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camping safari tours in africa

How to find the ultimate camping safari on TourRadar

Sleeping out under the infinite stars, embarking on early morning game drives, and pitching a tent in the middle of one of the most incredible natural areas in the world? Sounds like a camping safari to us. If that sounds amazing (and it should!), we've reviewed more than a hundred different tour operators and handpicked the best rated African camping safaris. 

Best African Camping Safari Vacations

Top Safari Destinations for Camping in Africa

Types of Camping Safaris

While the idea of a camping safari may seem straightforward - you go on a safari and sleep in a tent, right - there is actually a lot more to consider when planning your own. Between budget camping and luxurious glamping safaris, there are many options for travellers looking to experience the great outdoors in a camping safari. Here are some of the most popular options, ranging from most hands-on to the least hands-on experiences. 

Self-Catered Camping Safari

Suitable for: travellers with experience both camping and travelling on safari

A self-catered camping safari is the most hands-on safari experience travellers can have. Travellers should be experienced, confident campers; not only will they be setting up and tearing down their campsite themselves, but they'll also be responsible for their own food preparation. Generally, travellers are left to their own devices at their campsites but will have an experienced and knowledgeable guide during game drives or walking safaris. 

Glamping Safari

Suitable for: Travellers ready to treat themselves

A glamping safari is for travellers who want to enjoy the best of what their safari destination has to offer, without spending time cooking or setting up camps. Housed in large canvas tents with beds and plenty of storage, these experiences often include private game drives and fine dining experiences.

Glamping is a great way to save some dollars without sacrificing your creature comforts!
Glamping is a great way to save some dollars without sacrificing your creature comforts!

5 Questions to Ask Before Booking a Camping Safari

1. Are sleeping bags or bedding provided?
Most of the time, yes. However, travellers should always check with their tour operator to see if these items can be purchased in-destination, to avoid flying with bulky bedding.
2. Will I sleep on the floor or in a bed?
It depends! Some camping safaris have travellers sleeping on the ground in sleeping bags, but other trips include cots or beds.
3. What do bathrooms look like?
This ranges from very simple buckets and holes in the ground to modern bathroom facilities. Always check with your tour operator in advance!
4. What camping equipment is provided?
Usually, campers will have tents, sleeping bags, bedding, cooking equipment, and anything else needed for a safe and fun camping experience.
5. How much time is spent working the camp, if any?
Depending on the tour, travellers may have to set up and tear down their own camp, or they may spend no time at all working the camp - this usually depends on the price of the tour.

Camping Safari Reviews

  • 3 Day trip to the Namib Desert, including Sesriem and Sossusvlei with Wild Dog Safaris

    "The tour was very very good. Good information beforehand and very good communication. The tour guide was friendly, funny and gave interesting information. The tents are easy to build up and the dinner food is also done by the guides and tastes delicious. Even the getting up early is worth the tour and view on the Dunes in Sossusvlei." Read more
  • Tanzania Camping Adventure with G Adventures

    "We had a great time. Mostly the animals were amazing, which Moses and our drivers either found for us or were directed too. While that was mostly out of their control, what was in their control was well done. The food was very well done and varied. Camp was set up for us and spacious. (...)" . Read more
  • Okavango Experience with Intrepid Travel

    "(...) Camping was pretty much what I expected with a good mix of remote and basic camping with more comfortable camping with excellent facilities. A good mix of camping experiences. The guide, cook and driver were all very professional. (...)"  Read more
  • 3 Days Camping Sharing Tarangire, Lake Manyara and Ngorongoro with Seven Wonders Safari

    "George Mollel is an amazing guide and that's why our safari was so spectacular. As Mike on our tour said, "Mollel has binoculars for eyes." He can see animals from miles away. We saw two cheetah brothers take down a wart hog and three female lions kill a cape buffalo. It was incredible to witness. (...)" Read more
  • 7 Day Pride of Namibia Camping Tour with Wild Dog Safaris

    "We had a fantastic trip with Tongai and Abiud, who made sure we were happy and cared for during the whole 7 days. We spent a long time selecting the tour and we are very happy with the choice we made. It's a great tour to see the wonderful highlights of Namibia. A true adventure."  Read more
  • Explore Kruger National Park National Geographic Journeys with G Adventures

    "Getting this close to animals of Africa is simply incomparable".  Read more

Top Camping Safari Tour Operators

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