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self drive tour along the coast

Self Drive Tours

Cruise past stunning landscapes, stop for photo breaks whenever you want, and create a custom itinerary tailored to you — a self-drive holiday is the ultimate road trip. Whether it’s a motorcycle expedition or a motorhome holiday with the whole family in tow, this style of travel is guaranteed to deliver an unforgettable and one-of-a-kind vacation.

Ready-made self-drive tours

Planning the perfect self drive holiday

A self-guided tour means you’ll have a suggested itinerary and some amenities (such as accommodation) arranged by a tour operator, but you’re ultimately responsible for getting from point A to point B each day. Where you go and how long you stay for is totally up to, and there’s no limit to the type of trip you can create! 
The specifics of your holiday — like your vehicle and hotels, for example — will be pre-arranged by your tour operator. They’ll also provide detailed information for your journey, including directions, distances, and safety tips, along with recommendations for restaurants and must-see sights so you can make the most of your trip.
Our self-drive tours are organised by trustworthy companies, so you can always rely on their expertise to help you plan the perfect holiday.

What does an organized self drive tour look like?

  • Pick up your car

    Once you arrive at your destination, simply collect your car from the airport and you’re ready to hit the road!
  • Follow a predefined itinerary

    Our tour operators will create a predefined itinerary for you to follow (at your own pace, of course) and the rest is up to you!
  • Enjoy your holiday

    A self-drive holiday gives you the freedom and independence that you just can’t get from any other style of travel. 

Benefits of an organized self-drive tour

Most popular self drive destinations

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Ready-made self-drive tours

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