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victoria falls

Best time to visit Victoria Falls

Visiting Victoria Falls is an incredible experience, no matter when you go. However, depending on the experience you're looking for - from safaris to extreme sports to water activities - travellers should carefully research the region to determine the best time to visit Victoria Falls. Thankfully, we've compiled everything visitors need to know before planning their trip to this amazing natural wonder.

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When to visit Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls is a year-round destination, but it's important to note that different activities are available depending on the time of year. Travellers set on the best views of the falls should visit from February to May, when the summer rains have ended and the falls are particularly intense. However, some of the most popular activities in the Victoria Falls region do not coincide with this high season for the falls! The best time to visit the region for a safari, for example, is the dry season, from June to August. This provides the perfect middle ground for travellers who wish to view the impressive spray of the falls as well as go searching for the Big Five.
In October and November, the water levels are at their lowest: while travellers can enjoy panoramic views of the falls, the hot and humid weather means that the Zambian side may dry up completely. However, September to November is also peak season for white-water rafting, and the famous Devil's Pool on Livingstone Island is open for visitors. 

When planning a trip to Victoria Falls, there are many options to consider - think carefully about what attractions and experiences are important to you before you decide what time of year to visit. 


Best time to visit Victoria Falls
victoria falls

Best time to see the falls

The best time to see Victoria Falls is during the high water season, throughout and after the rains from April to June. Travellers will get lost in the endless mist (locals don't call Victoria Falls "The Smoke that Thunders" for nothing!) and be awed by the seemingly-unlimited water plummeting down towards the Zambezi River. 

Best time for water activities

The best time to visit Victoria Falls (if water activities are your priority) is from July to February when water levels on the falls slightly decrease. White water rafting is at its peak from September to November, but opens in late July or August, depending on conditions, and doesn't close until February, when water levels begin to increase again. If travellers are looking to take a plunge in Devil's Pool, the pool and its home of Livingstone Island also opens in July or August and closes in January. 

Best time for safari

The best time to visit Victoria Falls for a safari is during the dry winter season, when the grasses are short. A visit from July to November will provide the best visibility, and temperatures are much more pleasant. 

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