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Patagonian Highlights - Exodus Travels
Patagonian Highlights - Exodus Travels
35 reviews
Buenos Aires
+9 Destinations
Andes Mountains
Buenos Aires


  • Discover what Buenos Aires is all about
  • Hike to the Cerro Fitzroy Base Camp
  • Visit the Perino Moreno Glacier by boat
  • See the penguin colony in Tierra del Fuego
Age range
18 to 80 year olds
Max Group Size
Coach / Bus
Travel style
Adventure, Hiking & Trekking
Start and end in Buenos Aires! With the adventure tour Patagonian Highlights, you have a 13 day tour package taking you through Buenos Aires, Argentina and 7 other destinations in Latin America. Patagonian Highlights includes accommodation in a hotel as well as an expert guide, meals, transport and more.

35 Reviews

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  • WY
    Written on April 1, 2018
    4.0 - Good

    This was a truly an enjoyable trip for me. I was able to see with my own eyes the beautiful places in that I had been planning to visit for the past few years. Patagonia is truly an amazing place with great scenery unrivalled anywhere else in the world. It has a very unique flora and fauna and scenery in this part of the world. This trip has given me the opportunity to meet people from different of the world. Our tour guide had very good organisational skills and all our needs were met. He had also provided the group with lots of information regarding Patagonia making our trip very educational.
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  • Patagonian Highlights reviewer 2
    Written on June 1, 2013
    5.0 - Excellent

    Great holiday which we will remember for a very long time. The trip gave us a great perspective of Patagonia and buenos aires: mountains , glaciers and then tango. What was the most inspirational moment of your trip?hiking to the snow levels on mount fitzroy and walking on a glacier What did you think of your group leader?Dennis was a great group leader, he is  has a very relaxed style couple with a good sense of humour and went out of his way to help everyone in the group . He had cleary done his research for each destination and found us the best options for the activities available. Even when we had finished the trip he helped us find info in BA on his day off. Could you ask for more?  We would like to thank him for looking after us and the rest of the group and making our holiday very special.  Do you have any advice for potential travellers?Take plently of dollars , pounds arent always accepted and its a bit more expensive than you might think.

  • Patagonian Highlights reviewer 3
    Written on April 9, 2013
    5.0 - Excellent

    A great trip covering a lot of ground.What was the most inspirational moment of your trip?The first sights of Fitzroy and and the Torres Del Paine but also, just some of the sunsets and sunrises and the sheer vastness of the landscapes.What did you think of your group leader?Our group leader Hugo was an absolute star - very professional, very good company and very thoughtful.  He looked after everyone really well, he thought of everything and he knew just about everything about everything.  I think everyone in the group felt that he'd made a major contribution to our overall experience - really couldn't speak highly enough of him.Do you have any advice for potential travellers?Dollars aren't always that easy to change up, you're better most of the time just using your ATM or credit card and taking out small amounts of currency at a time.  If you're travelling land only, make sure you know what you're doing about your internal flights - one couple on our trip were unaware they were supposed to book them themselves (and so they hadn't) and in fact would not have had any way of knowing which ones to book anyway.For anyone who has the time, its really worth either arriving early or staying on just to get some sightseeing time in Buenos Aires.Is there anything else you would like to add?No - it was a great trip, I just wish I could have stayed longer everywhere! I will definitely go back to Argentina and will be torn between revisiting everything I did on this trip and exploring new places.Should also mention that the other guides, mountain guides and specialists guides, were all of a good standard.

