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Beach Honeymoon Packages

After you tie the knot, what could be more precious than a beach honeymoon? A little sand, sea and sun are probably just what you need to wind down and enjoy your first vacation as a newly-wed couple. The world has no shortage of spectacular coastlines; from South America to the Maldives, check out our favourite beach honeymoon destinations below! 


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What to expect on a beach honeymoon

Think a beach honeymoon is just for relaxing? Think again! While beach bums will love the thought of putting their feet up beside the sea, sipping a cocktail and doing some sightseeing, adventurous couples will find plenty to do on a sandy escape. You can go scuba diving, snorkelling, hiking, cycling. Depending on which country you're in, you could even go on a beach and safari honeymoon!

Popular destinations for a beach honeymoon

Check out some of the best beaches and islands for your beach honeymoon below! Pick your favourite from these tropical beach honeymoon ideas.

  • Maldives

    This tropical lover's paradise in the Indian Ocean is comprised of 26 ring-shaped atolls encompassing over 1,000 coral islands. Renowned for its spectacular beaches, sparkly blue sea and stunning reefs, the Maldives is the perfect destination for a beach honeymoon. Picture sunset walks and candle-lit dinners on the beach.

    Why: So you can stay on a private island 
    For who:
    Couples that want a secluded honeymoon 
    Combine with: Diving
    All trips to the Maldives
  • Seychelles

    For total beach-side bliss after a wedding, the only destination worth considering is Seychelles. With thousands of islands dotted with private resorts, this African gem is prime for a honeymoon. The Seychelles is a haven alongside the Indian Ocean offering newly-weds a chance to discover aquatic wildlife, delicious food and of course dazzling beaches

    Why: It's where luxury meets the ocean 
    For who:
    For adventurous beach lovers 
    Combine with: Island hopping and safaris
    All trips to the Seychelles
  • Mexico

    For a vibrant beach honeymoon, you need to go to Mexico. The spirited cities, fiery food, and miles of jungle terrain will add a different dimension to your coastal getaway. Head to the beaches of Tulum and Cancun, explore Mayan ruins, spend time in the mountains and experience the country's cultural festivities!

    Why: For a honeymoon that stirs your soul 
    For who: Couples that like a little bit of everything 
    Combine with: Food tour
    All Mexico beach tours
  • Thailand

    Whether you want to party on your beach honeymoon or relax, Thailand's gorgeous coastline and islands provide plenty of both. Visit the famous bustling islands for something iconic or slip away to the secluded paradise of lesser-known spots where you can feel like the only two people in the world.

    Why: Pair sun, sea and sand with culture and history 
    For who: Couples that want it all 
    Combine with: Elephant safari 
    All Thailand beach tours
  • Caribbean

    Cuba, the Bahamas, Puerto Rico... the Carribean is rolling in beach destinations that are perfect for a honeymoon laced with rum cocktails. Picture islands blessed with white sandy shores, rhythmic music, and all the colours and flavours of these eclectic countries. Why go to one when you can visit them all on a cruise?

    Why: To bombard your senses 
    For who: Couples with pizzazz 
    Combine with: Cultural tour
    All Carribean beach tours
  • Fiji

    If you're hoping for a beach honeymoon that's out of the ordinary, put your money on Fiji. This island rises out of the sea like a goddess in a halo of palm trees, diamond-like white sand, and brilliant blue water. Whether you're exploring on land or below the sea, prepare to be struck by its beauty; Fiji is a world unto its own.

    Why: There's no place on earth like Fiji 
    For who: Couples that want to explore the road less travelled 
    Combine with: Hiking in New Zealand
    All trips to Fiji

Popular beach honeymoon packages 2020

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How to make the most of your beach honeymoon

All destinations for a beach honeymoon

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