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Chobe National Park: Location & How to Get There

Chobe National Park is renowned for its large elephant herds and Cape buffalo, fierce carnivores and diverse terrain. As Botswana's first national park, Chobe is one of the best places to see all kinds of animals in their natural habitat, whether it's on land or in the sky (discover more than 400 bird species in the park). Find out how you can get to this wildlife haven in Africa.

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Where is Chobe National Park?

Chobe National Park is located in the north of Botswana, a southern African country neighboured by Zimbabwe in the east, South Africa in the south and Namibia on its western borders. The Zambezi River and the Chobe River are the borders between these countries. The closest city to the national park is Kasane, most visitors going on a safari to Chobe National Park use this as their access point. Chobe is only a 90-minute drive from Victoria Falls, so visitors can explore the wildlife and nature of both places in one trip. For a better understanding of the geography of this region, see our detailed maps.

What is the best way to get to Chobe?

Chobe Gate is located six kilometres (three miles) west of Kasane, the closest city to the national park. The best way for visitors to reach Chobe National Park is to hop on a domestic flight to Kasane Airport (BBK), which is located nearby the city of Kasane and northern entrance of the park. There are two other airports close to Chobe from where travellers can connect to Kasane or drive from (but bear in mind a 4x4 is required): Victoria Falls Airport (VFA) in Zimbabwe; and Harry Mwanga Nkumbula International Airport (LVI) in Zambia. Chobe Gate is 80 kilometres (49 miles) west of Victoria Falls, and the drive takes around 90 minutes.

Tip: Watch out for safaris through Chobe National Park starting from Kasane to get the most out of your safari experience. 

Gaborone to Kasane

Distance: 925 kilometres (575 miles) 
By flight: It takes about two hours to fly from Gaborone, Botswana (GBE) to Kasane, Botswana (BBK). There are currently two flights a week between the two cities. 
By bus: The bus may be the cheapest option, but it's not recommended for those short on time as it takes over 24-hours. 
By car: Via A1 and A33 - the drive time is around 11 hours. 

Johannesburg to Kasane

Distance: 1,300 kilometres (808 miles)
By flight: You can fly to Kasane from Johannesburg in just under two hours with South African Airlines.  

Victoria Falls to Kasane

Distance: 84 kilometres (52 miles)
By flight: Not recommended
By bus: There's a daily bus from Victoria Falls to Kasane which takes around an hour and a half. 
By car: It's best to drive from Victoria Falls to Kasane - the drive only takes around 90 minutes via the A33. 
By ferry: Kasane can be accessed from the Zambian side of Victoria Falls via the Kazungula Ferry, a short trip of fewer than ten kilometres (six miles). But it's a slow way to get there as many trucks line the roads on both sides of the border.

Pro tip: Many Chobe safaris depart from Victoria Falls. Take a look at and find the most suitable tour for safari!

Maun to Kasane

Distance: 608 kilometres (378 miles) 
By flight: The flight time from Maun, Botswana (MUB) to Kasane, Botswana (BBK) is around one hour and there are currently three flights a week between the two cities. 
By bus: The bus may be the cheapest option, but it's not recommended for those short on time as it takes over 24-hours. 
By car: The drive time is just over seven hours via A3 and A33. The tarred road linking Maun to Kasane winds through the sprawling flatlands of Makgadikgadi and other wildlife-rich regions bordering Chobe National Park.

Pro tip: Many Chobe National Park safaris depart from Arusha.

Windhoek to Kasane

Distance: 1,346 kilometres (826 miles) 
By flight: The flight time from Windhoek, Namibia (WDH) to Kasane, Botswana (BBK) is between five to seven hours and usually with a stopover in Johannesburg.


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Closest airport
Kasane Airport (BBK)
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