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Everest & Gokyo Lakes Circuit - Exodus Travels
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Start and end in Kathmandu! With the hiking & trekking tour Everest & Gokyo Lakes Circuit, you have a 19 day tour package taking you through Kathmandu, Nepal and 10 other destinations in Nepal. Everest & Gokyo Lakes Circuit includes accommodation in a hotel as well as an expert guide, meals, transport and more.
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33 Reviews

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  • Everest & Gokyo Lakes Circuit reviewer 1
    Written on November 6, 2013
    2.0 - Rather poor

    The weather is always a risk factor, beware the extra costs, which could include a helicopter charter or an aborted or severely curtailed trip. Don't assume October will be fine - which it mostly is btw.What was the most inspirational moment of your trip?Rounding a corner to see Ama Dablam and Everest for the first time.What did you think of your group leader?A very experienced guide, which was extremely important because of the events of our trip (cyclone Phailin in India caused snowfall and avalanches which placed us with tough decisions to make). Other groups with less experienced guides felt it necessary to tag along at one point. His English was not great but nowhere near as poor as he felt it to be.Do you have any advice for potential travellers?Ensure you have several hundred dollars worth of local currency, which is easy to get in Kathmandu. Take more than required if you can, especially if you have gadgets you want to charge regularly, cameras being the most common. It often costs 3 USD per hour per item to get charged. Water is expensive so a UV system and filter might save you money, although it costs time and up-front cost. Boiled water was barely cheaper than bottled, up to 5 USD per litre. I carried little water because we stopped for tea and lunch so liquid was available almost all the time. tea costs the same as water and tastes better (to me) - not carrying it made it taste even better! I used a (good) cell phone camera which required little charging and, most usefully, took along charging blocks (essentially large batteries with USB charging) so I didn't use any charging services. This paid for the charging blocks. I kept my kit bag below 10kg, difficult with my cheaper sleeping bag. Thus I didn't take some kit I would have liked to. However, many people on my trip seemed to think that the system was volume-based, using compression bags to cram amazing amounts of stuff into their bags. Many were at 13-15 kgs, only one kept below 10. The general vies was that it was ok "Because it is just a couple of USDs per kilo charged on the plane".Needless-to-say, this conveniently ignored the fact that the porters had to carry the bags. On previous trips, Peru for instance, each bag was weighed and rejected locally if the weight was too high, causing people to leave stuff behind or put it in their day bags. None of this happened to us, my bag was crushed and squashed to compensate for the unsquashable bag that it was carried with. This was mostly ok but it did break my shaver and cause things to get wetter when it snowed. On this last point, USE a waterproof kit bag or carefully put things in good plastic bags, the porters took the plastic covering for the kit bags and used it on themselves when the bad weather hit.If you get hungry more than most, take a lot of power bars or beef jerky to supplement meals, this will fill gaps and save a fortune, it often 20 USD per day to eat.  Is there anything else you would like to add?Overall, the experience was poor value for money, the helicopter we were almost obliged to hire, cost 600 USD per person, with 100 USD returned to us for the unused plane flight to Lukla at the start of the trip. This was considered well worth it by the group in general but, ironically, despite the continuous "Lucky we took the helicopter", it was more of an insurance policy because the flights continued the next day and we may well have flown in 1 or 2 days later. It may also have cost us the goal we sought, Everest base camp.Because we started a day late, our schedule was almost the original schedule (Note: the extra day at the end was maintained, not for us but just in case the return flight was also delayed and we may have missed our flights home, which would impact Exodus).This compression of the schedule meant less acclimatisation, which, for one person and her husband at least may have cost them the trip since she got serious altitude sickness and had to be helicoptered out.When the cyclone hit, we were forced to go down the mountain. Has we started later, we would have skipped Gokyo, which would have made everyone unhappy at the time, but we would have, very probably, made it to Kala Pattar, the finest viewpoint for Everest, and possible even Base Camp. This may have had it's own issues of course. Added to this that several people were ill from stomach problems, including me for the only time on any trek. Everyone obviously took precautions but the food is all provided by third parties and there is a lot of trust placed in their hygiene.As pessimistic as the above may sound, I am happy to remember the beautiful sunny weather we had for the early part of the trip, the amazing views and scenery in general. I will still look back and be happy I went. 