  • Patagonian Highlights reviewer 4
    Written on March 25, 2013
    4.0 - Good

    Fully up to my expectations - we saw everything the brochure promised.   A big country in many ways - high peaks, huge glaciers, and vast open spaces.   It helped that we were lucky with the weather on the days when it really mattered!What was the most inspirational moment of your trip?It's a dead heat between getting to the foot of Fitzroy and the similar experience of getting to the Towers of Paine.   Photographs do not do justice to these views.   Viewing and getting close to the Perito Moreno Glacier was an excellent runner up.What did you think of your group leader?Hugo was very good.   He was very communicative, keeping us informed as we went, and was helpful with advice on optional trips.   He kept the trip organised but without being intrusive.Do you have any advice for potential travellers?Argentina and Chile are not cheap destinations - read the trip notes.Don't rush to change a lot of money in to local currency.   Many trips and meals can be paid in US dollars and, during our trip, frequently at a more favourable exchange rate than the bank.   You need very few Chilean pesos - your group leader will advise you.Be prepared for changeable, and rapidly changing, weather.   You will do a lot of walking on dirt paths, sometimes moderately steep, so take good footwear and possibly trekking poles if you use them.Make sure that you are reasonably fit.   The walking is not very difficult but the Fitzroy and Torres walks are full days.Is there anything else you would like to add?The refugio was better then some reviews suggest - think of it as a reasonably good youth hostel.   Take a padlock for your storage locker.

  • Patagonian Highlights reviewer 5
    Written on March 19, 2013
    5.0 - Excellent

    if you ever wanted to have a good look at a glacier this is the way to do itWhat was the most inspirational moment of your trip?on the boat in front of glacierWhat did you think of your group leader?an excellent group leader and a very nice personDo you have any advice for potential travellers?read your trip notes its all thereIs there anything else you would like to add?this was my 14 exodus hol and it just gets better

  • Patagonian Highlights reviewer 6
    Written on February 15, 2013
    5.0 - Excellent

    An exhilarating trip - the majestic scenery, wonderful weather, congenial fellow-travellers and excellent guide all exceeded our expectations. An unforgettable experience.What was the most inspirational moment of your trip?- At the Viedma Glacier,watching a large iceberg roll over just in front of our boat, and resurface, cobalt blue and sparkling, as the water poured off it. One of the most beautiful sights we've ever seen.- Reaching our goal at the base of the Towers of Paine, and seeing them soaring, cloudfree, in front of us: worth every step of the way. -  Battling through 56kph wind and seeing guanacos  silhoutted against the T.o.P Massif: iconic Patagonia!What did you think of your group leader?Excellent: Hugo Lambertucci.Informative, efficient, patient, courteous and sociable. Very good English. There were a couple of glitches, but generally all the group agreed that H. was one of the best leaders any of us have had on an Exodus trip.Do you have any advice for potential travellers?The schedule: a lot of early starts and full days. Not much free time for sightseeing, especially in B.A. - and leave the heavy books at home. Money: Don't expect to change money in a bank - the travel schedule doesn't allow time. Travellers' cheques "seriously annoying" (Hugo)  Take some Arg. $ from UK for small items, and change your US $ as you go. The official rate is currently approx Arg $ 4.90: US $1, but everyone is happy to get US $ and shops/hotels will change at Arg 5-7 : US $1.We found the spending money estimated in Exodus trip notes quite adequate.(cf Food, below) Food: Lunch often a picnic snack on the road. For dinner a steak/ lamb grill and salad between 2 is plenty, the portions are v. generous. Don't expect much fruit or veg. on this trip unless you buy your own.Clothes: Buenos A. hot and humid - take light clothes.Also for Iguazu if you go there. Elsewhere "dress like an onion", but none of us wore our thermals. Windproofs and close-fitting hats essential - many of us bought Bufffs, or cheaper El Chalten versions. Floppy sunhats will blow away.Contact lenses: if you wear hard lenses take an alternative eg presciption sunglasses - or closefitting goggles.  The duststorms are very gritty, both in town and in the mountains.Mosquitoes: you WILL get bitten around the Refugio . Take antihistamine as well as repellent.Ushuaia: Consider asking for a Channel view upgrade when you book.  It's the end of the road, and the view is beautiful.  Iguazu Falls extension: the trails open at 8am and close at 5pm.  Very crowded. If you can be at the start of a trail at 8am (and if staying at the Sheraton you can do this before breakfast) you may have a blissful hour entirely to yourself. If meeting a guide, ask for an early start. Insurance : you will be asked to state whether you are insured for helicopter evacuation. Not all of us were, but it's worth checking: on the long treks you're a long way from the nearest hospital.   Is there anything else you would like to add?Above notes on clothing and weather refer to a trip in early Feb.Optional:In additon to the Glacier and Beagle Channel boat-trips, we had an enjoyable visit to La Usina estancia, near El Calafate, including an amazing lamb "asado".This also left  several hours for the bird reserve in El C in the afternoon at Lake Nimez. Well worth a visit.  In B.A. a group of us went, on Hugo's recommendation, to the Esquina Carlos Gardel tango show - beautifully done and much enjoyed by all.We can recommend all of these options.

