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Recommendations for you from our TourRadar ladies

To celebrate International Women’s Day, some of the women from the TourRadar team have picked out their favourite destinations for you. Whether travelling solo or in a group, tours are a great option for women - you’ll meet new people and make friends for life. Plus, travelling in a group is safe for solo travellers, and you’ll still be able to explore new cultures and have authentic experiences. Check out our team’s picks below.

Explore the wonders of Egypt


“Egypt is the perfect combination of history, adventure, and fun! Visit the pyramids of Giza. Gaze down from a hot air balloon upon the Valley of the Kings. Imagine what life was like in ancient times as you sail along the Nile River. Even for the well-seasoned traveler, this will be the experience of a lifetime.”
- Steph, Customer Support
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Discover Peru’s hidden gems


“If you enjoy hiking, exploring, and eating, then Peru is perfect for you. Retrace the footsteps of the Inca by hiking the world famous 4-day Inca Trail to Machu Picchu. Be sure to visit Rainbow Mountain and the colorful city of Cusco. And don't forget to try the delicious Peruvian Pisco Sour.”
- Sabine, Customer Support
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Experience Greece’s beauty


“Beautiful beaches, delicious food and impressive ancient sites - Greece has got it all. Besides the numerous islands, my favourite is Corfu with its stunning nature and lovely capital, I can warmly recommend Athens, which is not only waiting for you with historical architecture, but also charming cafes.”
- Daniela, Marketing
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Road trippin’ in the USA


“I absolutely love exploring the US national parks! The views are spectacular and each park is uniquely beautiful. It just makes you feel small when looking at these impressive natural structures like the Grand Canyon. My favourite thing to do when having a nature vacation is to go tech-free. That way, I spend my precious off-time connecting with family and friends.” 
-Karolina, Marketing
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Travel Tasmania’s hidden gems


“I’d never visited Tasmania before, but after only 24 hours I was already wondering what had taken me so long! I loved hiking through luscious alpine scenery, admiring amazing birds-eye views of the crater lakes, Dolorite mountain peaks and endless green landscapes. Being able to connect with nature by drinking water from the pristine creeks, swimming in the clear blue wild lakes, watching cuddly furry animals go about their day made my holidays memorable.”
- Evita, Finance
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Discover the wild and wonderful Kimberley Coast, Australia

kimberley coast

“I don't think you can quite sum up the Kimberley Coast. When you escape the bustling cities for starkly beautiful wilderness, you experience Australia at it's finest. It's so easy to get caught up with our busy lives that we forget to explore our own backyard. With incredible insights into Aboriginal culture and home to many wildlife species, it's a picture-perfect trip that every Australian should do at least once in their lifetime.”
- Jenna, Content
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