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Masai Mara Weather & Climate

For those visiting Masai Mara for a safari in the wilderness, the weather will greatly affect which animals travellers will be able to spot. Discover how the seasons affect this famous national reserve, and which months are prime for visiting.

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The table below will show you temperatures throughout the year around Masai Mara in both Celsius and Fahrenheit. The temperatures throughout the year are reasonably mild and pleasant, albeit cooler in the evening. The different altitudes throughout the reserve cause varied climates. 

Tip: Masai Mara is chillier than you might expect when in an area that's this close to the equator. This is mostly because of the varying altitudes of the reserve, which range from 1,435m to 2,143m (4,708ft to 7031ft). Pack light but bring warm layers if you are staying overnight or planning a safari at night or in the early morning.

max ° C (day)23° C25° C24° C22° C22° C20° C20° C22° C23° C23° C23° C23° C
min ° C (night)12° C12° C13° C14° C13° C13° C11° C12° C13° C14° C13° C13° C
max ° F (day)73° F77° F75° F72° F72° F68° F68° F72° F73° F73° F73° F73° F
min ° F (night)54° F54° F55° F57° F55° F55° F52° F54° F55° F57° F55° F55° F

Masai Mara seasons

Rainy season

The wet season begins in November and goes on until May, but there are a couple of dry months in January and February.  Days are often overcast, with showers in the afternoon, and chilly mornings with temperatures that hover around 13°C (55°F).

  • November & December – You will experience "short rains" throughout these months. Average afternoon temperatures are 27°C (81°F).
  • January & February – While there will be typically less rainfall in these two months, you can still expect some showers. The timing of this dry period varies but falls around this time. 
  • March, April & May – These months are known for their long rains, with April as the wettest month thanks to the regular showers. Tracks become slippery and are not easy to navigate. Early mornings have an average temperature of 13°C (55°F).

Dry season

The dry season from June to October offers weather that's perfect for your safari and it's one of the best times to visit. You'll enjoy warm weather during the day, although there may be a shower or two at times and cold weather at night, given the different altitudes of Masai Mara. Visitors on early morning game drives will need warm clothes.

  • June, July & August – There are chances of rain in June, but mostly it's sunny and dry. Afternoon temperatures reach 25°C (77°F), but colder weather sets in during the evenings and early mornings when temperatures of around 12°C (54°F) are normal.
  • September & October – It's still dry time this time of year, with a chance of rain on some days. Temperatures can get a little warmer in October and hover around 27°C (81°F) and higher but can decrease with rain. Expect chilly early mornings in these months as well.


This table shows average rainfall throughout the year in Masai Mara. The months with the lowest numbers are the dry season (expect around 10 days of rain in a month), the months with medium precipitation are the season of short rain (expect around 15 days of rain in a month), and high rainfall indicates the months of long rain (expect around 21 days of rain in a month).

mm95 mm100 mm145 mm210 mm155 mm95 mm60 mm80 mm95 mm100 mm155 mm115 mm
chances of rainlowlowmediumhighmediumlowlowlowlowlowmediummedium
inch3.7 in3.9 in5.7 in8.3 in6.1 in3.7 in2.4 in3.1 in3.7 in3.9 in6.1 in4.5 in

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