  • Patagonian Highlights reviewer 7
    Written on February 13, 2013
    5.0 - Excellent

    This is a great trip covering some of the most spectacular landscape on the planet... and a chance to savour some of the best steakhouses and Malbec you are ever likely to come across. :-)What was the most inspirational moment of your trip?Two things stand out for me:1. Walking on the Viedma Glacier - an optional excursion but an absolute MUST. Brilliantly run by a local team and there is a wonderful surprise at the end - won't spoil it for those who haven't been but you simply have to do it. 2. Dawn at the Torres del Paine refugio - watching the towers glow ornage in the dawn sun is unforgettable.What did you think of your group leader?Our tour leader Hugo was excellent - just the right combination of organisation and sociability with the group.Do you have any advice for potential travellers?Couple of things:1. Take mosquito repellent - I didn't realise there would be mossies so far south in cold weather but they are the size of horses in the Torres del Paine NP.2. Take your own booze to the refugio otherwise you will be taking out a mortgage to buy drinks there.Is there anything else you would like to add?Beware of the bunk beds at the refugio in the Torres del Paine NP - there are no handholds to get to the top and one guy on our trip fell badly - they are DANGEROUS.Try the El Calafate ice cream - they say if you eat it you must return to Patagonia... I already want to go back! 

  • Patagonian Highlights reviewer 8
    Written on January 31, 2013
    5.0 - Excellent

    A fabulous trip led by an enthusiastic guide. The local guides were also brilliant and worked hard to keep everyone informed and safe, helping everyone achieve their aims. There are a couple of tough treks but the scenery is breathtaking and the long bus rides are the price to pay to be able to see such a lot on this trip.So many highlights including the treks, a whole day of glacier watching at Perito Moreno and a trip on the Beagle Channel so watch the penguins watching us - all enhanced by the Patagonian Weather Fairy who blessed us with fine weather and fantastic views.

  • Patagonian Highlights reviewer 9
    Written on November 28, 2012
    3.0 - Average

    Beautiful nature and we were lucky with the weather, it only rained once. However, windbreakers are a must and it is likely to go from one layer to up to three within one single hike. The guide was not informative enough, especially when asked questions rather than him giving the talk or reading out of papers. The hotel accommodation in Torres Del Paine should become an option. We upgraded ourselves privately and were happy to have done so as we had a private room and ensuite bathroom to come back to after a long hihe to see the Towers. There were some long drives on the trip but all were comfortable and I do not think we could have seen as much without them. Too little food was included and breakfast very poor throughout the whole trip. Both Chile and Argentina very expensive, a hamburger with chips would easily cost US$25, so we ended up spending US$50 a day just on snacks, drinks and one cooked meal. Giving the price of the holiday to start with, one would expect more to be included. We felt like backpackers, while the cost of the trip would suggest a higher than an average standard of both the accommodation and the meals. However, all in all it was good. The guide should have been more communicative and more of the meals should have been included, but the nature was stunning and we had a good visibility at almost all places we visited.What was the most inspirational moment of your trip?Private hike up Cerro Cristales. Beautiful views - 360 degrees. But the hike was tough, there were snowy patches and the wind was very strong. I was the only one who made it all the way to the top on that day and there were only about 6 hikers in total who went up but only to the lower base. The other moment was when we upgraded ourselves to a nearby hotel in Torres Del Paine. High windows, stunning views. As we were having breakfast, horses started to run alongside and just outside the windows, it was beautiful. So inspiring and natural.What did you think of your group leader?Not much. Could not communicate, hardly ever answered the questions I had asked. Not much of an added value.Do you have any advice for potential travellers?Windbreakers are a must. Be prepared to go from a T-shirt to 2 extra layers during one hike. See if you can do direct flights from London. See if you'd like to upgrade yourself to a hotel in Torres Del Paine (it is only 10 minutes from the refuge and is lovely). Be prepared for very poor breakfast, one to two pieces of white toast at some of the places - with nothing else. The rest of the meals are up to you but be prepared to spend US$50 a day on these.

