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Best overland travel companies and tour operators

Overland Travel Companies

Compare 30 different overland travel companies and find the perfect tour for your next adventure!

Embark on an Overland Adventure

If you’re craving an epic, off the beaten track adventure, you’d be hard-pressed to find something more exciting than an overland tour. No matter what country you choose to explore — whether it's Botswana, Australia, or Kyrgyzstan — the journey is always as exhilarating as the destination.

Best Overland Tour Operators

After reviewing traveller feedback on all overland tour operators, our Travel Experts have hand-selected ten of the top companies with the best ratings across the board. Acacia Adventure Holidays takes the top spot in terms of excellent reviews.

1. Acacia Adventure Holidays4.775Africa
2. On the Go Tours 4.752Africa, Asia, Latin America
3. Morocco Discoveries4.661Africa
4. Intrepid4.657Africa, Australia/Oceania
5. G Adventures4.618Africa
6. Topdeck4.618Africa
7. Absolute Africa4.543Africa
8. Encounters Travel4.56Africa
9. Madventure Travel4.310Worldwide
10. Oasis Overland4.287Africa, Asia, Latin America

Overland Tour Specialists

Boasting expertly crafted itineraries that take you to some of the most remote and iconic corners of the planet, you’re virtually guaranteed a life-changing experience with these industry-leading overland tour operators.

  1. Oasis Overland - With tours ranging from 13 days to 15 weeks in Africa, Central Asia, and more, Oasis Overland has tours for every type of traveller.
  2. Madventures Travel - Specialising in true expeditions and once-in-a-lifetime experiences, Madventures Travel organises trips for the most intrepid travellers.
  3. Infinite Adventures - Offering unforgettable itineraries throughout Alaska, this small local company will help bring your dream Alaskan adventure to life.

Best Overland Tour Operators by Destination

If you’ve already decided where you’d like to go, check out our list of overland tours categorised by continent, or take a look at the top-rated operators below.

CompaniesToursTop Operators
Asia7149Oasis Overland & Madventure Travel
Latin America4208Oasis Overland, On The Go Tours & Madventure Travel
Africa27250+Acacia Adventure Holidays, Absolute Africa & Intrepid
North America14Infinite Adventures

Top Destinations For an Overland Tour

What You Need to Know About Overland Tours

  • How comfortable is the overland truck? And where do I sleep?

    This will differ depending on the company you choose, but you can generally expect comfortable coach-style seating, lockers for your personal items, and air-conditioning. As for accommodations, you’ll likely be sleeping in a tent for the majority of your trip (provided by the tour company). If you’d prefer to sleep in a hotel or lodge, explore our full range of overland tours and use our filters to search for trips with the type of accommodations that suit you best.  
  • How often do you have access to wifi? Is it easy to keep your electronics charged?

    If you’re heading into remote or off the beaten track areas, your access to wifi will likely be limited — which is the perfect opportunity to disconnect and live in the moment! Alternatively, you can contact your mobile service provider prior to your trip to see if they offer data in the destinations you’re travelling through. You’ll have access to charging facilities at most campsites, with the exception of wild camps.
  • Why do prices differ so much between companies?

    The cost can vary depending on a range of factors, including your destination of choice, the length of your trip, and your travel style. Luckily, TourRadar has hundreds of overland trips suited to every budget.
  • Why should I book with TourRadar?

    Booking with TourRadar comes with a whole host of benefits: you’ll have access to an extensive selection of trusted tour operators, 24/7 customer support, flexible payment options, and thousands of reviews from travellers like you! Sound good? Explore our full range of overland tours and find your next adventure on TourRadar.

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