  • Everest & Gokyo Lakes Circuit reviewer 2
    Written on April 25, 2013
    5.0 - Excellent

    A wonderful journey fulfilling a long awaited dream.Challenging, demanding yet motivating and exciting.What was the most inspirational moment of your trip?To have had the priviledge to stay at Everest Base Camp for 2 nights alongside the Indian Expedition Team - ArunTreks.  This memory will stay with me and my husband for the rest of our lives and there is no doubt, that no matter how much you try and explain to someone what this experience was like, unless they had actually been there, they will never understand.  None of my photos highlight the actual size and depth of this place.  The Khumba Ice Fall - magic!Gokyo Ri - stunning.  A very beautiful area and am so pleased that we decided to do this particular trip rather than just Everest Base Camp visit. Fantastic!What did you think of your group leader?Lakpa - what an absolute star!  I could not have done this trip without him.  I was ill on a couple of occasions and he was there to sort me out on each.  He was kind, thoughtful and had a wonderful sense of humour.  His knowledge of the area is absolutely outstanding.I feel I owe him so much - This man deserves a medal!Do you have any advice for potential travellers?Ensure you are prepared for the cold.  It was -25 at Base Camp and in a tent, you need to be prepared.  We took our own sleeping bags which went down to -22 but these bags were in no way any comparison against the Exodus sleeping bags you can hire - we had these on a previous holiday and I sure wish we had them on this one!You do have to have mental stamina.  We had 4 hard climbs on the trot - Gokyo Ri, Cho La Pass, Kala Patthar and then Everest Base Camp.  If you are not feeling well, you need mentally to have the strength to carry on.  Having a good leader like we did, is a huge bonus also.Is there anything else you would like to add?Don't keep thinking about it - do it!  Exodus have a fantastic reputation and there is no doubt that we will continue to travel with them for many years to come.

  • Everest & Gokyo Lakes Circuit reviewer 3
    Written on January 2, 2013
    5.0 - Excellent

    A tough but brilliantly rewarding trip. What was the most inspirational moment of your trip?There were numerous highlights but I think reaching the summit of Gokyo Ri and seeing the most incredible view of the Himalayas and the glacier below us dissapearing down the valley was a special moment.Other highlights included the landing in Lukla, seeing Everest for the first time from Namche Bazaar and of course having that first shower after two weeks on the trek..!!What did you think of your group leader?The group leader was excellent, clearly an experienced guide.  It was reassuring to see he paid close attention to any members of the group he thought might be having problems. Also the other guides were great, very friendy and always there to offer assistance.Do you have any advice for potential travellers?If youre not a regular hillwalker definatley make sure you do some training before you go ! As other reviews have already indicated you need to be reasonably fit if you want to get the most out of this trip. The guides make sure pace isnt too quick but there are some very steep climbs and that combined with the effects of the altitude make the going tough at times.  The Cho La Pass involves some scrambling over some large boulders and up some loose rock so be prepared for that..And invest in a good sleeping bag as it gets veeeery cold at night and only the main dining rooms are heated in the lodges!Is there anything else you would like to add?Well its an experience you wont forget - it will make you appreciate the little things after you have spend two weeks in pretty basic accomodation.  Of course the headaches / aching limbs / bad toilets are all forgotton when youre standing at over 5500 metres on Kala Pattar under the bluest skies youve ever seen looking across at some of the highest mountains on the planet, including the biggest one of them all.. 

  • Everest & Gokyo Lakes Circuit reviewer 4
    Written on December 3, 2012
    4.0 - Good

    Great trip, very hard and may need re evaluating by ExodusWhat was the most inspirational moment of your trip?Climbing up to the top of Gyoko Ri and looking over 4 x 8000m peaksWhat did you think of your group leader?Our group leader was great, and very well supported by our assistant guide. My wife got altitude sickness at Gorak Shep and they did a brilliant job in looking after her and in the end we went down to Lobuche that evening. As Exodus are one of the biggest groups in the region, they were able to borrow an assistant guide from another group so the remainder of our group could continue, but we could go down with 2 people and be safe. Amazing service and can't recommend Exodus highly enough.Do you have any advice for potential travellers?The TNE trip is really hard and the days that you do Gyoki Ri, Cho La pass and Base Camp need all th energy you have.Is there anything else you would like to add?I truly believe that this trip needs to be re evaluated as doing Ri, Pass and BC are too hard back to back to back. The Cho La pass is now much more difficult with boulders coming down from the mountains and it takes a long time to get over. I think that it would be much better having an extra rest day before Cho La would help get over that and leave energy fork base camp and kalar pattar. This trip only has 1 rest day at Namche Bazaar but that is on the 2-3rd day and there is another really hard 12 after that.

