of a lifetime for me! Met so many beautiful people and made many great memories! Our tour leaders/guides were beyond amazing! Big thanks…
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  • Amalfi Coast Experience reviewer 7
    Written on May 20th, 2022
    Tour was great! Would recommend especially for young people or solo travelers.
  • AB
    Written on May 11th, 2022
    Tour was good. Elisabetta z a great tour leader. One comment I would like to make... I rather pay another 100 euros extra and have a few inclusions, as break…
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  • KH
    Written on May 5th, 2022
    I did the 4 day Amalfi Coast Tour from 21st - 24th April 2022 and it was utterly disappointing. The ‘Italy on a Budget Tours’ company was extremely unorganised …
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    Italy on a Budget Tours commented on this review
    Hi Kayla, we are very sorry to see that you are disappointed of our tour and of the experience with us. You can't even imagine the hard work and the passion we all put in what we do and receiving these comments are stabs that we definitely don't need ater 2 years of inactivity due to Covid. We all remember your tour and we acknowledge that it hasn't been the best tour we have ever done but you need to be fair in your comments and actually accept the fact that you have visited all the places included in the tour description. We understand how frustrating must have been to be ready to visit all these beautiful beachy locations on the Amalfi Coast but at the same time, not be able to fully enjoy them due to the bad weather conditions. Unfortunately, we can't control the weather and we offered alternative solutions to still reach the destinations included in the tour. Capri island day was a terrible rainy day but as per tour description once we arrive in Capri you can decide to do to whatver you like. If you decided to stay in a restaurant because it was raining, you can't blame us for this. The day of the Amalfi Coast was not rainy and I'm sure that this is why you don't understand why boats have been cancelled. Boats were not running that day because of the wind. It's not a rain problem, it's mostly about wind. All the boats were cancelled even the official regional ferries and you know this because you went to ask at the port. It was not definitely our decision. We took some time to reorganise the day and contact all the suppliers but a last minute vehicle for 10 people on a bank holiday Sunday was pretty impossible to find . Being locals we know all the possible ways to reach these destination so opted for the bus. We have at the end compensate for the unfortunate weather situation (which again is totally out of our control) by gifting you with a dinner in an exclusive waterfront restaurant to cheear the group up from the bad luck of the 2 days. It's sad you haven't mentioned this. We hoped it would have shown our genuine effort in wanting to make your experience on tour with us still great. We value your opinion and we are glad you have shared it with us and even if this doesn't seem to be your intention, we still hope you can join us again so that we can try to change the idea you have about us.
  • BS
    Written on May 1st, 2022
    We booked the Amalfi Coast Experience through Tour Radar and it was managed by Italy on a Budget tours. The trip started off great, meeting our guide and going …
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About Italy on a Budget Tours

Italy on a Budget tours is an Italian leading travel company based in Florence founded in 2013 with epic trips in Italy designed for young, independent and budget-minded travelers mainly aged between 18 to 45 something. We offer day tours, city breaks and holidays in the major Italian destinations such as Florence, Tuscany, Pisa, Cinque Terre, Rome, Venice, Amalfi coast, Sicily and lots more. This is not a typical big-bus tour company! Small groups, local team, and personal freedom to follow the whim of the moment are the order of the day, every day. Are we everyone's cup of tea? Maybe not! Flexibility, a good mix of free time and organized activities with our team are part of our company and philosophy. The primary means of transportation of most of our trips are local transport including trains. Trains are the fastest way to cross long distances, allowing you to avoid traffic jams and arrive right into the city centre. Your tour leaders and the composition of your group may change in certain days as the groups are small and we want to make sure you can meet as many new fellow travellers as possible.



Hygiene Safety Regulations for all our Customers 

Mask: strongly recommended. 

Hand cleaning: Visitors are asked to use hand sanitizers available 

Temperature check: People with fever can not participate.

Social distancing: Maintain distance of at least 1 meters.

Travelers will be required to sign a declaration of health prior to beginning the tour 

Hygiene Safety Regulations for our Staff

Masks: Must be worn at all times.

Hand cleaning: Hands need to be cleaned regularly.

Health check: Staff with fever (≧ 37,5 ℃) or with issues like cold, runny nose, sneezing, sore throat, mild cough, or shortness of breath must stay home.

Social distancing: Maintain distance of at least 1.5 meters.

Safety Regulations by our office

Signage and poster to communicate to visitors safe distancing and health measures.

Welcome Desk Protection:  glass protection has been installed against infection 

Staff is trained to be aware of operations and hygiene safety. 

Cleaning of the venues by our team is increased. Hand sanitizers are placed on the vehicles and offices. 


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