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Glacier in Argentina

South America Honeymoon Tours and Holiday Packages

South America is a treasure trove for newly-weds and love birds. You can cosy up on a moonlit beach or get your hearts racing on an adventure in destinations like Argentina and Peru. No matter what your bucket list looks like as a couple, in this continent, you'll find plenty of things to spark your travel desires and passions. Learn more about our honeymoon holiday packages below!

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Honeymoon in South America: Where to go

South America is rolling in diversity, culture, community, culinary arts, wildlife, adventure, and nature. The continent only has 12 countries but each one packs a punch in both size and beauty. Thanks to the close proximity to Central America, you could also visit countries like Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama.

So what can you expect from a honeymoon in South America? With destinations like Brazil and Peru on the horizon and hidden gems to discover off-the-beaten-path in countries like Bolivia and Colombia, you can have it all. Adventurous couples will be thrilled at the endless opportunities for activities like hiking, diving, and surfing, but there's plenty of romance to be had as well. There's no shortage of breathtaking coastline tailor-made for a beachside getaway. Foodie couples can eat a feast every ten steps and culture lovers will find cities alive with art, music and dance - how about some tango lessons in Argentina?  

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Best honeymoon destinations in South America

Find a destination for your honeymoon in South America by reading about the highlights of Peru, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Ecuador. 

  • Lama in Machu Picchu


    It's easy to fall in love with Peru. The opportunity to experience the ancient ways of the Incas makes it one of the top destinations on many travel lists. Peru is renowned for Machu Picchu, ceviche, chocolate, and pisco sours, and for good reason, but there are surprises too. An unexpected festival in Cusco, a stroll along the boardwalk in Miraflores and lunch served on a banana leaf while sailing along the river will all contribute to the honeymoon of your dreams.

    Why: For the easily accessed landscapes 
    For who: Couples that love surprises 
    Pro tip: Look for a honeymoon vacation package that takes you to the dizzying heights of the Andes and the wetlands of the Amazon Jungle 

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  • Tango in Argentina


    Adventurous on one hand, chic on the other, and cities and countryside just bursting with culture, a honeymoon in Argentina will satisfy all kinds of wanderlust. The country's true claim to hiking fame lies along the trails of Patagonia. If an adventure doesn't float your love boat, switch it up for an urban escape laced with malbec and the sounds of tango beats in Buenos Aires, or take a deep dive into Argentina's rich heritage.

    Why: Dramatic scenery and stunning architecture 
    For who: Couples that want a little bit of that Latin spirit 
    Pro tip: Take tango classes in Buenos Aires 
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  • Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


    From the leafy canopy of the Amazon Jungle and adventure-packed sandy beaches to samba dancers throwing shapes on the streets of Rio de Janeiro and fragrant flora and fauna, a honeymoon in Brazil will do wonders for your senses. Beautiful is too tame a word to describe South America's largest country, to understand why, you need to experience the scenery, colonial architecture and food for yourself. 

    Why: For the colours and flavours 
    For who: Couples that want to take a deep dive into South America 
    Pro tip: Take a samba class together in Rio de Janeiro 

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  • Easter Island, Chile


    For an intimate travel experience in South America, choose Chile as your honeymoon destination. Energetic cities like Santiago are a joy to explore, but Chile's star attraction is nature galore. Soaring peaks are a given here, and then there's the unique collection of wonders that can only be found here. The myth-like Easter Island is one such place. Picture the two of you in one of the remotest places on earth falling more in love with everything you uncover there.

    Why: Raw beauty and cultural diversity 
    For who: Couples that love nature 
    Pro tip:
    Plan part of your honeymoon in Easter Island 

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  • Cartagena, Colombia


    Colombia has all the things you could want in a visit to South America, from ancient ruins to the sights and sounds of the Amazon Jungle and Andean panoramas. What makes this country stand out as a honeymoon destination are the cities. You won't find electric cities like Cartegena, Cali and Medellin anywhere else throughout the continent. Along with metropolitan adventures, newly-weds can also take advantage of sandy shores, go island-hopping, or spend time in the countryside.

    Why: Because music is the food of love and Colombia is the Land of a Thousand Rhythms 
    For who: Couples that love to dance the night away 
    Pro tip: Make sure you visit Rosario Islands 
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  • Seaturtles in Ecuador


    There are so many places in South America where you can enjoy the Amazon Jungle, the Andes, beach life, and the stunning architecture on a honeymoon vacation package, but each country has something unique about it. In Ecuador, it has to be the prospect of having a cultural adventure in a Kichwa village or immersing yourself in the wildlife and nature of the Galápagos Islands. 

    Why: Galápagos Islands
    For who: Couples that love nature 
    Pro tip:
    Drink coca leaf tea to help with altitude sickness 
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Beach honeymoon destinations in Central America

If you're visiting South America for a honeymoon and looking for that perfect beach holiday, you should definitely think about combining your trip with one of these destinations in Central America. Belize, Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Panama are just perfect for some sand and sea.

Adventurous honeymoons in South America

Romantic honeymoons in South America

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