  • Everest & Gokyo Lakes Circuit reviewer 5
    Written on November 13, 2012
    4.0 - Good

    A great trip and I was very pleased that I opted for this trip rather than the Everest Base Camp dash. The route to the Gokyo lakes was well worth the extra time required.What was the most inspirational moment of your trip?Gokyo Ri, crossing the Cho La Pass and associated glacier and making Base Camp.What did you think of your group leader?Our guide Dawa Sherpa and 'RB', assistant guide were great, they were always smiling, incredibly attentive to all that was happening within the group and made sure that we were well looked after in each Tea House. We had one case of altitude sickness within the group and this was dealt with most efficiently and with complete understanding for all members of the group. Do you have any advice for potential travellers?I had picked up a respiratory infection which did not kick in until about day 2 of the trek when at first I thought it may have been altitude sickness. (Diamox was being used). Breathing suffered for the rest of the trip until I was able to get an examination and atibiotics on the way down in Pheriche, too late for any real relief unfortunately. So I would recommend discussing this situation with your doctor though they may be reluctant about perscribing antibiotics when fit and well! And, forget about showers and washing, baby wipes and facial wipes suffice, it is too cold for that sort of exposure. Note - ice on the inside of the bedroom windows in the morning!Is there anything else you would like to add?Do it! It was an absolutely great trip, the views were magnificent and the weather great just a couple of small snow showers late afternoon along with some cloud reduced visability otherwise blue sky all the way. Exodus are well established and our guides, and for that matter the porters, were brilliant.

  • Everest & Gokyo Lakes Circuit reviewer 6
    Written on November 5, 2012
    5.0 - Excellent

    A demanding but highly rewarding trek encompassing the spectacular Gykyo lakes, encompassing climb of Gykyo Ri through the Cho La pass towards Kala Pattar and Everest base camp.What was the most inspirational moment of your trip?Inspiration is daily occurance throughout this trip whether observing the locals in their daily activities or the magnificent scenery that there is to behold. The trip is not for the faint hearted however with endurance there is great reward. What did you think of your group leader?In my experience Exodus group leaders are highly professional and dedicated to their work with great empathy and understanding of their country and communites.I do not think our group leader could have done more, his commitment to the group was equally matched by his commitment of his team of guides and porters. Leading from the front whilst creatng a very re;axed and friendly environment. Well done.  Do you have any advice for potential travellers?Train for the trip and you will be rewarded, one person on our trip had not trained and therefore not prepared and then stuggled where he should have enjoyed more. Ensure you have enough warm clothes evenings can be cold. The trip notes are very good and quite accurate with the exception on tipping you need to allow a bit more.  Is there anything else you would like to add?This trek is really great, for us it proved to be the best Exodus trip we have done. Given the great trips we have done before I thought that would be impossible but I was obviously wrong on that point.It just gets better thank you. 

  • Everest & Gokyo Lakes Circuit reviewer 7
    Written on May 18, 2012
    5.0 - Excellent

    A strenuous but well-worth trek encompassing two spectacular and incredibly diverse valleys, encompassing two summits, a high pass and culminating in the trek to Everest Base Camp for close up views of the highest mountain in the world (when its not hidden behind the Lho La ridge).What was the most inspirational moment of your trip?There are far too many to choose from, from the first proper sighting of everest through the tree-line heading up to Namche Bazaar, the crystal clear Gokyo lakes and the stunning cloud-strewn views from the top of Gokyo Ri, the sheer satisfaction in having reached the top of the demanding and icy Cho La Pass, the final trek towards the edge of the Khumbu icefall and discovering the vast tent city of Base Camp, the unrivalled views of the highest mountains on earth from the top of Kala Patthar....What did you think of your group leader?Jangbu Sherpa displayed tremendous knowledge of the valleys as we ascended higher up, he spent most of the time looking after the slower ones of the group and making sure they made it to the next lodge but he was sometimes reluctant from mingling with our group, we dont bite honestly!Our assistant guide Nima was always chirpy and full of enthusiasm and often led the group during the day's trekking.  Singing and dancing his way up the mountain he also got us out of bed in the morning with cups of tea and was our 'waiter' of an evening in the teahouses. Do you have any advice for potential travellers?This trek is not to be underestimated, its a long haul and you have to be in good fitness and good health to really enjoy it or you will struggle with it.  Dont skimp on the decent gear, particularly warm clothes for the early starts and when the weather turns (as it usually does in the afternoon).  The many days spent at high altitude does have some effect on you, be it a loss of appetite or trouble sleeping and these are to be expected in even the fittest of you, altitude can affect anyone.  The Cho La pass in particular is a definate challenge involving alot of scrambling, fairly exposed sections and the glacial travel which is often uneven and slippery underfoot unless you have full crampons on your boots.  Care is to be taken on this section as its a long day and you can easily lose concentration.Is there anything else you would like to add?For those confident in their fitness, determination, those that relish a challenge and want to be surrounded by striking and dramatic scenary with every step, all the while following in the path of climbing parties the world over in their bid to conquer the great Mt Everest, there is little to compare this trip to.  The diversity of the Gokyo valley means it is a great alternative to the standard trek as it takes in a seperate route on the ascent to base camp to the descent.  This trek should be on every wannabe adventurer's bucket list and is truely one of the greatest treks in the world.  For those that go the extra mile the views from Kala Patthar will truely take your breath away - literally and figuratively!

