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Chobe National Park Attractions

Alongside encounters with beasts in the wild, Chobe National Park in Botswana offers visitors many ways to experience the culture and nature of the land. Find out more about what there is to do in this region and the different ways you can discover animals on a safari.

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Boat safari

Many travellers venturing to Chobe National Park are looking to come face to face with the large elephant herds it's famous for. One way to come across elephants in the wild is on a boat safari. This magnificent creature often visits the local river banks for a drink and to snack on the nearby sweet grass, so what better way to view elephants than by sailing up the river? There are lots of options! Visitors can choose between a standard boat safari that caters to larger groups of 30-40 or opt for a smaller boat to enjoy a more intimate experience. You'll experience bird sightings, lots of animal viewing and sunsets along the Chobe River.

Game drives

One of the best ways to experience the animals that roam the open plains of Chobe National Park is on a game drive. Game drives can happen throughout the day, and you have the option of doing more than one per day during your trip. Some wildlife is more active early morning or throughout the day, while other species are nocturnal. Learn more about what animals you can expect in Chobe to understand how to plan your safari game drives. 

Photographic safari

During Chobe National Park's dry season, when water and vegetation become sparse, elephants, buffalo and predators will make their way to the river in the hundreds in search of hydration. It makes for some of the best game viewings in southern Africa, and while you throw sunsets and sunrises along the Chobe River into the mix, you have one of the greatest wildlife spectacles ahead of you. The opportunities for photography are endless and we recommend booking a boat safari to get the best angles!
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Village tours

Learn about the fascinating culture and heritage of this region by meeting its residents! A village tour will allow you to experience the rich traditions of the land and discover some of the local customs and rituals of the local area. Sail across the Chobe River in a wooden makoro canoe, and then journey on foot to some of the tribal villages on the Namibian side of the bank.

Night safari and guided bush walks

Many animals are nocturnal, which is why you'll need a night safari for an up-close experience with species that are really only viewable once the sun goes down. Likewise, a guided bush walk presents similar opportunities. Several lodges in Chobe offer this unique activity in enclaves of the national park. If you want a rare and personal way to enjoy Africa's wilderness, this is it.

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