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Insight Vacations

Insight Vacations

Headquarters in St Peter Port, Guernsey

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  • JJ
    Written on July 30th, 2022
    The tour was fine. The hotels we not great. The hotel food was awful, the guide kept saying there is no where to eat in all the towns, however we left and foun…
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    Insight Vacations commented on this review
    We certainly regret to read that you had not enjoyed some of the dining experiences during your trip to Scotland, and that you may have found other meal options were more to your liking. This is something we have shared with our Quality Control Department, for their information and to ensure that our chosen vendors are continuing to adhere to the terms of their contracts with Insight Vacations. That said, we hope that this aspect didn't overly detract from your time away with us, and that you'll give us the chance to restore your full faith in our experiences again one day.
  • TS

    Road to Rome with Oberammergau (11 destinations)

    Written on July 25th, 2022
    Wonderful experience! There aren’t enough complimentary adjectives to describe how wonderful this trip was even with our stolen luggage. Our guide, Gary Junge, …
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  • Country Roads Of Portugal - End Porto , Summer 2020 (10 Days) reviewer 3
    It's taken more than four years to find somewhere we could put a review of Insight Vacations' tour of Country Roads of Portugal. Unfortunately the review isn't…
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    Insight Vacations commented on this review
    Thank you for taking the time to share your review here with us. We regret to read that your trip to Portugal may not have lived up to your expectations at the time, four years ago. We do send out requests for our valued guests to share their feedback via the Feefo review platform, and we do ask that this is done within six months after returning home from a trip with us. This is because we take our guests' concerns seriously here at Insight Vacations, and we always endeavour to investigate and establish where improvements might be made. That said, though your trip was quite some time ago, we will nevertheless share your comments with our Operations department for their attention and consideration. We hope you have made some better travel memories in the time since, and we wish you all the best on your next adventure.
  • Best of Britain (Small Groups, 9 Days) (22 destinations) reviewer 4
    Written on July 18th, 2022
    Our trip was fantastic and Greg made it extra special. He is fun, super organized, full of positive energy and love for travel and adventure.
  • SA
    Written on July 9th, 2022
    Fabulous and comprehensive tour. Thank you so much to Brianna (Travel Director) and Maria (Driver) for a brilliant two weeks!
  • Sicily in Depth (Classic, End Catania, Base, 8 Days) reviewer 6
    Written on July 7th, 2022
    Excellent Sicily Tour. Discovered Temples I didnt know existed. Would definitely recommend the Tour to anyone who is curious about Sicily
  • Easy Pace Italy (Classic, Summer, 10 Days) reviewer 7
    Written on July 3rd, 2022
    We had a great time! Would recommend to anyone!
  • Sicily in Depth (Classic, End Catania, Base, 8 Days) reviewer 8
    Written on July 3rd, 2022
    Too much walking in hot sun, especially in tough terrains.General observation was that some of the long walks could have been avoided by the use of smaller vehi…
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  • D
    This trip was all that I hoped it would be. Got to see the big cities I've heard about all my life and some of the little secrets each of them hold: special …
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  • GW
    Written on June 22nd, 2022
    Arrangements n hotel are all good especially luggage is looked after at every hotel n good to the last farewell at airport no complaint

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About Insight Vacations

When you travel with Insight Vacations every second is magical. You won’t just see a destination, you will meet it, feel it and taste it. Travel in style and stay at premium hotels in the right location. Discover new cultures and people with authentic dining experiences that take you to the heart of a destination. Welcome to the art of traveling in style!


Smaller Group Camaraderie
Travel and Stay in Style
Seamless, Stress-Free Travel
Deliciously Authentic Dining
Insight Experiences

The Insight Difference

Insight Experiences
A carefully prepared collection of memories-in-the-making. When you travel with Insight, we’ll welcome you to authentic experiences, exciting activities and expert insights that you could never encounter as an independent traveller. Your journey will include unique Insight Experiences from a carefully selected collection of more than 70.

Deliciously Authentic Dining
Dining well isn’t just about delicious food; the surroundings, service, location - and, of course, great company - are all essential to an unforgettable meal. When you travel with us, we provide dining experiences that really expose you to the heart and soul of each destination. In addition, we’ve designed our deliciously assorted menu of dining choices to perfectly complement each carefully curated day of your journey with us.

