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Somewhere out there, light years away, one of the universe's most spellbinding creations twinkle away. The sensation of looking up into a sky bespeckled with stars fills us with a wonder for which words have yet to be invented. If you crave the feeling of looking into the glittering cosmos as far as the eye can see, a stargazing vacation will bring you that much closer to these celestial beauties. 

How to find the perfect stargazing trip on TourRadar

As cities grow and become busier, the opportunities to gaze up at starry skies have become limited. Thankfully, there are destinations in the world where light pollution is purposely limited to provide ample opportunities for you to feast your eyes on the Milky Way at night. To find a stargazing trip based on your preferences with TourRadar, browse through our selection of hand-picked tours. 

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What you need to know about astronomy travel

  • When is the best time for stargazing?

    For optimum visibility – while stargazing – you should go in the days during a new moon, and before and after. The bright glow of a full moon dims the lights of stars. Summer months are also not ideal for stargazing, as it takes longer for night to fall – as a result, winter, spring and autumn are the best seasons. 
  • Where can I see the darkest skies in the world?

    Most countries now have dedicated spaces with lower light pollution and dark sky reserves for stargazing. Remote destinations lend themselves more easily to night skies. Start your search for the perfect stargazing tour in destinations like Finland, Jordan, Morocco and Iceland. Read more on Stargazing in Europe.
  • How much does a stargazing tour cost?

    The price of a stargazing tour will vary based on location, operator and duration. For example, a five-day vacation in the Sahara starts at about $400 USD, but a stargazing tour in Africa will cost you upwards of $2000 USD. The best thing is you'll find a stargazing tour to fit most budgets on TourRadar!
  • What equipment do I need for stargazing?

    Nothing out of the ordinary but the following will help: an app or sky map that can help you pinpoint constellations, warm clothes, blankets or chairs to sit on, a thermos filled with a hot drink, a camera and of course, astronomy binoculars. 
  • Are there stargazing tours for kids?

    There are no specialised tours for kids, but some operators and tours are better for little ones. You can talk to one of our Travel Experts for more information on this! 

  • How can I take the perfect snapshot of the night sky?

    To capture the night sky, you need to use the stars as a focal point for light and use as wide an f/stop as your lens allows with low shutter speed. For a more comprehensive answer, please see this article: How to Photograph the Northern Lights with iPhone, Smartphone or Camera.

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