Italy Travel Guide

Italy is a country that succeeds in pleasing everyone, from its impressive ancient ruins, culture and colourful cities to its spectacular landscapes. You could be enjoying pasta overlooking the rolling hills of Tuscany or admiring the glistening waters of the Amalfi Coast, but regardless of your unique travel dream, Italy will show you la dolce vita.

The Highlights

The Basics

When to Visit

when to visit
  1. Peak Season

    June to August

    During the peak season, Italy comes alive and will see a large influx of visitors across the country. Locals will also be taking their holidays at this time – so prepare for greater crowds and slightly higher prices. The weather will be hot with average highs of 25-33°C. For visitors planning to explore the many beaches in Italy, you can enjoy ideal swimming conditions and warm water. During this time, you can join the locals in celebrating the national Italian holiday Festa Della Repubblica at the start of June. While you’re there, watch the fireworks in August while you partake in Ferragosto, another one of Italy’s biggest celebrations.

  2. Low Season

    November to March

    In the north of Italy, there is a much higher chance of snow and it can be quite cool. This is also when the ski season starts in the Italian Alps. The further south you travel (towards Sicily) there is a much lower chance of snowfall and temperatures will be warm in some parts. Average temperatures will reach highs of 8-15°C and lows of 1-10°C. Visitors who travel during the low season will benefit from fewer crowds at museums and other major attractions. This is also the best opportunity to explore festive Christmas markets and participate in New Year’s Eve celebrations throughout Italy.

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FAQs about Italy

  • Do you tip in Italy?

    In restaurants, you usually do not need to tip as a service charge of 10-15% is added to the bill. While it is not customary to tip in Italy, foreigners often do, so it is not uncommon and it will be appreciated if you think service was exceptional.
  • What is the internet access like?

    Most accommodation offers free wifi to guests and sometimes a computer for guest use. Otherwise, cafes and bars often offer free wifi. If you have a local SIM, you can register to use public wifi hotspots in cities such as Rome, Bologna and Venice.
  • Is the tap water safe to drink?

    Yes. If it’s not, it will be clearly marked.
  • Can I use my credit cards?

    While it’s always a safer option to keep cash on hand, credit cards are widely accepted. However, American Express is less likely to be accepted than Visa and MasterCard.
  • What are the public holidays?

    Italy has 12 public holidays. As well as the common ones such as Christmas, New Year’s and Easter, they have Liberation Day in April (commemorating the end of WWII in Italy), Republic Day in June (celebrating the birth of the Italian Republic) and more.
  • What are the toilets like?

    Depending on where you are in Italy, they can vary from squat toilets to regular, with a varying level of hygiene. Like most of Europe, you will usually have to pay for public restrooms (around 70 cents, but less than €1).

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