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South America

South America Travel Specialists

Need help planning your adventure to destinations like Brazil, Peru, Argentina, and more? Our selection of top-rated South America travel specialists has you covered! Whether you want to explore a specific region in-depth or travel around the continent, you’ll find your perfect trip here.

All South America tours

Best South America Travel Specialists

After reviewing traveller feedback on all South America tour operators, our Travel Experts have hand-selected eight of the top companies with outstanding itineraries and excellent ratings across the board. Covering destinations like Argentina, Chile, Brazil, and Peru, these trips are the perfect way to explore Latin America’s must-see sights, attractions, and natural wonders.

  1. G Adventures - No matter what you want to do in South America — whether it’s trekking to Machu Picchu or laying eyes on Iguazu Falls — G Adventures has a tour to make your dream trip a reality.
  2. Avalon Waterways - Explore the Amazon in style on a river cruise with Avalon Waterways, a luxury cruise line known for its top-notch amenities.
  3. Soca Islands - This company offers once-in-a-lifetime experiences in Latin American destinations like Barbados and Jamaica.
  4. Uniworld Boutique River Cruise Collection - Discover all the sights and wonders of the mighty Amazon rainforest on a luxury cruise.
  5. Tucan Travel - Jam-packed with active adventures, ancient sites, and authentic experiences, Tucan Travel’s South America trips have it all. 
  6. Intrepid Travel - Get to the heart of what makes countries like Peru, Chile, and Ecuador tick on a trip with Intrepid Travel.
  7. Dragoman Overland - Meet other like-minded adventurers while embarking on epic adventures through the Andes, the Amazon, and beyond.
  8. Trafalgar - Designing unique guided holidays for nearly 70 years, you’re always in good hands with a renowned operator like Trafalgar. 

Luxury Travel in South America

With top-notch accommodation, expert guides, and comfortable transportation, a South America tour with these operators promises a seamless and unforgettable experience from start to finish. Each company boasts an average rating of 4-5 stars and offers a range of unique adventures in countries across the continent.

  1. Peregrine Adventures - Embrace your inner adventurer and enjoy an immersive cultural journey on tour with Peregrine Adventures.
  2. Across South America - Specialising in South America tours, this company crafts one-of-a-kind vacations packed with memorable experiences.
  3. Globus- This world-leading operator offers a wide selection of South America trips — all of which feature their renowned services and excellent accommodations.
  4. Luxury Gold - Explore the best of South America in exquisite luxury and through exclusive VIP experiences with Luxury Gold.
  5. Costsaver - This tour operator delivers exceptional-quality South America tours without compromise. 
  6. National Geographic Journeys with G Adventures - These small-group tours are specially designed to take you deeper into the diverse cultures of South American destinations like Colombia and Ecuador.
  7. APT - APT provides well-planned tours throughout the continent ranging from 7 to 35 days in length.
  8. Exodus Travels- With tours travelling through 15 Latin American countries, you’re sure to find your perfect adventure with Exodus Travels.

Chile Specialists

Dreaming of exploring Chile? These operators can help bring your dream trip to life. Boasting 5-star reviews across the board, Signature Tours stands out as one of the best Chile specialists.

  1. Signature Tours - This company tailors its tours to clients who are looking for maximum comfort and personalised attention.
  2. OneSeed Expeditions - Get off the beaten track with expert tours by your side with OneSeed Expeditions.
  3. Aborigen Tours- Explore Chile’s must-see sights, from Patagonia to the Atacama Desert with this company.
  4. Unu Raymi Expeditions - With tours ranging from 3 days to 18 days, this operator has trips for every type of traveller.
  5. Trips SouthAmerica - Trips SouthAmerica strives to ensure every traveller has an authentic, safe, and rewarding travel experience.
  6. Gray Line Chile - Choose from unique trips that combine grand adventures and unique experiences with Gray Line Chile. 
  7. Earth Travellers - From hiking and trekking to kayaking, these tours let you experience the best of Chile through exciting active pursuits.
  8. We People Argentina- We People Argentina specialises in trips that explore each destination through the eyes of a local.

Argentina Travel Specialists

If you want to uncover Argentina’s top sights and hidden gems, these tour operators are the ideal choice. Each of the following companies boasts an average rating of 4 to 5 stars, but Milhouse Hostel Tours is one of the best Argentina travel specialists thanks to its fantastic traveller reviews.

  1. Mater Sustentable - Specialising in responsible travel experiences, this operator works closely with NGOs and social organisations to deliver unique trips while respecting the natural and cultural environment.
  2. Eureka Travel - Travelling Argentina with Eureka Travel promises one-of-a-kind itineraries featuring a whole host of authentic experiences.
  3. Milhouse Hostel Tours- Explore destinations like Bariloche, Salta, and Mendoza with other like-minded travellers on a tour with Milhouse Hostel Tours.
  4. Scenic Luxury Cruises & Tours - Uncover the best of Argentina on a premier cruise with this renowned company.
  5. Class Adventure Travel - Boasting 20 years of experience planning Argentina vacations, you’re guaranteed a worry-free holiday with Class Adventure Travel.
  6. Pisadas Argentina - Pisadas Argentina offers unique trips throughout Argentina for all types of travellers, from couples to families and solo travellers.
  7. Qwerty Travel Argentina - This local tour operator is dedicated to making your Argentina holiday truly unforgettable.
  8. Hi Travel Argentina- Hi Travel Argentina craft independent and budget-friendly tours throughout South America, so you can make the most of your trip.

Church in Argentina
Church in Argentina

Best South America travel specialists

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Avalon Waterways
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