  • Patagonian Highlights reviewer 10
    Written on November 22, 2012
    4.0 - Good

    very enjoyable trip, would definately recommend it.  One tip would be - don't wear a poncho if you go onto the glacier = mine was literally riped to bits by the wind!  Luckily a guide lent me a spare, very warm jacket. Do all the additional trips you can while there.  The walks were quite hard work but certainly worth it for the views. Also the food portions in the restaurants are huge - it quite acceptable to ask for one meal between two and extra plates and there will still be plenty to eat. The wine was delicious!  Last thought - it is not as cheap as you might expect either in the restaurants, for the wine,  or just in general but still a lovely, lovely tripWhat was the most inspirational moment of your trip?walking on the glacier was fantastic, and seeing the penguins, also the views at the ends of the walks.  The walks were quite hard in parts but worth the exertion.  We added on the iguassu falls trip - that was stunning and certainly worth the additional costs.What did you think of your group leader?Dennis was a good leader, and kept us all in order!  He took us to some lovely restaurants, and got us up early for some of the trips!!  Also he had some good ideas for additional outings on our days off. Do you have any advice for potential travellers?As before - don't wear a poncho on the glacier walk, mind was ripped to bits, wear waterproofs and make sure they cover the tops of your boots/shoes.  It was much windier than I expected, but luckily didn't rain much while we were there.The prison museum in Ushuia is worth visiting but you need a good couple of hours there.


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  1. Introduction
  1. Day 1: Start Buenos Aires; walking tour.
  2. Day 2: Fly to El Calafate; to El Chalten.
  3. Day 3: Los Glaciares N.P.; daywalk to Cerro Fitzroy Base Camp.
  4. Day 4: Optional activities; to El Calafate.
  5. Day 5: Visit Perito Moreno Glacier; optional boat trip.
  6. Day 6: Free day in El Calafate.
  7. Day 7: To Torres del Paine N.P.
  8. Day 8: Day walk to the Torres del Paine.
  9. Day 9: To Tierra del Fuego.
  10. Day 10: To Ushuaia, the end of the world!
  11. Day 11: Walk in Tierra del Fuego N.P.; optional visit to penguin colony.
  12. Day 12: Fly to Buenos Aires.
  13. Day 13: End Buenos Aires.

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Start and end in Buenos Aires.
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Covering a total distance of approx 5,526 km.
  • Buenos Aires (Argentina)
  • 2,081 km
  • El Calafate (Argentina)
  • 121 km
  • El Chalten (Argentina)
  • 114 km
  • Parque Nacional Los Glaciares (Argentina)
  • 69 km
  • El Calafate (Argentina)
  • 58 km
  • Perito Moreno Glacier (Argentina)
  • 58 km
  • El Calafate (Argentina)
  • 104 km
  • Parque Nacional Torres Del Paine (Chile)
  • 529 km
  • Tierra del Fuego National Park (Argentina)
  • 19 km
  • Ushuaia (Argentina)
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