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Christmas and New Year Tours & Trips

Ready to make this Christmas and New Year the best ones yet? Discover where to go during the Christmas holidays and the best places to ring in New Year's Eve. Enjoy the magic atmosphere of Europe (also with your family), the beaches in Egypt, and the impressive sights of the USA. Take a look at our vacation and holiday packages and choose an adventure worthy of the holiday season! 

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Popular Christmas & New Year Destinations

Whether you're looking for a winter wonderland or sand and sun, there are destinations perfect for every kind of traveller. Enjoy Christmas tours and New Year trips around the world - explore Europe's famous Christmas markets, or visit Asia for a dose of culture and relaxation. 

Popular Christmas & New Year Vacation Packages

Christmas and New Year, Your Way

There's no right or wrong way to spend Christmas and New Year as long as your travelling in a way that suits your unique preferences and interests! Whether you're looking to relax somewhere warm and peaceful or embark on an adventure in a new city, you'll find a tour perfect for exactly how you want to spend your holiday season. 

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What kind of Christmas are you wishing for?

There are countless ways to spend Christmas - the perfect one for you depends on what kind of Christmas you're dreaming of! Do you absolutely need a white Christmas? Or is it your dream to escape all that ice and snow for the New Year? Whatever you're looking for, you'll find it in a Christmas holiday package!

  • White & cold

    It's that picture-perfect image so many people have of Christmas: snow falling outside, and a warm fire roaring inside! If that sounds like your dream, there are plenty of options that almost guarantee you a white Christmas. Europe's famous Christmas markets are a beautiful place to look for souvenirs and get into the holiday spirit, or visit Canada for some outdoor adventures!
  • Sunny & warm

    On the other hand, a sunny vacation is a perfect antidote to the winter blues, and the perfect place to do that is the Southern Hemisphere - you can't catch the winter blues when it's summer! Visit New Zealand and Australia for a traditional beachside Christmas, or explore South Africa's history and wildlife. 
  • Tropical

    While a tropical getaway may not seem like the most Christmassy vacation, there are amazing opportunities for adventure on a tropical vacation over the holiday season. Explore Thailand's food scene, Singapore's incredible cityscapes, and Colombia's food scene for the perfect Christmas adventure. 

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Christmas & New Year Packages for Everyone

Whether you're looking for a Christmas getaway for the entire family, dreaming of ringing in the New Year on a solo adventure or just thinking about a new kind of trip, there's a type of Christmas and New Year holiday package for every need and every kind of traveller!

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