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victoria falls

Costs & Fees for Victoria Falls

One of the world's Seven Natural Wonders, Victoria Falls is an incredible sight. Standing before the world's largest sheet of water may be a priceless experience but if you need to find out more about the costs and fees associated with visiting Victoria Falls, read on!

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Park fees for Victoria Falls National Park

Victoria Falls is located on Zambezi River, on the border of two African countries. It falls in Zimbabwe within Victoria Falls National Park and the Mosi-Oa-Tunya National Park in Zambia. To see the largest waterfall in the world, you will need to enter through two gates, but most people choose an entrance based on which country they are staying in. The prices below are the park fees for international visitors.

Adults (13+ years)$30 USD
Children (6-12 years)$15 USD
Children (0-5 years)FREE

How much does it cost to go to Victoria Falls?

Below you will find a breakdown of other costs and fees associated with visiting Victoria Falls.

  • Park fees

    The best way to pay your park fees in advance is to book a guided tour of Victoria Falls. The price of a guided tour includes pick up and drop off from your hotel and entrance fees. If you plan on visiting yourself, you can pay for tickets onsite.
  • Tour guides

    Guided tours of Victoria Falls start at around $50 USD, and this price usually includes park fees. If you have booked your trip with a tour operator, depending on the tour, your transport to and from the falls will be taken care of, along with your park fee and tour of the falls.
  • Meals

    When planning your budget for your trip, be aware that you can expect to spend around $10-20 USD for two meals in a cheap restaurant. Nicer restaurants will cost about $30 USD for two meals, and if you want to go all out, meals in swanky restaurants can cost around $50 USD. If you're on a shoestring budget, opt for local street food.
  • Accommodation

    Accommodation wise you have lots of choices. Budget-friendly options include dorm beds ($15 USD) or campsites (between $10-15 USD). Double rooms in a midrange hotel can cost anywhere between $50-150 USD, and fancier hotels will cost upwards of this.
  • Tipping

    Tip taxi drivers 10%, and it's appropriate to give the same amount in hotels and restaurants with good service. At safari lodges and tours, you'll need to leave a certain amount of tips to be divided among the staff. Tip around $10 USD per day for guides, drivers, camp or lodge staff and $5 USD for transfer drivers and porters.
  • Other activities

    Activities such as canoeing in the Zambezi, gorge hiking, bungee jumping, high wiring along the gorges, white water rafting, for example, will cost you between $100-200 USD per person. If you want to skydive, it's around $350 USD. Some tour operators will include the cost of activities in their itineraries, or offer them to you at a discounted price.

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