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If you’re looking for an adventure to excite you, make your jaw-drop and possibly change the way you travel forever, Tanzania ticks all the boxes. Filled with panoramic national parks, world-class wildlife encounters, unique local experiences and the Zanzibar archipelago are just a few of the many reasons to scrap your existing travel plans this year (unless they already include Tanzania). 

The Highlights

The Basics

When to Visit

when to visit
  1. Peak Season

    June to September

    The peak travel months in Tanzania are known to be from June through September where the temperatures are pleasant, the skies are blue and the rain is unlikely to interrupt your adventure. The wildebeest migrate between April to August and form thousand-strong herds searching for food, so if this is a show that you don’t want to miss, be sure to book your travels to Tanzania during this time. Across the peak season is the ideal time for wildlife-spotting as the vegetation is sparse, and animals congregate around popular watering holes which makes for almost guaranteed sightings.   

  2. Low Season

    March to may

    March through May will bring rain to most regions in Tanzania, which in turn, may cause for some roads to be closed, but it is also a great time to take advantage of lower prices for accommodation. Although wildlife is easier to spot in June through September, you’ll still encounter plenty of furry creatures in the northern national parks. Most of the larger wildlife species will have migrated out of Ruaha National Park and Tarangire National Park down south, so best to take caution when planning your travels during this time to suit your wildlife spotting preferences.

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