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Fiji Tours & Trips

Chill out or be adventurous in tropical Fiji: watching the spectacular sunsets from your beachside bure or ziplining through the forest canopy in the Highlands. Action packed tours include whitewater rafting through narrow gorges, kayaking on the rivers and ocean, and scuba diving in coral reefs.

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  • Go for a short kayak excursion in the Blue Lagoon and later watch the sunset while relaxing on a palm fringed beach of the Yasawa Island Chain.
  • Explore hidden salt water caves and sharp limestone peaks at Sawa-I-Lau and wash off your tiredness at a social kava party hosted by the village chief.
  • Swim, snorkel or dive at Mantaray Island and Viti Levu Island and enjoy mud pools and hot pools to relax.
  • Enjoy a scrumptious continental breakfast on Beachcomber Island and then head for a village visit, a jungle trek or participate in a sevusevu ceremony.
  • Go island hopping between the Mamanuca and Yasawa Islands and enjoy breathtaking island scenery and delicious local cuisine.
  • Volunteer for a marine conservation expedition, conduct underwater surveys and visit idyllic Fijian villages to help create Marine Protected Areas in the region.
  • Visit beautiful locations such as Viti Levu/Yadua Island, Ovalau Island and Savusavu on the majestic MV Reef Endeavour.
  • Attend a church service and sing along with the choir at Wairiki on Taveuni Island which is positioned on the 180th Meridian.


  • Avoid pointing at others especially those who are older as this is considered disrespectful.
  • The locals do not appreciate loud sounds or noises and it is considered offensive.
  • For Fijian ceremonies, wear traditional clothes and avoid casual attire.
  • Only guards dressed in traditional dress are allowed to remain standing in the presence of a chief.
  • Fijians don’t normally hug or embrace. They prefer a quick pat on the back or just formally shake hands when you greet the locals.
  • Don’t be surprised if shopkeepers invite you in for a kava (a non-narcotic, non-alcoholic beverage, but remember to buy something from their shop.
  • Be prepared to answer personal questions. The locals are a friendly lot and they’ll want to get to know you better.
  • The Fijian equivalent of ‘hello’ is ‘ni sa bula’ and ‘good morning’ is ‘ni sa yadra’.

Fiji Trip Reviews

  • "My second trip to Fiji was the best experience I ever had. GVI is an excellent organization that helps each individual in providing great opportunities. There were a lot of things I did on the trip that I never imagined I could do, like building a pigerry, chopped down a tree with a machete and built some steps. The project leader was also helpful in encouraging me to stick with the harder jobs. I spent a lot of my free time with a a Fijian family who welcomed me in their home and provided me with great meals. I highly recommend this project to anyone to wants to do something"
    Community Development Expedition in Dawasamu, Fiji (14n+)
  • "I had an eye-opening experience when I went to Fiji. The Fijian people were welcoming as well the volunteers, interns and leaders. I had a great time and wished to stay a bit longer if not for the cost."
    Childcare in Dawasamu, Fiji (14n+)
  • "The Fiji experience was amazing. Our tour guide (Emi) made the trip memorable. She was lively and fun to be with. I witnessed great things like the traditional ceremony in the village. It was a trip worth remembering."
    Triple Treat