Hand-Picked Hotels
At Insight, we believe that where you stay can be the defining factor between a good vacation and an unforgettable one. That’s why we take the greatest possible care in selecting hotels that are truly remarkable in terms of style, location and service.

Travel in Style
When you travel with us, we want you to feel relaxed and at ease throughout your vacation. So naturally, we take care of the driving, leaving you free to sit back, and enjoy the journey. Our experienced coach drivers are carefully selected to provide you a smooth transfer to your destination, via the best and most scenic routes. Sitting high above the traffic in your uniquely customised Insight Vacations coach, you’ll experience the best possible views along with personal air conditioning and double the legroom of a standard coach. And with our complimentary Wi-Fi you can catch up online, sharing your photos and experiences.

Your Well-Being is Our Top Priority

We Are Committed To Your Well-Being

We have all adapted to this new world, where it’s imperative for us to take additional measures to stay healthy. That’s why you can travel with us reassured that we have put numerous new measures in place to elevate our hygiene standards and protocols. The health and well-being of our guests and team has always been, and always will be, our primary concern.

In this new, fast changing COVID-19 era, we are doing all we can to adapt to new requirements and expectations. Here are some important new steps and procedures that we have implemented to enhance hygiene protocols, to comply with physical distancing requirements by relevant government authorities and to give you the needed peace of mind during your travels in these new times.

Expertly Trained Travel Directors

Our Travel Directors have been newly trained in new and enhanced hygiene and physical distancing procedures. During your trip, they will operate with a duty of care and monitor the hygiene etiquette of our guests, reacting and advising as needed, to ensure high standards are maintained. We will also look to you being well informed before you travel about new protocols required in these areas, and that you cooperate with and heed the advice and direction of our Travel Directors while on your trip. Our Travel Directors have preventative measures in place to ensure your well-being and in the event that any unexpected issues arise on trip, they will activate additional protocols.

A Full Team Of Support 24/7

It’s not just your Travel Director and Driver who will be taking care of you. Behind the scenes, our operations and guest support teams are in contact with them and on call 24/7, so you can rest assured that you’re in good hands.

Stringent On the Road Protocols

Our customized luxury coaches are sanitized before the start of your trip and have always been kept to very high standards. Following the outbreak of COVID-19, we have taken additional measures to elevate our hygiene and sanitary practices in accordance with guidance from the World Health Organization (WHO) and as required, applicable government regulations.

Our drivers are trained with the latest hygiene protocols and will clean and disinfect all surfaces including handrails, door handles, tables, seats, air-conditioning filters and overhead lockers on a daily basis.

All our guests are asked to follow hygiene practices recommended by the World Health Organization including the thorough and regular washing of hands and sanitizing when required. Hand sanitizer is freely available on board for our guests to use throughout the day. Please bring your own washable face mask and gloves with you, as these are required to be worn in public in some countries, and additional hand sanitizer to make you feel comfortable.

Should an unexpected situation arise, additional face masks, rubber gloves, antiviral sprays and wipes are available for guest distribution on all trips.

Trusted Partners, Exceptional Standards

We are very selective in who we work with and choose to only use hotels, restaurants, ground handlers and venues that take the health and well-being of our guests as seriously as we do and agree to meet expected guidelines and specifications. We only work with establishments that we are confident will consistently adhere to our standards.

Smaller Groups, More Personal Space

Thanks to our perfect-sized smaller groups and customized luxury coaches with fewer seats, you not only enjoy twice the legroom of a standard coach but also more personal space on board. Smaller groups also mean less queuing whilst embarking and disembarking, as well as at hotels and attractions, so it’s easier to maintain a comfortable physical distance.

Always in the Know

As part of The Travel Corporation (TTC), Insight Vacations is kept up to date with all government advisories and travel alerts on a daily basis and is continually in touch with all of our partners on the ground in each destination. Also, rest assured that during your trip, our teams work to ensure our supplier partners (hotels, restaurants, museums and other venues) are also applying the same standard to these new hygiene and distancing protocols, to the extent possible.