  • Everest & Gokyo Lakes Circuit reviewer 8
    Written on April 23, 2012
    5.0 - Excellent

    I went on this trip with very little expectation or knowledge of the region - massively underprepared, however with a great bunch of people, a fantastic leader and guides I found this one of the best trips of my life. I would highly recommend it.What was the most inspirational moment of your trip?The trip had it's hard days, but it also had its easy days. A couple of us (with a guide) set of earlier than the main group on the morning of the Gokyo Ri summit, and although we missed sunrise by about 10 minutes it was such a spectacular view.I also really enjoyed the scramble to the top of the Cho La Pass, the day was long and hard but very rewarding - this was more of what I was expecting of the trip.Reaching Base Camp was amazing, there was alot of activity on the trail up, which was a bit of a shock because the route we had taken to get there past the Gokyo lakes and over the Cho La was quite quiet. What did you think of your group leader?Our group leader Prem was amazing. He was undoubtedly key to making the trip as enjoyable as it was. He was so easy to get on with and extremely knowledgable. We also had 2 guides, Indra and Norbu, both did a great job. Prem was always making sure we were prepared every evening for the following day, making sure we were drinking enough whilst walking, always on the lookout for signs of mountain sickness and always trying to accomodate the different demands of the group. Do you have any advice for potential travellers?This trip doesn't necessarily demand you be at your physical peak, I certainly am not and still managed the trip, although you do need to be prepared, half of our group were on Diamox for the higher parts of the trip. The actual walking wasn't that difficult, there were a couple of long days towards the end, and a couple in the middle, but all in all it was a nice steady pace so very managable.Things I wish I had taken: more wet wipes - very handy when you haven't seen a shower for a couple of days; a thin buff or dust mask - the trails get very dusty, expecially when following a herd of yaks and finally a pack of playing cards (althogh thankflly someone else had thought of this) they help pass the time in the evenings when its snowing outside and there's nothing much else to do.Is there anything else you would like to add?I booked this trip without much research into it, and how difficult it could be - I just want to say, don't be put off by the talk of how difficult it wan be. I'm not saying it can be done be a complete novice with no experience of trekking, but I hadn't been above 2000m before this trip, and I had only been on one walking holiday prior to this and that was only for 5 days, not quite the 16 days this was. If you have the mental stamina and reasonable fitness, book up - its more than worth it.Oh, and when you're packing, if you find you've forgotten something, or after talking to people on the first couple of days of walking realise you want something you didn't even think about packing you'll be fine, you can pick up almost anything an Namche Bazaar (even a decent coffee, and a game of pool in an irish bar)

  • Everest & Gokyo Lakes Circuit reviewer 9
    Written on April 16, 2012
    4.0 - Good

