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Best time to visit Kenya

The beauty of Kenya is you can visit throughout the year. If you're hoping to do something specific, certain seasons or times of year are better than others. Find out when to visit Kenya based on which adventure you seek upon the country's glorious soil. 

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Best month to visit Kenya

Best time to visit game parks

Climate in Kenya

masai men walking in the bush
  1. Dry Season

    January to February and June to October

    Sunny, rain-free days defines Kenya's dry season, and the country has two, from January to February and June to October. Many people visit Kenya at this time because the sparse water and vegetation forces wildlife to congregate around available waterbodies, as such, it's the optimum time for game viewing. This also happens to be the most expensive time to visit. The days are pleasant, but the nights are cold, so it's important to pack layers for those chilly game drives at night!

  2. Rainy Season

    March to May and November to December

    During the rainy season or wet season, it rains frequently in Kenya. As a result, safari destinations are lush with greenery, and there are fewer visitors in the parks, and it's much cheaper to travel at this time! It's much harder to see wildlife at this time, but not impossible, and the landscapes during your game drives will be stunning. Kenya experience a second rainy season recognised as the ‘short rains’, where for a few weeks in November and December the region will experience some wet weather.

Temperatures and rainfall in Kenya

Kenya is an African country, bisected by the Equator, with three different climate zones: hot and humid along the coast, temperate in the west and south-west where there are mountainous regions, and hot and dry in the north and east. The table below shows average temperatures along the coast. Temperatures in Masai Mara are much lower (read more).

High°C Day31° C31° C32° C31° C29° C28° C27° C27° C28° C30° C31° C31° C
Min °C Night23° C24° C24° C24° C23° C22° C22° C22° C22° C22° C23° C23° C
Max °F Day88°F88°F90°F88°F84°F82°F81°F81°F82°F86°F88°F88°F
Min °F Night73°F75°F75°F75°F73°F73°F72°F72°F72°F72°F73°F73°F
Chances of rainlowlowhighhighhighlowlowlowlowlowmediummedium

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