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Costs & Fees for Ranthambore National Park

Before making the trip to explore Ranthambore National Park, set aside the correct amount to cover the costs and fees. Depending on which tour you decide to join, some food and accommodation may be included, but always set aside a bit of extra cash just in case. Read our guide to gather all the essential information about park fees and tipping while on safari in Ranthambore National Park.

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Ranthambore National Park fees

For park fees, see the chart below. Please note that prices vary for foreigners and locals.

Jeep (6-Seater):Canter (20-Seater)
Indian Nationals799 INR562 INR
Foreign Nationals1,539 INR1,302 INR

How much does a Ranthambore safari cost?

  • Accommodation

    There are plenty of different accommodation styles available for travellers visiting Ranthambore, which can greatly alter the total cost of your visit. Some safaris will include overnight stays at 5-star resorts, but there are also more modest accommodations available in the form of 3 and 4-star hotels. All accommodations are located outside the safari park but within Ranthambore.
  • Transportation

    There are two types of vehicles you can expect to use in Ranthambore National Park: jeep and canter. Private vehicles are allowed inside the park but are only allowed to travel to Ranthambore Fort and the Ganesh temple. As of 2019, jeeps cost 1,714 rupees per person for foreigners and canters cost 1,357 rupees per person for foreigners. Children under five are free. 
  • Tour guides

    The cost of transportation within the park includes the fee for both the guide and driver. However, the cost of the guides and drivers alters based on the vehicle type. Canters are more affordable for both Indian citizens and foreign visitors.  
  • Tipping

    As in most cases, tipping is at your discretion. However, during a typical safari where tigers are spotted, most travellers will offer 100 to 300 rupees to their guide. Some tip 100 rupees per tiger sighting. The guide and driver will share the tip between themselves.
  • Park fees

    The park fees vary based on the visitor's nationality and preferred transportation type. If you're an Indian national you will pay 7999 rupees when travelling by jeep and 562 when travelling by canter. If you're a foreign national, you will pay 1,539 rupees when travelling by jeep and 1,302 rupees when travelling by canter. 
  • Meals

    Meals are typically included on your Ranthambore safari tour but it is strongly advised to check the inclusions before booking to avoid any confusion. 

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