    It was a great trip, but really, really hard!  The actual walking was not harder than your average day in the Lake District, but with the altitude, freezing cold nights, early starts, and basic tea house washing and toilet facilities it all added up to something of an endurance test.  I was the only woman with a load of adrenaline junkies, so needless to say I generally found myself bringing up the rear.  Come on women, get booking - don't just stick to the easier treks.  You can do it if I can!What was the most inspirational moment of your trip?The views from Gokyo Ri and Kala Pattar were great, but I got a real buzz of excitement when we arrived at Base Camp.  The climbers themselves weren't actually there yet, but there were streams of yaks and porters pouring in carrying all sorts of ridiculous things - there was a real sense of them getting ready. The Cho La might have been beautiful, but I was in no fit state to notice - getting up there nearly killed me!What did you think of your group leader?Prem Gurung was our leader, and he was absolutely fantastic.  Very knowledgeable, competent, calm and fun.  He and the 2 guides - Indra and Norbu - did a great job, and one of them always kept me company at the back of the pack.  Prem kept a sharp eye on us for signs of altitude sickness, and brooked no resistance when he thought someone needed to start on Diamox.  One of our porters got altitude sickness on the Cho La (I'm not joking about how hard it was!), and they decided to quickly get him down to Pheriche 1,000m lower - no messing about: they saw the problem and acted to fix it.  Just what you need in that environment.Do you have any advice for potential travellers?All you need is to be reasonably fit, being super fit won't necessarily help.  Do some reading about altitude sickness, and take Diamox and loads of Paracetamol/Ibuprofen with you.  Not to mention Immodium!  And loads of wet wipes and hand gel.  I did manage to have a hot shower every second day, and even washed my hair twice, but in between it was very dirty.  Only take 1 bottle of biodegradeable soap - it goes a long way, especially when you rarely see water! I took salted peanuts and dried fruit as snacks, plus Pepperami and biltong to supplement my post-Namche vegetarian diet.  As well as chocolate bars, of course.Is there anything else you would like to add?The trip gave me a great idea of how the different valleys and routes around Everest all fit together, and it was interesting to see the massive range of trekkers from all nations - some in groups, some independent with guides, and some totally independent on their own (not necessarily a safe option).  I'd have a much clearer idea of what's available to do if I came back - which I probably will do, but maybe not next year!

  • Everest & Gokyo Lakes Circuit reviewer 10
    Written on January 19, 2012
    5.0 - Excellent

    The trek from beginning to end was an amazing experience made all the better for Exedus's usual attention to detail and superb organisation. This is a challenging but really superb trek which anyone with a willingness to stretch themself can do.   What was the most inspirational moment of your trip?Almost too many to list but seeing Everest for the first time, the sun breaking through at Gokyo after a day walking in a blizzard, the views from Gokyo Ri and Cho La and making it to Base Camp will stay with me for many years to come.What did you think of your group leader?Lapka was an excellent leader. He was friendly, approachable and totally professional. His sense of fun made even the hardest of days enjoyable as did the rest of his team. They were all so encouraging and enthusiastic there was never any doubt we would all make the trip.Do you have any advice for potential travellers?If you want to see Everest and trek to Base Camp then I would recommend Gokyo as a more challenging but satifying alternative to the straight Base Camp trek. The route to Gokyo is quieter and the views from Gokyo Ri and the climb over Cho La are a never to be forgotten experience. Get yourself reasonably fit before you go, follow the advice of the Exodus guides, drink plenty, keep the pace steady and have a great time. Is there anything else you would like to add?Age is no barrier.


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  1. Introduction
  2. Expand all
  1. Day 1: Start Kathmandu.
  2. Day 2: Fly to Lukla (2800m). Head northwards up the valley of the Dudh Kosi; trek to the small settlement of Phakding.
  3. Day 3: Follow the Dudh Kosi and ascend to Namche Bazaar.
  4. Day 4: Explore in and around Namche Bazaar; acclimatisation walk in the Thame Valley.
  5. Day 5: Acclimatisation walk to Kunde and Khumjung; descend to Kyanjuma.
  6. Day 6: Cross the Mong La into the Gokyo Valley and trek to Dole.
  7. Day 7: Continue to Machhermo.
  8. Day 8: Trek to Gokyo Lake, a small settlement of lodges on the shores of a blue lake. Afternoon, optional walk up the hill behind camp for incredible views of the Ngozumpo Glacier.
  9. Day 9: Climb Gokyo Ri (5360m); afternoon trek to Dragnag.
  10. Day 10: Cross the Cho La (5420m) and enter the main Khumbu Valley; trek to Dzongla.
  11. Day 11: Continue the ascent to Lobuje.
  12. Day 12: A long day to visit Everest Base Camp. Overnight at Gorak Shep.
  13. Day 13: Climb Kala Pattar (5545m) for classic views of Everest; descend to Pheriche.
  14. Day 14: Trek to Thyangboche and visit the famous monastery.
  15. Day 15: Trek back to Monzo via Kyanjuma and Namche.
  16. Day 16: Return to Lukla.
  17. Day 17: Fly to Kathmandu.
  18. Day 18: Free day in Kathmandu.
  19. Day 19: End Kathmandu.

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  • 137 km
  • Lukla (Nepal)
  • 9 km
  • Phakding (Nepal)
  • 4 km
  • Namche Bazar (Nepal)
  • 1 km
  • Khumjung (Nepal)
  • 15 km
  • Gokyo Lake (Nepal)
  • 7 km
  • Machhermo (Nepal)
  • 14 km
  • Gorak Shep (Nepal)
  • 2 km
  • Kala Pattar (Nepal)
  • 16 km
  • Pangboche (Nepal)
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