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European Itineraries for Families

Travelling to Europe is a wonderful experience and an ideal option when you're vacationing as a family. You can enjoy culture, history, attractions and make memories together in some of the most iconic destinations in the world. Whether you're looking for a one-week travel itinerary or a ten-day tour, there's something for everyone. Find out how you can be on your way to discovering Europe.

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Europe trip itinerary for ten days

Europe is always a great idea, but if you have ten days for a family getaway then it's perfect! A ten-day travel itinerary is enough time for you to explore one or more countries.

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Europe trip itinerary for three weeks

A three-week travel itinerary will give you enough time to keep the whole family happy while exploring Europe! You can begin your trip in a number of destinations, for example, England, Greece, France and explore highlights across the rest of the continent from there.

Some itineraries will take you to several countries, while others will focus on a region or a style of travel. Because your time is not limited, as a family you can take your time in each destination.

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Europe trip itinerary for seven days

Seven days may not seem like a long time for a trip, but a week is just the right amount of time for a family vacation to Europe. You can pick a travel itinerary in one destination, but if you fancy a whirlwind, why not pick a tour that lets you visit a number of countries?

Tours are curated with the whole family's needs in mind and range from:

  1. holidays in northern Italy for the whole family 
  2. rafting in Slovakia
  3. exploring Lapland in autumn
  4. getting away from it all beside a Croatian lake

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European family trip for two weeks

Imagine a two-week escape to Europe? Fourteen days of exploring the sights of Switzerland, and then setting off to the city of Paris or taking the whole family on an adventure in Italy!

A two-week travel itinerary for Europe is designed in a way to give you enough time to explore the sights, experience different travel styles (for example cycling and cooking) as well as relax, and spend quality time together as a family while discovering this magical continent.

Check here all the 2 weeks tours to Europe for families.

Europe family rafting trip
Europe family rafting trip

Ten-day trip ideas for Europe

Looking for some ideas for ten-day tours or travel itineraries for Europe? Don't limit yourself to just seeing the sights, pick a travel style or cultural activity for an in-depth vacation that everyone will love. The options are limitless, from exploring lochs and highlands to cruising along the Rhine.

The beauty of multi-day tours is that itineraries have a lot of variety and something for everyone. If you choose a trip to Italy, you can visit Rome, then go on a day trip to Pompeii before heading down to the Amalfi Coast for watersports and fresh seafood. Travel with your family to Andalusia and explore regional traditions like flamenco and tapas. If you're an adventurous family and have teens, spend your summer vacation exploring Turkey or in the Pyrenees -- where you can go hiking through the valleys.

Check here all the 10 days tours to Europe for families.

Best European itineraries for families

Here are some of the best European itineraries for families! 

  • Experience a family adventure in Prague and Krakow while exploring castles, walking in the mountains and cycling through cultural sights.
  • See Lapland during the autumn! Avoid the crowds in December and discover Lapland on a seven-day trip during a different season. 
  • If you want to get a taste of Italy, pick a tour that goes from Venice to Rome. Along the way, you can experience spectacular architecture built by Roman emperors - perfect inspiration for future school projects. And with pizza, pasta and gelato on the menu, the kids will be thrilled! 
  • If you're an active family, look for cycling, hiking or even sailing adventures around Europe. You'll find plenty of exciting tour itineraries in the Pyrenees where the whole family can do everything from canyoning and mountain biking to kayaking and abseiling. 

Mother and child on a family tour
Mother and child on a family tour

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