Personal Responsibility – COVID-19 Warning

We have introduced these enhanced hygiene protocols – for you, our other guests, and our team members.

An inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19 exists in any public place where people are present. COVID-19 is an extremely contagious disease that can lead to severe illness and death. According to the World Health Organisation and government health bodies, senior citizens and guests with underlying medical conditions are especially vulnerable.

We ask that you please take personal responsibility for your well-being. This begins with packing any personal protective equipment and sanitisers you require. Please adopt physical distancing and hygiene practises throughout your pre-trip travel arrangements and follow all health instruction whether physical signage, or requests from our professional staff once you are vacationing with us.

In choosing to travel with Insight Vacations, you voluntarily assume all risks related to exposure to COVID-19.

Let’s help keep each other safe and healthy.

Insight Vacations Guides

Questions & Answers

  • What is the pre-registration form required for?

    Insight has a pre-travel registration check-in program which provides your Travel Director with advanced security information which may be required by hotels and border crossings as well as giving them important insights into your interests and preferences. As the information is provided by you before you travel this gives your Travel Director plenty of time to better prepare for your individual needs in order for them to make your holiday experience even more enjoyable.
  • Do you have a past passenger discount program?

    Insight does have a past passenger program and every guest is automatically enrolled in after they complete their first trip with Insight Vacations (or one of their sister brands). Please let our team of Travel Experts know at the time of booking if you are a past passenger to see if you are eligible for any additional discounts.
  • Do you have a non-smoking policy on your tours?

    There is a no smoking policy when you are travelling on the Insight coach. However, your Travel Director will ensure you have plenty of convenience stops giving you the opportunity to smoke, use local restroom facilities, take a scenic snapshot or just relax and enjoy of cup of coffee.
  • What is an optional activity?

    Optional activities are not automatically included in the tour cost but are offered at the start of your tour and designed to enhance your travel experience in the places you visit if you wish to undertake them. Your Travel Director will have a list of available options and the costs of the activities which they will pass onto you on day 1 of the tour. An example of an optional activity is it could be a seafood lunch in Venice, an opera in Vienna or a Grand Canyon Helicopter ride. For more details please have a look at your detailed travel documents which you will receive before departing on the tour.
  • What are some of the advantages for having fewer seats on your coaches?

    When travelling with Insight, it's not just extra legroom that can look forward to but there is also extra large windows. Plus, you can recline without worrying about bothering the passenger behind you and have more room for personal belongings. As the coaches hold fewer people it also means embarking and disembarking the coach takes less time so you have more time to explore the beautiful cities you are visiting.
  • Are the coaches modern and comfortable?

    The luxury coaches have incredible space and comfort for you to enjoy when travelling. The coaches have been specially reconfigured with fewer seats, you will get to relax in style whilst enjoying up to twice as much legroom than on a standard travelling coach.
  • Is travelling by coach relaxing?

    Insight will do their best to make sure you are as comfortable as possible whilst travelling by coach on the tour. They ensure comfort levels by including plenty of rest stops during each coach journey and on each coach, you will find an on-board washroom for all coaches travelling long distances (expect in Morocco). Your Travel Director will also introduce a seat rotation plan each day which guarantees everyone gets to enjoy the magnificent views whilst travelling head and shoulders above the other traffic.
  • What is an Insight Travel Director?

    Insight Travel Directors are amongst the finest tour guides in the touring business and on your tour they will help navigate you through the beauty of the region you are travelling through by exploring the different cultures, languages and diversities.
  • Why should I book onto an Insight Vacations tour?

    Insight is completely unique as they are currently one of the only tour operators to give you more legroom on every tour at no extra cost, you will consistently stay in quality hotels in desirable locations, you will enjoy more included sightseeing and because you travel in smaller groups you will receive more of a personal service from your experienced Travel Director and Travel Driver.
  • What is the best way to exchange my cash for Euros?

    The best exchange rate is always generally with your credit card or debit card but almost all cards are now charging on average a 3% foreign transaction fee. Many places do not accept AMEX as their bank charge is higher than Visa or MasterCard. Another option is simply going to a currency exchange store before you depart to get some Euros converted from your usual currency to cash.

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