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kruger weather

Weather & Climate in Kruger

Lucky travellers visiting Kruger National Park should keep in mind that the weather is changeable and some times of the year are better to visit than others. With a little research and planning, travellers can find the perfect time to visit this beautiful national park in stunning South Africa!

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Weather in September

September is the height of Kruger National Park's dry season, which means travellers can expect hot, dry winds and sparse vegetation. This is an excellent time to see animals, as water becomes scarce and large concentrations of thirsty animals can be found around watering holes. There will be very little rain, but travellers should come prepared with cool clothing, bug spray, and plenty of sunscreen. 

Weather in August

In August, Kruger National Park is very dry, but temperatures at night and in the early morning will be markedly cooler than those during the day. Travellers are advised to bring light jackets or sweaters for their comfort while visiting the park in August, and animal visibility around watering holes is very good. 

Weather in March

Temperatures in March will be very hot, and the weather will be extremely dry. This is an excellent time for bird watchers to visit the park, as migratory birds will arrive at Kruger around this time. Expect very hot weather with little relief, so be sure to pack cool clothing and stay hydrated. 

What is the best month to visit Kruger National Park?

Kruger National Park is absolutely a year-round destination, so the best month to visit depends on what travellers would like to see. Baby animals are born from November to December, but the weather will be hot and rainy; birdwatchers will enjoy the best sightings from January to April; animal sightings skyrocket around July to October - and as a bonus, malaria-carrying mosquitos are dormant during this time. So as you can, the best month to visit Kruger National Park is entirely dependant on you! 

Temperatures in Kruger National Park

The hottest month in Kruger National Park is January: expect very hot days with little rain. The coolest month is June, and travellers should come prepared with warmer clothing if they visit around this time. Below you can find a monthly summary of the average temperatures in both Celsius and Fahrenheit.


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